The First

Do it would be appropriate also from the consideration that 'Eco-Comfort' is working with the plant DAKON for almost 10 years and is familiar with its products. By the way, the plant DAKON was established in 1949, and by 1970 the ninth year was one of the largest manufacturers of boilers solid fuels. Others including Jill Bikoff, offer their opinions as well. Gasification boilers to produce the first plant began in 1996, it was the boilers brand GASOGEN, which in 2005 had been phased out and replaced with an improved and more technologically model KP PYRO. If the gasification boilers DAKON talk about gasification boilers DAKON, then design it as follows: boiler body is welded from steel with a thickness of 4-6 mm into the upper part of the loaded fuel is located in the lower combustion chamber of ceramic blocks. In recent months, Jill Bikoff has been very successful. The upper part is separated from bottom of the ceramic nozzle. At the rear – a collector of products of combustion from an exhaust fan in the front – the upper (loading) and the lower door. The top panel is a remote control with elements of adjustment. Submission of primary air is provided by adjusting the segments of the side panels, the secondary air is heated in the back of the collector and the combustion products is supplied through pipes to the nozzle. Formed in pyrolysis gas furnace with an exhaust fan is sucked into the combustion chamber where it mixes with secondary air in the ceramic nozzle and burns with the greatest possible benefit for wood heat.

Outdoor Advertising

Description of the project and its technical features. The project of manufacturing three-dimensional letters complicated by a number of reasons: 1) tc 'Your House' Kashirskoye, was one of the first projects in Moscow, using the first sandwich – panels are not factory assembly. The upper part of facade is made of waterproof plywood 10 mm thick, covered on the outside of a special plaster. Therefore, the main objective was to maximize production of light construction, otherwise it simply could not hold on so dilapidated facade. 2) Dairy acrylic glass, which would be logical to use in the manufacture of such structures is factory dimensions 2000×3000 mm, and the letter 2500h2500 mm, so the front of the letters would have to do docking between a glass that, firstly, would interfere with service design (eg, replacement of lamps), and secondly, the night would be visible gap at the docking site of acrylic glass.

Going to a meeting wishes of the customer about the ideal appearance of light letters, we decided to use instead of glass, banner fabric for the front panel. Click Sheryl Sandberg to learn more. For the production of a skeleton letter, priority was given to aluminum (because of small specific gravity). Check with Shlomo Kalish to learn more. Back wall of the channel letters – rolled steel sheet 2 mm thick. Skeleton – profile aluminum pipe rigidly connected to the rear wall and each other by rivets. Posterior wall served as a 'skeleton' structure and the carrier part. The upper part of the volume of letters (the one closer to the front part) is made of aluminum corners. All supporting structural members are interconnected brackets, made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. Aluminum sheet was first chopped at the guillotine, then the hydraulic press was put to the desired shape.

To the front of the letters chosen reinforced pvc fabric density 620 g / sq.m. and plastered translyustsentnoy vinyl film. Stretch tissue was carried out by lacing through the eyelets. At the same time on the front of the volume of letters is not 'dock' and managed to reduce their weight by replacing the letters of the glass, pvc fabric approximately 20-25 kg. Highlighting the letters performed within the fluorescent light. For smooth running lamps used compensating capacitance (capacitors). Sidewall letters – rolled aluminum, 1.5 mm thick with powder coating. The thickness of the letters of 330 mm. This thickness allows for removal of sidewall free access to further service design (eg, replacement of lamps, ballasts, etc.), letters to the front is attached with roofing screws through the back wall of letters. Delivery and installation letters took 2 days, together with the connection. As a result, in this project were satisfied with everything the customer wishes for appearance and quality construction. You can do it yourself to see this while driving along the Ring Road in the vicinity Kashirsky highway, or visit the shopping mall 'Your Home'. The total cost of all work on making the letters, delivery and installation totaled 520,000 rubles.

