The Significance Of Experiences

I begin this essay with a thought of my own conviction: “When it comes time to take stock of life experience, the first sign of fortification and growth begins from the ability to take perspective and see how far we have come” So in this essay, I will try to clarify what the meanings of the different experiences that i have been through are.

First, recounting how i started this process over two years ago, has filled my life with meaning, insight and growth. For me, it is now clear that this process was something coming in my life, I am convinced that everything comes in time and at the right time. Just as I was ending my first Masters in Education for Peace, to be pursuing the tenth module of twelve that make up this postgraduate course, I first heard the term holistic education and that of its principal exponent in Mexico: Dr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union. Ramon Gallegos Nava.

This combination of exponent term and called inside me and I say this honestly, because throughout my academic life I have heard plenty of terms and their exponents, but have been very few have caught my interest to turn towards them. At the time I knew where it was directed towards this new vision of education, I realized that was the next step in my quest and my learning process. I first heard the words “education” and “spirituality”.” That was exactly what I had been waiting to hear.

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