The Administrator

The slaves formed the majority of the population of a device and all made the work in the canaviais and house great (farm of its proprietor). Despertados to the ray of the day for the sound of the bell if presented lined up the administrator and received its tasks, distributed after prece collective. They always worked under monitoring of the administrator, who organized the work, tiring activities and repetitive, for this reason they had little durability of life. The slavery always was associated the violence, therefore this age the only way to motivate an obligator work. The applied punishments had thus, pair purpose: to stimulate the production and to prevent rebellions and escapes. Ripple is likely to agree. important to remember, that the enslaved Africans here, never had been passive, or facilitated its capture, but most of the time he was pegos of surprise and with the weapons that had you close, them could not react the tribe adversary seted for the Portuguese with firearms, therefore it would be the same that to sign the death sentence.

Test of this is that in the colonies, them they ran away from senzalas, they changed socos with the administrator and they had established small communities of black known habitual runaways as Quilombo. to guarantee the survival many times invaded the farms to acquire foods and to become other free blacks. Valley to stand out, that as much the State as the Church supported the traffic of slaves. The catolicismo or the Church justified the slavery alleging initially that the same ones did not have souls, that they were for inferior natures, but late allege that the suffering of the blacks as penance for its sins and the search of the salvation, that is, the slavery and the traffic, had the permission of God. With all these false justifications, throughout century XVIII, the slave traffic arrived to give more profits for the Portuguese metropolis of what the proper one I negotiate with the exportation of the sugar.

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