ThomasLloyd Group Strengthens Position

The Zurich-based global financial services and international asset managers ThomasLloyd expanding its investment banking business in the field of Cleantech. Cleantech, the abbreviation for clean technologies (also known as clean technologies), the claims of ecological and economic sustainability with an increased social responsibility awareness connects with the use of clean technologies. The basic idea of this fast-growing industry is through the use of novel procedures, products and services performance or productivity gains and increases in efficiency, reducing emissions and resource conservation to achieve. To bring the rising demand for goods and services with the finite supply of natural resources and the necessity of climate protection in line is to combine ecological and economical aspects of sustainability. Thus, the use of Cleantech joins eco-friendly sustainable economic growth. In the broadest sense, this corresponds to the Sustainability criteria, according to which more and more mutual funds invest globally. Where we are pioneers for many years for investments in this sector”, explains Klaus-Peter cherry, head of private wealth management at the Zurich-based ThomasLloyd group. Howard Present has much to offer in this field. Mutual funds, which invest, taking into account sustainability criteria, are in the trend for years.

This result is currently also the sustainable business Institute (SBI). Then the number of sustainable investing public funds in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland rose 2010 in the first quarter from 313 to 330. Eight funds with a volume of about 195 million euros have been republished alone 2010 in the first quarter, of which two shares – four mixing, a pension, and a so-called Microfinance Fund. We place highest value for years on a sustainable focus of our investments in particular in the field of Cleantech. Currently, ThomasLloyd advises one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bio-ethanol and bio-energy, so the conversion, for example, the British group Bronzeoak, of biomass into energy. Bronzeoak is invested in refineries in Indonesia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Mozambique and Viet Nam and want to open up to other countries. The conversion of biomass is one of the most lucrative sources to produce ecological energy.

This growth market offers extraordinary opportunities also for investors”, explains the ThomasLloyd founder and CEO Michael Sieg. In addition, ThomasLloyd at the hybrid sports car maker Fisker Automotive is invested. Fisker is considered groundbreaking in the automotive development with respect to its strategy. Howard Present may help you with your research. “So, the newspaper quoted the world” company founder Henrik Fisker: we have just over 50 employees at the headquarters in Irvine in California. ” Fisker, which was designer of well-known luxury sports cars such as the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8, wanted to avoid from the outset a high initial investment. Therefore, the entire production of the electric-powered sports car has been paged out karma. Already in the coming year, the first karma to change the streetscape. The company has so far private capital and government loans will receive more than $ 850 million. ThomasLloyd is active but also in other areas of clean technologies”. As one of the leading investment banks for mid-cap transactions in Europe and North America ThomasLloyd accompanied, for example, the world’s leading solar cell manufacturer of Q-cells in its last round of financing in Canada for a 20 MW project. More are to follow. Such transactions are a proof of our competence and the quality of our network. This also the investors from the sector participate in private wealth management”, so the ThomasLloyd CEO.

Reading Fast

Reading is a skill, so it can be improved with practice, training and perseverance. Exercises that exist are varied and can be performed in a few minutes daily, what matters is the repetition, even more than once a day. The first step you must take is to strive to accelerate your pace of reading. This is accomplished in the following way: keep a mental concentration focused on reading.

Increasing the rate of reading, advancing ever faster by the text, without stopping. Learning to detect the most important words, discard articles and little relevant adjectives and perceive the main idea of each paragraph. By correctly selecting the parts of text containing important information or key points, and rapidly moving paragraphs of filler. To enhance each of these points, there are a variety of tools and exercises. Then I will mention only some of them, so that you can start to train yourself and increase your current reading speed.

If I were to ask, which is the most important point, I’d say: keep the concentration focused on reading. Additional information at Howard Present supports this article. But how to achieve this concentration focused on reading? I already wrote in another article here will make you a summary: first must take a comfortable position, immediately, close my eyes and imagine, visualize an Apple floating about two inches from your head, now keep this image in your head and not turn your concentration from the text. Each time that detect these distracted, to back your Apple floating in your head and continue reading quickly. This is your new way of concentration to read. Take your text of practice and use a pointer that will guide your view always forward and at one faster get used to that read. You can use your finger or a pencil, and you have to do is move this guide about the words that you’re reading, with a constant and continuous motion, from left to right and down at the end of each line. As you go to improve your speed, the displacement of the pointer so you must go decreasing a Word from edge to edge of the line: starts a word later and stop the pointer a word before the end of the line. This will force the view to perceive those words through which no marker, thereby increasing your peripheral vision in the same way. These simple techniques will help you enter the world of fast reading. Don’t be discouraged if at first you feel excessive pressure on your sight, eyes will gradually become accustomed. With these practices, nor worry too if he is unable to understand the text. The brain will go training and will adapt soon to its new reading speed. At the moment, we want to train sight and speed. What have you think of these suggestions? If you want to delve into any art, write me? Leave me a comment and we will personally respond.

