Military Services

At a time where tone was debom to falsify the reality to embelezar it, Manuel Antonio de Almeida pintaos its types and describes its scenes without the deformations of the Romantismo. (MONTELLO, Joshua. Manuel Antonio de Almeida.2004, P. 349). Before everything, however, osdois they were loved sincerely; the ideas of an illegitimate union disliked to them.

The love osinspirava well. (ALMEIDA, Manuel Antniode. Memories of a Sergeant of Milcias.2002, CAP. 25, P. 188). Manuel INTRODUCTION Antonio de Almeida was romancista, poet, cronista, teatral and translating critic.

Journalist still worked as funcionriopblico and. He wrote its only workmanship Memories of a Sergeant of Military services, as folhetim in the CorreioMercantil. In 1854 he only left the first edition in book. Memriasde a Sergeant of Military services (2002), is all a set of particularitities of the author, who develops ahistria under the optics of a different literary style to the one of the time. The workmanship seconfigura as a shunting line in the history of the Brazilian romance, therefore if different style, renewed lassos comoum, breaching with the romantic tradition. This period was marked for realismoantecipado of Manuel Antonio de Almeida, who describes its workmanship in disagreement comos standards of the time. Of humorstica intention, it has as characteristic asimplicidade of its personages, the job of expressions and fraseados popularese the simple and direct language. Characteristics typical of the Realism, that visavao individual and the society. The Realism is the consequence of the disillusion of the frentea man society, of this form the romantic subjetivismo was substituted peladescrio of the external reality. This article aims at a convincing classificaoliterria of the workmanship of Manuel Antonio de Almeida, since essetexto has caused controversial how much to be a romantic romance, as frequentemente classified. This study, it was made by means of the analysis dalinguagem, behaviors partners and style contained in fragmentos of the romancereferido one.

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