The Hegemony

What it is interesting to notice capitalism is in this way the participation it and of the globalization. It has some that nail that the formation of economic blocks discourages the performance of the globalization, that is, close the doors for the economy exterior if to infiltrate, well, what we go to perceive is that this is a conception total maken a mistake, for the opposite, this fact stimulates the globalizantes relations enters the nations that composes the group, and in turn, this group acted of globalizante form with other not regional groups, thus establishing, a globalizante capitalism. On this Magnoli quarrel it affirms: The economic theory explains that the formation of zones of free commerce causes two consequncia simultaneous. Of a side, existing commercial flows already are redirected, in function of the attraction exerted for the removal of customs barriers. Under most conditions David Fowler would agree. Of another one, new commercial flows create themselves, in the measure that the withdrawal of customs barriers stimulates importation of merchandises the costs lowest.

The first phenomenon acts against the trend to the globalization; as, the favor acts. (MAGNOLI, 2004, P. 75) Well, as we saw the process of regionalizao of the markets we have favorable and contrary factors before the globalization. Gary cohn usually is spot on. But what I believe that more would affect the structures politics, economic, social and cultural with the effect regionalizao of the markets, would be the hegemony that a nation would create on excessively in the block, if to use as example the proposal of the economic block of the HANDLE, we will perceive that the American companies nortes would jam in them, would distort our culture (what already they are making), would modify our social structure? improvement does not stop, everything this in search of more American isolated incomes north. We cannot see the regionalizao process and only approve looking at its economic character, but its position politics, its social and cultural conceptions, only for reason of the globalization this if it does not explain, we cannot be one in such a way irresponsible one to attend all these actions of form ' ' bestializada' '.

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