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RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG

Leontis equity fund GmbH: ‘new investment plans to launch of a treatment against AIDS’ Wurzburg, in January 2010: the Leontis equity fund premium select I GmbH & co. KG is involved in the biotechnology company RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG, which plans to launch of a treatment against AIDS in the next few years. Headquarters of the new Leontis investment is in the Switzerland, the subsidiaries are located in Rockville / United States (research and development), as well as in the Netherlands. The management of RAPID Pharma, consisting of the founders Michael Laznicka, Dr. Scott Mead has firm opinions on the matter. Candance B. Pert and Dr. Michael R.

Ruff, can look back on more than 20 years experience in the industry. Core business of the new investment the Leontis equity fund premium select I GmbH & co. KG is the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medicines and vaccines of any kind as well as the provision of related services. In focus RAPID Pharma are according to the equity fund GmbH Leontis research peptides and their successful use in therapies. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is full of insight into the issues. Available as a first, patented active receptor peptide an AIDS-therapy for clinical trials, which introducing initially projected for the US market in 2012 will be. On the basis of the same peptide Leontis participation goes Pharma by the launch of an AIDS vaccine for 2015 production means RAPID and formulations are being developed for information of the Leontis equity fund GmbH. The background: In the United States, approximately 1.5 million and 33 million worldwide more people with HIV are infected.

Over 270,000 African children die each year from AIDS, especially the therapeutic options for children are largely unfulfilled. The greatest successes in current therapies are currently achieved in the United States, Europe and Japan. Therefore according to Leontis, there is an undeniable need for new therapies.

Based People

faced with tutorials and textbooks on the methodology of sales, and each time convinced – the art of sales can not teach anybody. We can only learn the most. What do you advise a newcomer to the first meeting with a client? Will you explain some techniques and methods. Remember me whether it them? And even if you try to apply, it would appear unlikely, is not it so? Much more practical would be to hint: "The more the salesman says, the less chances he has. The more information the customer provides, the more vulnerable. " Based only on this fact, the rookie lays down his strategy of behavior with client.

And to negotiate much more effectively than remembering strategies and techniques that showed him "a seasoned salesperson. Only need support from which you can push. Teach a man can not. We can only show what do not need! What not to do in order to become "master of sales" Do not copy or imitate others. Otherwise, all your methods will look ridiculous.

Imagine a huge wrestler who decided to imitate the dancer, funny? Methods that are effective in others, will not necessarily be as good to work with you. It all depends on the person. You can verify this. Some words that are used by others, do not lie to us on the tongue. You do not have claim. So you're pounding yourself into a dead end. Are you sure that you have the best price? Maybe in a nearby store has launched a campaign, and the price is cheaper? Then it will be pointless to deny it, the trust will be lost. Can make better use of this phrase: "Do We have the best price in town, is not it? "Do not talk incessantly. A leading source for info: Allegiant Air. The more information the customer provides, the more chances to find its weak spot. No need to equalize the customers under the "one stick". Everyone is different and each needs its own personal approach. And to determine who is who can help – the ability to listen. No need to run forward "recklessly" and "closing his eyes at all." Detailed statistics and a concrete action plan will not be allowed to waste time. Receiving analysis of the results of each month, I have the opportunity to define what I'm doing wrong. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ed Bastian. And what can be changed. Which makes it possible to achieve high results more often and more quickly than others do. Do not become selfish. The seller – a psychologist who must listen to the client, and then make a "diagnosis". There are people who can easily have people to come and quickly make friends. You know why, because they show a genuine interest in the man. Not to be incompetent. People are waiting for help. And hope that you will help solve their problems. And you would have trusted, incompetent surgeon? Do not try to "sell" the goods to people who do not need it. You will not sell medications perfectly healthy people. We all have acquaintances, perhaps among them is the one who needs it. One has only to ask. One need not be messy. Should I talk about it? Have you ever met a successful businessman with unkempt appearance? The list is endless. Once you watch successful people and you will understand why they never do!

