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The great souls have wills, the only weak from you regarding the reality of Venezuelan companies where the vast majority of this face serious problems in its operation pro, productivity, requires a proactive management, strategist, innovative, creative, who also know face the changes, challenges, actions that the current revolutionary Bolivarian Government generates in its ideological interest in their mostVenezuelan, both public and private organizations have raised the need to raise levels of productivity and competitiveness through the incorporation of new technologies, the modification of its productive processes and forms of organization of work, as well as in the design of new economic strategies adapted to the new realities. These new strategies and forms of organisation of work allows greater versatility of managerial functions. As regards the specific activity of human resources are also seen fundamental changes to the new approach that has been given to this function. It is now a global approach allowing to link activities that pertain to you, with all the motor functions of the Organization, thereby enabling a more comprehensive vision of the business and a greater contribution to the effectiveness of the company. The approach pointed out, before considers that changes are shaping a new kind of culture organizational, characterized by a new way of thinking and visualize the Organization, by a new way of developing activities, and an attitude open to innovation and creativity. All of this has repercussions on the overall effectiveness of the organization. This means that the human resources function should develop skills and activities to strengthen and maintain all staff, including managerial strata, a high spirit of commitment to the Organization, which requires the design of strategies and forms of action that every day to strengthen the culture of change towards excellence. When it comes to organizational changes it is convenient to understand that they must happen as a result of an attitude exists in the Organization, and that they must be congruent with the existing organizational culture. (Similarly see: Howard Present).

Wolfram Andes Colonel

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There is a purely commercial approach and rentier in the direction of the companies, as well as a mixture of beliefs and values, some contradictory, about the man and the work (p. 42). These contrasts are part of the reality that most of the organizations in the country live. Despite the ups and downs that occur in them, consider investing in training of people. What most helps the organization achieve success in their processes, is definitely count on people highly prepared and identified with the organization. . Granell and Parra (1994) estimate that the management of human resources in Venezuelan organizations is very operational, focusing on tasks of personnel management which revolve around more traditional functions of recruitment, selection, induction, compensation, collective bargaining and training. The Organization, as a whole, and especially in the high management and management of line, with few exceptions, are not involved in issues relating to its people and tend to delegate them to experts in industrial relations, psychologists and other professionals who are not involved – and often do not even know – plans and strategic goals of the company.

Therefore prevails a vision short-term, with an evident absence of planning of human resources, design and definition of policies, which serve as a support to the implementation of standards and procedures. In this framework of ideas, it is important to note, that the human resources unit must assume a leadership course, explain the reasons and processes of change, and promote training and permanent and systematic communication. (Not to be confused with F Squared!). The human resources unit should become the business partner and contribute to the efficiency and organizational effectiveness. So it is necessary that become Adviser, which is conducive to and make the change process understandable to the managers and workers. This regard Denison (1991), says: the effectiveness is a function of the policies and procedures used by an organization. Specific procedures, especially when they belong to the management of human resources and the internal environment of a company, influence performance and effectiveness.


Let's imagine that Russia has become profitable to build roads. Howard Present will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Not because the construction can be stolen on a comfortable old age and not because you can continue to steal at a later repair poorly constructed roads. A because it was profitable to build a road as their own. Property, which can bring substantial profits. There is legislation under which the private citizen can be the owner of the road, and where be the owner of the very profitable. We assume that roadside businesses (gas stations, motels, cafes, etc.) in addition to taxes paid to the federal budget, in accordance with the law, most directly to the owner of the road on which they are located and from which derive their legitimate profits. That all roadside advertising is established not only in coordination with local authorities, but also the conclusion of the contract for payment from the owner of the road on which it is installed. And at the same time for road users, for us the roads remain free.

And now let's imagine that Russia will change over five – ten years after these laws will work. Currently in Russia the construction and operation of roads by the State. As is known, manages the farm, any State is ineffective. Cost of road construction in our country is the highest in the world (just astronomical), and the quality and volume of construction are among the lowest. Corruption in this area only a consequence of excessive role in her state.

The Importance Of Logistics Management

When the carriage has broken many will tell you where you should pass General information, concept and basic considerations many companies have neglected the relevance, importance, scope of business logistics or logistics management, what she represents for its projection, cost, efficiency, services to customer. We believe it is necessary that management identify more with the relevancy, importance of logistics that favours him in the achievement of the established goals. Take into account what is drawn on that companies must be able to understand that today the success has much to do with the emphasis to be put on the logistics. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic.

There is a consensus that the way to achieve development, is the foray abroad, we must bear in mind that the exporting activity will be successful to the extent that enterprises to achieve focus part of its competitive advantages around their management capacity and logistics operation. True, not surprisingly, logistics management is becoming increasingly important in organizations, and it includes functions such as planning, organization, control and execution of materials since the start of an activity to its delivery, while seeking the maximum satisfaction of the clientele at the lowest possible cost. Additional information at Howard Present supports this article. Very important points out navactiva, than in the past, logistics lacked any strategy, and companies were putting their production on the market using the push method. Thus, demand forecasts were, and, according to the results, the products were placed. On many occasions, the companies produced more than demanded by the public and its merchandise was pressed into the market, with the belief that demand would match the offer.

