International Exhibition

The educational portal "VSEVED", held at the November 2005 International Exhibition "Education and Career xxi, conducted an independent survey of the future entrants to find out what the mood, the demands, expectations and fears of future students regarding the choice of higher education. First and foremost, is to say that interest in the situation that occurs with the current education, not only the future graduates of 2006, but ninth- great interest, because they, in the very near future will determine the choice and better care of it beforehand. Of the 648 respondents, 52% are students of 16-17 years, 35% – from 14-15 years. The remaining 13% of 18 years. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. insists that this is the case. What excites the first turn, prospective students? What are the requirements to the concept of "higher quality education? Sure, it's – guaranteed employment after graduation. The vast majority of respondents, and this 53% known precisely, this criterion mainly in the choice of the university. This is followed, the presence of university teachers with hands-on experience taught by specialty (25%), a large number of teachers with academic degree (14%), a small number of students in groups – 6%, other causes – 2%. What is the main criteria guided the choice of university entrants? The main criterion was again named – employment (28%), followed by issue state diplomas – 26%, third place was shared between a famous (prestigious) universities and in-depth study of languages (14%, respectively), and then in descending order of importance: territorial location of the university – 9%, material and technical base of high school – 8%, other – 1%.

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