An overview of the flyer Fortune: For more than 30 years rise from the ultra light and especially the light-sport-aircraft in the skies, have long become a recognized part of the established flying and are a class of its own – in the sense of the word -. The index of the ultra light wings of this world, available allows an insight into the world of light flying in the online shop of Siebert aviation needs, with this new edition already for the 18th time. The extensive market overview presented pictures, facts and figures of over 1000 aircraft and engines and accessories and provides information about the addresses of manufacturers and importers, flight schools and air sports associations as well as journals and schedules for international fairs and Championships. Whether ULs, LSAs, gliders, gyrocopters, or Trikes, in every single category lists the aircraft after a general introduction, technical data, photo, a short assessment in alphabetical order of the manufacturer. Albatross flying system from India start here as well as South African solo wings or German PowerTrikes. Art-flugbegeisterte discover are as exciting and sensational content like the environmentally-conscious fans of the latest generation of the E-motor systems. Also the prices are according to the manufacturer to find, on the basis of different country-specific tax rates they are specified in the comprehensive market overview in euros, pounds or dollars without value added tax. The reference for the light aviation by flying pages, its first Vorlaufer was released in 1994 as a small catalog, is now released by the Publisher due to the imposing size in a print run of 100,000 copies.

The present, second band gives a strong overview of the larger the light format 211 x 295 mm a 276 pages. Siebert aviation supplies gives colorful, informative and ultra light wings of the world in its online shop for 9.95 euro. The world of Siebert aviation demand turns around but also for over 50 years to wings and fly, UL – and glider pilots, Motor glider pilots, Simulator flying, Luftsportvereine and air carriers. Siebert will inspire private and professional pilots with an extensive range of nearly 3,000 different articles and can be used as aviation accessories customers all over Germany and Europe easily and safely withdraw from one of the leading providers.

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