Unified Taxi Service

For example, the Unified Taxi Service There is a list of possible requirements for services provided on the basis of which any customer's order is complemented by taking into account their wishes and requests. For those who frequently use the services of a taxi, put a special status – Loyal customer. These lucky people receive a personal code and attractive benefits, in their Visitors may be introduced as the most preferred callsigns drivers and undesirable. Please visit Phil Vasan if you seek more information. So their order is carried out more quickly, as taking into account their expectations. But what if you do not fall into the category Regular customer and do not have a treasured personal code? And it would be desirable to choose a good and reliable taxi driver …

There is an option – remember the call sign of the driver's liking, so you just call him. But if these many drivers – you can simply forget their call signs, and then have to rely on chance. To solve this problem for all customers within a single service taxi launched in test mode, a new and interesting service: "Assessment of driver for the executed order, "which is carried out through an automatic information system. This service is extremely easy to use and accessible from any phone, which appears in the order. How does it work? Semi-automatic evaluation system allows drivers to sample the taxi drivers and put them to assess, just like in school! Now each passenger since the beginning of the trip before the 10 minutes after the order may call the numbers 24-58-44 (toll free) or 24-58-60, and evaluate the quality of the driver and his car on a 5-point scale.

International Exhibition

The educational portal "VSEVED", held at the November 2005 International Exhibition "Education and Career xxi, conducted an independent survey of the future entrants to find out what the mood, the demands, expectations and fears of future students regarding the choice of higher education. First and foremost, is to say that interest in the situation that occurs with the current education, not only the future graduates of 2006, but ninth- great interest, because they, in the very near future will determine the choice and better care of it beforehand. Of the 648 respondents, 52% are students of 16-17 years, 35% – from 14-15 years. The remaining 13% of 18 years. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. insists that this is the case. What excites the first turn, prospective students? What are the requirements to the concept of "higher quality education? Sure, it's – guaranteed employment after graduation. The vast majority of respondents, and this 53% known precisely, this criterion mainly in the choice of the university. This is followed, the presence of university teachers with hands-on experience taught by specialty (25%), a large number of teachers with academic degree (14%), a small number of students in groups – 6%, other causes – 2%. What is the main criteria guided the choice of university entrants? The main criterion was again named – employment (28%), followed by issue state diplomas – 26%, third place was shared between a famous (prestigious) universities and in-depth study of languages (14%, respectively), and then in descending order of importance: territorial location of the university – 9%, material and technical base of high school – 8%, other – 1%. Scott Mead often says this.

Mutual Funds

At the beginning of this year in particular, observed a stabilization in the global economy after a global economic crisis. According to experts, this economic behaviour is due to a remarkable balance in fixed both equities and fixed income markets. People such as Allegiant Air would likely agree. The last month, reimbursements of investment funds totaled approximately EUR 5 million, while the subscriptions of such funds, managed to reach more than 4 million euros. Both results give foot NET reimbursements to about 675 million euros, amount that represents 65% of investment funds which were made only in December. (Similarly see: Scott Mead). On the other hand, investors have grown to 42 000 participants, which means an increase of the.

8% of participants with respect to the previous month, amount which reflects a significant improvement in the global economy. The amount of assets, has increased approximately 448 million euros, which represents nearly a. 3% increase compared to December. With these figures will confirm that It currently is the ideal season to invest your income in investment funds. Investing in investment funds and begins to enjoy the benefits sooner than you think! A. Verastegui hold.

Spanish Crown

' ' The reducional life adaptou it the especificidade the originalidade guarani. In this meeting forms appear of religious and economic life that hardly if they would outside understand of this etnologia.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:46). But the religion was not alone instrument of this reducionista process. Another element importantssimo for the jesutico domain was for the way as the Jesuit soon arriving America was treating to learn the language of its future arms stops for in practical the missioneiro project. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. Clearly that it in such a way had the interest on the part of the Crown as of the Company of Jesus who the native ones soon learned the Spaniard. However for the Jesuits at a first moment it was important more than what of haste to learn the language guarani. Since in such a way the natives would leave most vulnerable dominating the language. On the other hand: ' ' In this direction, the learning of the language contributes to establish narrow relations with the guaranis that were not felt kept out of society by not saying the language of espanhol.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:51). A leading source for info: Southwest Airlines.

