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Theory of the Abilities of Phillip Perrenoud and Teaching Prtica in Superior Ensino in a Public Institution: Elements for case study. Tereza Maria Gomes of the Birth 1 INTRODUCTION This work was constructed from the quarrels and debates occurred during the presented thematic seminaries for discipline of Didactics of Superior Ensino, given in the Program of After Graduation in Education of the Federal University of Pernambuco. Its nature is justified, among others things, for the necessity to contribute for other studies that come if to interest for subjects on the practical professor and to take care of part of the requirements of the proper one disciplines. In this direction, the presented text however brings qualitative and preliminary analyses of comments of the practical inserted professors in a public institution of superior education. Ann Maynard Gray has firm opinions on the matter. In principle, the objective was to observe where measured some elements of the Theory of the Abilities of Phillip Perrenoud they emerged in the practical ones of classroom of these professors, a time that the axles norteadores of education in the investigated field are not based under gide of the related theory.

It agrees to clarify that if it does not treat to analyze approaches or distanciamentos between what makes the professor in the exercise of the docncia and the Theory of the Abilities. This would result in a simplria and reducionista analysis of what already he is recognized as a complex object for inquiries: the practical professor. Therefore, recognizing the complexity of the related object, the looks on practical ones of the professors presented here had been guided, over all for the search to try to understand which the elements of the theory of the abilities that however permeiam, however if they alternate in the practical ones of those professionals..

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