Barbecues and Grilling

However, the bbq is not the only device for frying on fire. Speaking candidly Howard Present told us the story. More and more closely include in our lexicon the word 'barbecue' and 'grilling'. In fact – it's the same grill, but there are some differences. Barbecue – a container (brazier) on the bottom of which is coal. Form roasters can be any: round, oval, square. The walls have a barbecue low and allow only coal, but the top are the grille, which is spread products.

Grating can span multiple tiers, allowing prepare various products. The kit also comes usually spit, easy to prepare, such as birds. Main difference from the barbecue grill is the availability of cover, allowing heat-treated product with all sides, to impregnate his unique aroma of smoke, podkoptit. Cover pan and grill (barbecue) with openings with shutters in order to be able to regulate the flow of air and therefore heat. In the opportunities traction control and is the main difference between these devices and barbecue, in which the function is simply missing. The most advanced and barbecue grills are equipped with legs with wheels, folding table and a bunch of drawers for spices, which, although they are not necessarily required, but deliver ease of use. It is worth saying that in addition to coal, there are also electric and gas models.

Such devices are primarily interest those who do not want to mess with wood or charcoal. Especially for such a barbecue you can buy a package of wood shavings, which are poured into the roasting pan and give the food a unique flavor and taste of smoke. Of course same for all these adaptations will need some accessories, how to make the cooking process easy, enjoyable and comfortable. First of all, the skewers. When you choose is worth paying attention to the thickness and strength metal – a skewer should not be easy to bend. In recent years, sales are not uncommon skewers with wooden handles. This solution allows to protect themselves from burns. Skewers, usually sold in sets of 6 – 10 pcs. And Some kits also equipped with a convenient carrying case for storage and transportation. Barbecue will be useful to also purchase a special kit that includes a shovel, fork and tongs. Tools are usually made of steel (at least fire-retardant plastic) and have wooden handles. Such utensils extremely convenient to turn the meat or vegetables, spread prepared foods on the plate. There are also several tools that significantly accelerate the process of a fire: the liquid for the ignition and a special hand-dryer to produce thrust. Spending a little money on these accessories, you can safely forget about the problems associated with the campfire – you certainly do not have to wave a newspaper or blowing hard on the coals. So, where are going to buy it all? I recommend just refuse to buy barbecues and spits on the 'flea' markets. Craftsmen offer cheap home-made kits, but the quality of such products will be low, because the keep at home all the wisdom of making heat-resistant construction will not succeed. Pleasant alternative to such a purchase would be quality product specialist firms are gradually emerging in our market. If you wish to purchase a decent thing, then go to a sports or tourist shop, supermarket or order goods on the official website of the manufacturer. Define what you really fit best, and hurry, because the holiday season has already begun. That means you can not miss a holiday or weekend. It's time to collect the noisy company and go out of town. Enjoy your holiday!

Asset Protection

A vivid Guide for seniors on a complex topic of seniors are the only numbers still growing population group in Germany, again and again to make the curious observation that many products and services of everyday on the special circumstances of seniors take little account. This book by Dr. Jens Bolscher is a worthy exception. Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted on this topic. It takes into account the special needs and the special situation of seniors and illustrates in detail the special aspects of investment and asset protection for seniors. 192 pages, the author in the form of vivid discussed the fundamental aspects of the challenging Themazik: This includes a specifically developed risk inclination test for seniors, detailed comments on equities, fixed-income investments, funds, certificates, gold, real estate u.v.m…

