Syria, And The Fate Of Its Indigenous People

Indigenous Syrian Christians, were not only the early Church, but are also heirs of ancient civilizations! What about their fate in the wake of the current turmoil in Syria? The problems of national and religious minorities and indigenous peoples in the Middle East are not only are establishing the young nation States emerged, but a development of many centuries of suppression and expulsion. The existing appearances can be deceiving a harmony, national diversity and tolerance in the Middle East. He was connected with the permanent waiver of minorities on basic rights and freedoms, of peaceful coexistence about. The indigenous population of Syria in the neighbouring countries is represented, although I want to limit myself in this post on Syria. Most of the Christians in the syro Mesopotamian area in their Assyrian national affiliation and the Eastern Christian religious affiliation with their Syriac Language, form the original inhabitants of the area and influenced thousands of years their historical and cultural identity. These indigenous Syrian Christians (Assyrians), are heirs to a Mesopotamian and Syrian ethno-linguistic landscape fused especially since the reign of the Assyrian king Sanharibs (705 – 681 BC) into each other. It was also a fusion of the traditions of the ancient Akkadians, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians and Sumerians in the churches in their settlement areas. So, the membership to the local Oriental Churches, has made not only an additional identity, but also a strengthening of ethnic specificity and a cultural roots of this ethnic group.

The international protection of the indigenous population was never tempted by the Western States in the framework of the League of Nations. Also the own efforts proved so far outward ineffective. The fear that as many as Islamism to power could get an another totalitarian regime in Damascus plays a special role for the time after the current political upheavals in Syria, no doubt, and thereby transform the country into an Islamic tyranny, or even split. .

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