Remains Found Near Barcelona Neanderthals

Made a sensational find Spanish scientists. In a cave near Barcelona found the remains of neanderaltsev that more than 50 000 years. Cave 'Teixoneres' is located in splendid Moia, which is located in mountainous terrain. Along with the remains Neanderthals, researchers from the Catalan Institute of Human Paleontology and Social Evolution (IPHES) also found traces of an ancient meal. According to the site, archaeologists found evidence preparation for fire animal food – ribs of an ancient deer. Last year, only suggested the successful excavation confirmation of theoretical studies, but the beginning of this season of excavation at once gave a sensational result.

He is incredibly important in the opinion of co-head of the excavations, Antonio Rodriguez, as had previously been very little data on the presence of ancient people in Teixoneres. "If at that time could start a fire, people with vacation or make tools, or preparing the meat for themselves, explained the history of other co-directors edition of George Rossell. Or engaged in other activities, which became part of the evolution of mankind. Even George Rossel said that it is necessary to engage as actively as possible excavation. IPHES believes that the research aspects of the firing activity of Neanderthals is very instructive, because it is united by fire representatives of the species isolated in organized groups, community. Also, you can draw a conclusion about how it happened population of the area 50 000 years ago.

And although researchers have speculated that the ancient people of another 300 000 years ago were able to hunt on cave lions, bodnako in this area they do not have to deal with such bloodthirsty predators, because the Neanderthals were 'top of the trophic level above the other major predators. Therefore, although the cave Teixoneres and to attract bears, IPHES ensures that the Neanderthals with no problems to deal with them and to select a dainty abode for himself. The findings of the last season of excavation, after finding about 5000 objects, have confirmed the mobility of its inhabitants, who led a nomadic life. Were found such as stone tools made of materials that can not be found near the cave. The ancient inhabitants of the area residents kochevnikami.Poetomu were not yet clear how long they used the cave. It remains a controversial one else served as a refuge Teixoneres – for wild animals or humans. Because, for example, Cave del Toll, located in the same area, contains only traces of prehistoric animals. Today is the sixth season of deep excavations, beginning in 2003. The current phase of work will continue until August 23. The city itself has about 5,000 Moia residents. Its first reference dates back to 912 AD, when the site of the city was built a small church for the nobility of Katalonii.Priroda in the surrounding area really is still almost intact, that together with the proximity to major tourist centers, makes an attractive area for eco-tourism.

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