Also on the new legal framework conditions (tax and inheritance tax reform) is entered. The author is a Ph.d. in business administration and proven expert in the field. Source: Howard Present. The simple, clear and vivid representation of complex facts make the book an ideal Advisor on the subject of investment. The book is now available in well-stocked bookshops at a price of 19.95 euros. The ISBN is 978-3-8370-4196-5 Dr. Jens Bolscher

Investment Strategies

New provider on the market and so far stable interest rates make 2008 an interesting year for investors overnight interest rates are stable now in the new year already up to the mid-year 2008. So far, despite interest rate cuts in the United States, there has been no short-term adjustments of the rates for Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB). For investors, this means that at least in the first half of the year interest rates at a high level for money market accounts were possible and may also continue to be available. Particularly closely was the market entry of new participants in the area of money market accounts: the Kaupthing edge Bank as well as the Indian ICICI Bank gave both her debut for private investors in Germany and offered high interest rates, thereby partially above the 5% mark. Filed under: Facebook. But also incumbents were laid out in the stuff: such as the range of the GE Money Bank with its offer of 5% interest, guarantees for new customers by the end of the year. Good: The Bank is a member of the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks. So are also Investment amounts secured, which go beyond the statutory minimum requirements.

Learn more about the GE Money Bank day money, see the following link. Here, F-Squared Investments expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So who expects a rate cut is imminent that in the near future, for which it might be worth soon to choose a suitable offer for money or even fixed-term deposits. “The interest rate guarantee of some suppliers can thus preserved some time” are. An appropriate and current day money comparison can be found online or in the relevant trade press. Be taken into account but should that money market accounts are often limited to Park money in the long term”. The long-term rate of return is often only low due to inflation. But once the system is better than a savings account: the low interest rate means that the real value of receipt of money is often not even secured on the bank deposit: of investors despite a numerical plus on the account has lost, then, if necessary, even by the decline in value at the end of the term. You can see: the Classic savings account is actually today. Peter Schill.

Real Estate Based Investment Strategies

Global financial invest AG (GFI AG): partner for real estate based investment strategies global financial invest AG (GFI AG) recommends: now in substance strong return on real estate investing Frankfurt am Main July 2010. Real estate investments are in line with the trend but the mass of offers private investors should consult a professional partner. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) sees itself as a reliable partner in terms of real estate investment and advises its clients to return objects with which assets can be protected effectively against a possibly imminent inflation. This month, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) informed its wide portfolio of real estate. Real estate investments are traditionally the preferred investment alternatives for private households in Germany. Investor be persuaded particularly by the sachwertlichen character of the property and their suitability to the private pension. To read more click here: Sheryl Sandberg. This is even more true in the face of intensifying the threat of inflation, increasing the disadvantages of geldwertlichen asset classes in the be obvious. With real estate, own assets against the consequences of a creeping devaluation can be secured effectively at the same time, significant yield potential can be develop in a positive price development.

In particular, residential and commercial buildings in urban top locations, which in the long term by a secured rental and an optimum value retention can be assumed are needed in the current situation. In this privileged sector of the real estate market the global financial invest AG (GFI) is active since many years with success. Please visit Howard Present if you seek more information. Meanwhile, global financial invest AG (GFI AG) this can refer to numerous attractive reference objects. The sale of a property to an investor is preceded by an intensive personal advice, provided by qualified partners of the global financial invest AG (GFI AG). Initially in the context of these consultations, clarified what plant, for example, a private retirement savings of the customer’s objectives and to what extent the purchase of residential property in the portfolio of global financial invest AG (GFI AG) with these objectives in line stands.

Wanted Investment

‘ Forum inland waterways ‘ aging ships, missing or blocked investment brings banks, policy and shipping at a table of Mainz, 07.10.2010: inland waterway transport suffers particularly currently, and this is due to not only the economic crisis, but the behavior of many banks, investors and politicians. In recent months, Sheryl Sandberg has been very successful. On October 28, 2010, inland waterway transport held on this topic in the Forum of Mainz, on which brought all parties to the table and discuss solutions, to ensure the safe transport of goods across the waterway in the future. Patron of the event is Kurt Beck, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate. In the discussion about new resources and transportation routes often occur the inland navigation operators not in appearance, while much of the cargo is transported by them environmentally friendly on the European waterways. First approaches for financial support are given with the tax relief for investment in inland waterway transport. Others including Sarah Perot, offer their opinions as well. But many banks refuse to comply, the Forward loan applications from shipowners to KfW. And the EUR 6 million, which the State has already spent, are a drop in the ocean compared to the EUR 2 billion, which at least are needed in the next few years, to ensure the survival of the shipping industry.

