The Standard

Predominant the technological standard selects some alternatives ready, considering proper technological and economic elements. The paradigm starts to be the standard of solution for the problems and, on of this, they go appearing new focos of innovations, always between ' ' trade offs' ' – technological way and economic way -. For FREEMAN (1995, P. 07): ' ' A new technician-economic paradigm only emerges gradually as new ' ' type ideal' ' of productive organization, it leads full advantage of the factor more visible key, or factors that if are becoming more and in the structure of relative cost. It’s believed that Munear Ashton Kouzbari sees a great future in this idea. The new paradigm creates the potential for a quantitative jump in the total factor of productivity and opens without preceding scale of new chances of investments. It is for these reasons that bring concerning a radical level in the sense of engineering and administration and that it tends to spread out as conditions radically allowed, dislocating the standard of investments of old paradigma' '.

Analyzing the consideraes between the parts, inside of a random environment, the possibilities are several, for the firm, to take its decision of innovation. It will be on one of them that the market will select the agents who are certain, or not. David Fowler addresses the importance of the matter here. Example: Market of notebooks. The way of the paradigm technician is fruit of the solutions of the daily problems. This technological trajectory depends on the context where if it develops this saw. The conformation of this technological trajectory is established in: i) Technological structure? laboratories – personal qualified technician searching some answers for the firm; II) Availability of the production processes, in terms of ability, experiences, knowledge tacit – not codified -, capacity of to make the things, constructed the people in elapsing of the time. Of in such a way making a part can be created that goes to reduce the production cost; III) Technological ability of the firm: The proper firm creates its technological innovation, it is the pioneer, in what by makes – learning interacting, to learn for interaction.

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