Amazing Excuses

"Who Wants to be a little richer?" – Yes we all want is not it? Otherwise, there were no desire for people to move up the career ladder. Homes of children must be fed, like it or not, and will earn more for kids. Information in Internet for free. And only the tastiest and most valuable is paid. Every content creator knows the value of their labor! Let me give some figures. According to Internet World Stats (Statistics of the Internet), the number of users Internet in Russia in September 2009 was 45 million (third place behind Germany and the uk.

This is the European continent). It turns out that everyone can quickly get the information you need for free access. But that's just for some reason millionaires in Russia for less than 150 thousand, not 45 million more The logic of the inactive collapses. In my opinion, talking about the availability of information refers to the success, leadership, wealth becomes a dead letter and become a "creaking" in forums in the form of negative emotion. Winners do not "crack", "" negative. They did not before.

They operate. If they have their millions, they are engaged or charity, or an investment, or something else. Accessibility does not give rise to super-duper percentage of applicability. Thank you.

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