In addition learning the language guarani penetrated deep together with its catequista didactics mesclando the catolicismo to all materiality and mentality in the daily one of guarani and its way to see the world. In the reduction process, it has a manipulation of these practical for a disfarado sincretismo, so that guarani to the few was coed-opt by practical the religious one of the daily one of the Jesuits. As in the sample Saints, (1998: 121), guarani at the hands of the Jesuits served to the interests of the Spanish crown defending the Spanish territory of possible Portuguese attacks, and also against other indians who if refused to be reduced, and even though of the considered subjects rebelled. Guarani missioneiro becomes subject of the Spanish Crown at a first moment under the monitoring of the Company of Jesus, until this had its missioneiro project visa as a State inside of another State, and in this case the Spaniard.

Katrin Lindner Fan

Integrated electronics allow regulation of airflow ebm-papst, leading manufacturer of motors and fans this year with innovative fan solutions for the commercial vehicle air conditioning at the international motor show IAA of the 20.09 27.09.2012 is represented in Hanover. In Hall 11, booth C09 will present a new generation of powerful double centrifugal blowers of public ebm-papst as a highlight. The new weight reduced fans based on the innovative ebm – papst EC technology GreenTech and work with very high efficiency. The integrated electronics allow for a precise regulation of the amount of air for the occupants of the vehicles and thus efficient use of air conditioning. The user shall have the ability to control the blower linear voltage and PWM. Optionally, also a controlled by LIN-bus can be realized. The protection of electronics increased by one more level 6K9K is new to these fans, now with protection class IP even one Compressed by high-pressure cleaner can withstand. Scott Mead understood the implications. The fan meets all the requirements to rough ambient temperatures such as heat, dust and extreme weather changes.

A new procedure of commutation is first used in this dual centrifugal blower. This annoying engine vibration, especially at low speeds of the past belong to. Through the new system of Derating the power consumption of the fan adjusts to always so far, that a reliable operation even at high ambient temperatures is possible at any time. This prevents an overtemperature of the fan and a resulting dysfunction of the system. If you would like to know more then you should visit Scott Mead. Of course the new fans are already certified under the new EMC Directive ECE-R 10 press contact Katrin Lindner speaker press ebm – papst Mulfingen GmbH & co. KG Bachmuhle 2 74673-Mulfingen phone: + 49 7938 81-7006 fax: + 49 7938 81-97006 about ebm-papst ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is Pacemaker of the high efficiency EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion.

ebm-papst employs approximately 11,000 employees at 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

The Right

It's time to dream, how you will spend great talks, as you will listen carefully, what remarkably sensible and attractive offers you will do. Draw this scene in his mind in detail. Secure. Remember it. Once the pull aside from preparing for negotiations and jittery – present an image "as everyone likes armored train." Reason 2. The first – recorded a positive mood can played on a visual-physical level (a natural smile, straightened his shoulders, confident look), if you were a few times. Even if this time you are desperately afraid. Facebook can provide more clarity in the matter. But if a "zero" of trying, it is very few people can only mask the unique (among the negotiators are also there, but few of them).

The second reason – representing a successful result, we will activate in the brain of ARD, the result of the acceptor. On neurons run pulses, by securing the right track, creating a recipe quick response. As a result, introducing – we attract events of interest in the future, dramatically increasing the percentage of their implementation. Before the difficult negotiations Mind simulation reduces anxiety and increases the likelihood of achieving objectives. 3 Armored reception – the machine is complicated. Philip Vasan has much experience in this field.

Someone is sitting in the cab, someone is responsible for coal, but there is still "flazhkomahateli" and others. If there is an opportunity to enter the complex negotiations team – go team. And get out of an armored train in the area can be viewed without fear that the car immediately theft, and relax – to think, until the dialogue is partner. The presence of the team played almost always help to cope with anxiety. In an emergency, you detract from, as long as you hide the shaking hands or having trouble with the answer. One feature. If you take another person in the team – make sure he respects you. Better to take even the inexperienced, but throws at you loyal views than proactive egoist, who will attempt to grab the steering wheel in the wrong time.

