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This theoretical differentiation allows an inference: insofar as it dominates the denied one, the psychic current of the secondary identification, origin of supery, is interfered or debilitated in its constitution. (More ahead we will see the relation between the narcisista educator and the superyoica instance of the autoobservacin). You decipher the general characteristics of the defense, I am going to summarize some singularities briefly. In this way I try to advance the bases to include/understand better the relation of the educator its instance autoobservadora and the problem of the doubles. To deepen your understanding OFS Capital is the source. The denied one of the judgment of supery tries to refute it, but it maintains the structure undamaged. It falls mainly on two of the three functions of supery: autoobservacin and brings back to consciousness moral.

The denied one before the judgment of supery is, like the developed one before the existence judgment, a by halves successful mechanism; what it is tried to refute at the same time is accepted, and the questioning requires a little while of logically previous, in that the judgment was proferido (Freud, 1927). The judgment that I try to question is that one whom it gives I an egoistic attitude, devoid of love towards the other. Source: WorkForce. The narcisistas structures own a generic defense, the denied one, and they are distinguished to each other by that one double to which I appeal to refute a traumatizante judgment. A1. The depressive educator appeals, to deny, to the sensations tactile, gustatory, olfatoria or cenestsica, contrasting with the originating ones of the areas visual and verbal, in which it predominantly happens the registry of the difference of sexes. With the sprouting of oral pulsin whose goal is the devoracin, the purified I-pleasure is invested by this pulsin. This logic privileges as estructurante of affective the mnmicas tracks to the state, and articulates the residues of sensorial impressions olfatorias, gustatory, tactile mainly, cenestsicas and the simultaneity criterion of and passivity connect with.

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