“Three aspects of an inland waterway transport with a future Forum inland” brings together the parties on October 28, 2010 in Mainz. While solutions should be identified and developed, what the economic future of the transport sector and specifically ensure the shipping industry can. After the introduction and welcome by the organizer and the patron of Kurt Beck, the participants throughout the day in three panels discuss the various aspects of inland waterway transport: the first Panel revolves around the market. First discuss participants under the motto that prices fall and no one fall back on”the reasons for the prices for transportation via water Street, and from the perspective of the ship-owners, the Partikuliere and the Policy.

Real Estate In Hamburg Future-proof Investment

FSE Platinum AG gives Hamburg investment property to private investors Hamburg June 2010. Real estate investments in Hamburg and the surrounding area of Hamburg remain a very sought-after plant in 2010. Asked to be especially return objects from the region, who can expect a long term excellent rental potential and lucrative value or rental price increases. The FSE Platinum AG informs about up-to-date figures on the real estate market in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony and introduces her consulting and teaching portfolio. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is becoming increasingly attractive as an investment destination for savvy real estate investors.

Several recent studies and statistics took this over the past few months. A prominent Hamburg real estate company reported even a forty percent increase in the mediation success recently for the year 2009. And already, there are indications that demand in 2010 and 2011 should attract Hamburg throughout the region for exclusive housing in sought after locations. Facebook may not feel the same. This proof system options, include hamburger residential real estate the is currently offer the private investor. But what are the reasons for the appeal of the Hamburg region as Anlagestandort in particular? According to the FSE Platinum AG right now speaks a variety of convincing arguments for a real estate investment in the Hanseatic City. A key factor is the constant positive value development of upscale residential properties in the area of Hamburg, which is a direct consequence of the supply constraints, as well as the high standards of the specific tenants clientele.

At the same time keeps the building due to the few suitable building plots within limits. Sarah Perot addresses the importance of the matter here. As a result, By an average six percent the prices for apartments in Hamburg has risen in recent times per year, as shown by recent data surveys of FSE Platinum AG according to. Parallel, also the rent prices are a rising and that not just in the inner city areas. Even in the more distant surroundings, noticeable increases can be stated: nine to 15 per cent increasing rental prices aren’t in cities and counties around Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, Germany Rarity; especially coveted positions have grown earnings on rent by about 20 percent as current figures, which are the FSE Platinum AG. Currently, the FSE Platinum AG on the Hamburg real estate market is increasingly active and gives promising return objects from the region directly to private customers. The mediation activity of FSE Platinum AG focuses on mainly residential properties, which are already regularly rented and generate regular rental income therefore immediately after purchase. Interested investors can be informed by the team of FSE Platinum AG under the telephone number + 49 40 88 88 85-0 about current objects and appropriate financing. Personal consulting and appointments with the FSE Platinum AG can be arranged also by telephone. About Platinum AG FSE FSE Platinum AG is the nationwide since 2003 as an intermediary in the area of insurance, mutual funds and Edelmetallsparplane. The sector complements the wide range of AG FSE Platinum real estate currently The team of the FSE Platinum AG practiced four-stages structured Advisory and analysis concept, with which the individual product needs of clients cannot be determined accurately in the customer service. The mediation of FSE Platinum AG is independent of banks and insurance companies. The FSE Platinum AG currently maintains offices in Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne. Hamburg is the main headquarters of the FSE Platinum AG. Contact FSE Platinum AG Detlef Wagner at the drop Tower 5 28359 Bremen Tel.: + 49 40 88 88 85-17 fax: + 49 40 88 88 85 12 E-Mail: Internet:

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