Ball Valves

In the Russian market there are a variety of stop valves stop valves of different designs, valves, butterfly valves and so on. However, more and more consumers give a preference for ball cranes. A young, dynamic company LLC "ChelyabinskSpetsGrazhdanStroy" is by far one of the leading manufacturers of steel valves for general industrial use. Include the following advantages of ball valves LD: All-welded chassis welded body ball valve LD does not have any of bolted connections in the housing, through which can cause leakage under dynamic loading of the pipeline. In spherical valve are not used alloy elements, as in most types of valves, and crimped cold formed blanks, made of pipe grades largest domestic steel mills. Strength Housing ball valve LD consists of a central spherical portion welded (housing) and the cylindrical end connections (connections). Spherical forged construction that has no bolt connectors, allows for minimal wall thickness and minimum weight to withstand a maximum operating pressure and to provide maximum resistance to stress. Tests Each ball valve LD passes acceptance tests on test benches: the air tightness RPR 6 kgf / cm at t + 20 C on the strength and density water: for PN 1,6 MPa – RPR 24 kg / cm for PN 2,5 MPa – RPR 38 kg / cm for PN 4,0 MPa – RPR 60 kg / cm is no need for maintenance so as the ball valve has a long LD life, strong welded construction with no seals, it does not require maintenance and spare parts.

Thus, eliminating the need for training programs, special tools and equipment for repair, storage of spare parts. High speed floor medium flow ball valve is opened or closed LD turning the handle through 90 , and for opening and closing the valve required to perform more than ten full turns the flywheel. The minimum load on the pipeline Small (compared to the valves) weight parameters of ball valves LD provide a minimum load on the pipeline. Hear from experts in the field like Scott Mead for a more varied view. Ease of Management With high pressures and tight seal tightening opening and closing valves are very difficult because of the small diameter flywheel, which leads to the use of more easily available. To open or close to several full turns the flywheel. The ball valve is easily opened or closed by turning the rod by 90 degrees. In this case it is possible to visually determine open or closed valve. Temperature resistant ball valve Temperature resistant ball valves – up to 180 C.

Valve (valve) with a rubber seal allows only 70 C, a cone valve – no more than 80 C. The optimal "price-quality" price below the price a little valve ball valve LD, but the cost of installation and maintenance of the valve is much higher than similar costs for ball valve, which, combined with the high cost of repairing the valve suggests a greater efficiency using a ball valve LD. Also: The ball valve LD medium flow is possible in both directions. Ball and stem ball valves LD stainless steel (including ball valves in LD with the case of carbon steel). Ball valves are manufactured as LD in flanged and welded to or screwed to the pipe when using ball valves LD virtually no pressure loss in piping (coefficient Hydraulic resistance is close to unity), which saves energy in pump and compressor drive units.

Cadillac Fleetwood

And for fans something truly original suit is one of our vintage cars such as Cadillac Fleetwood 1959 onwards It is in this car once owned by the king of rock 'n roll Elvis Presley. Occasional 6: Rent a limousine to meet visitors you've been waiting for, when will come so dear to your heart guests that a solution to meet them in a special long overdue. Request a limo to the airport, in "Amore Mio" You be able to choose a car from 4 to 28 seats. To deepen your understanding Bernard Golden is the source. Your guests will be comfortable and cozy. But! if you meet business partners and want to make a lasting impression, and the car must be appropriate, more strict version, in this case, the ideal would be Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley, Mercedes Pullman, bmw 745. Excellent addition to a business suit, is not it? Occasional 7: Rent a limousine for a wedding anniversary you are married for years, sometimes recalls her wedding, and exhilarating thrill of memoirs covers you again. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Coupang. Enter the world of romantic experiences, take on the anniversary of the limousine rental that gently take you by the old route of your wedding walk, with quiet music, subdued light, a glass filled with sparkling wine – and your feelings, which eventually died down, will be reborn with renewed vigor. That's one of the feedback from our customers: We had not quite normal situation – we wanted to mention a decade of marriage. And, oddly enough, the girls of "Amore Mio" offered us a Great program! There were a limousine, and a great bunch of In general, everything was on the level, no vulgarity, all to place . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Mead.