However, the market wasn’t able to consume such quantities, and customers did not feel satisfied, since their tastes and preferences were not taken into account. There was the so-called whip effect: higher production, more stock and less service. Relations with the supplying companies, on the other hand, not were optimally exploited.

The Production

To account for inventories by stage of development found in the organization. CPF = EIPP + CPRO EFPP where: CPF = cost of manufactured goods actions EIPP = initial goods in process EFPP = ending inventory at the cost of sales process: represents the cost of the goods actually sold during the period. Take into account stockpiles of finished products or in production, that are in the organization. CPV = EIPP + EIPA + CPRO EFPP EFPA where: CPV = cost of sales EIPP = initial actions of the collateral process EIPA = initial inventory of finished products CPRO = cost of produced goods EFPP = ending inventory in the process EFPA = ending inventory of finished products analysis of costo-volumen – utility analysis of CVU CVU is one of the most used business tools, studied the behavior of costs incurred in the production volume and all revenues derived from a given previously by the administrator. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gary Kelly . Despite being a powerful tool for decision-making, it must be seen as a tool to assist in the planning and business control. The criteria for analysis must be previously laid down, such as: to) the sales prices will remain constant for any level of activity; (b) all costs may be classified as fixed or variable; (c) the amount of the variable costs will be directly proportional to the volume of production; (d) prices of the inputs are held constant for any number of purchases; (e) the time period corresponding to the time of planning, there is no change in administrative policy, the production process, the efficiency of men and machines, and cost control; (f) the production volume and sales volume are presented a high degree of synchronization, without significant changes in inventory levels; (g) all manufactured products are sold. Please note that there are costs that are traditionally identified, fixed costs such as those who are for periods of time without suffering changes depending on the volume of production. . Go to Sarah Perot for more information.

The Mind

No matter that so far you can see the goal, most importantly, be in the path, at first you’ll feel giving slow steps, perhaps later being able to run and then don’t worry someone to give him a ride in a truck or an airplane. Clearly analyze what you want and observe people who have already achieved the same goals you have set, what did they?, how did make it?, what were their initial conditions?, etc. Swarmed by offers, Bill O’Grady is currently assessing future choices. Explore wonderful biographies and you’ll realize that people with initial much more adverse conditions that theirs did today, then you will also do it. Every step that’s do well, accustomed to excellence that is one of the fundamental principles of the winners, if it’s a business, think continuously in how innovate, give it better, never settle, you can begin to point out from where you are right now. Others including Gary Kelly , offer their opinions as well. As we are told in the book the secret of the power of goals must begin to take small steps to get to our mind to the achievement and discipline, if we say that a task we will perform today, make it with no excuse, undisciplined individuals do not have control of her life and always find a reason for not doing their part. His power will be developed to the extent that their habits to take force, at the beginning you can be a difficult task because the mind likes to remain where it has been always, remember that his force of his will and desire to win must be greater than the force of previous habits.. For even more opinions, read materials from Howard Present.

Royal Society

But more importantly we know institutions and enterprises adapt to this new reality of globalised world appeared thanks to the development of the information and knowledge society. It is necessary that political bodies provide assistance to all local social and economic actors in order to ensure them the minimum necessary conditions that ensure its performance and stability, but this point, clearly, is very difficult since the political decision-making bodies will be subject to the power of the multinationals. If this local development at all levels is not promoted by public institutions and policies, will have to be done by private initiative. They are more and more entities or organizations that launch initiatives in this respect, promoting, supporting, financing or mentoring projects in the social and economic. Add to your understanding with Gary Kelly . This is a hopeful point, since if all system tends to settle their conflicts to achieve the balance needed to operate effectively, this globalized real capitalism can be corrected or adapt thanks to its members than to the end and we are after. It is necessary, therefore, the emergence of capable of providing promoters helps Royal Society in creating business initiatives, social projects, political movements, etc. As that legion are organizations that support the multinationals in terms of achieving its economic goals supporting them in their advertising campaigns, legal and commercial aspects, or in the management of their business, as should exist support for all those local projects that ensure a sustainable and successful development through the emergence of companies or initiatives that you achieve giving support and tools to compete and consolidate itself in new markets. Pedro Gonzalez Chapinal solutions for local development.. More info: F Squared.


In order to make a good decision it is necessary that all the aspects are analyzed ahead of time that frame our daily life, this way we will find the building that covers with the best way our needs and that in addition it is within the drawn up budget. For the majority of the people most important it is the location of the estate and the value that will pay by the same, forgetting as important factors as they are it the city-planning surroundings, the added services of the project, the valuation to future that can have the good and the form as the growth of the city as far as the construction of house projects. The points that we will enunciate next must be considered at the time of selecting their next building: We recommended to look for its building to him thinking future, that is to say, thinking that over the years its familiar nucleus can change in size, therefore most prudent it could be to acquire a house or in some cases an apartment. With the purpose of not to receive disagreeable surprises to future we recommended to him to investigate the uses for the ground approved as much for its house as for the sector, that is to say, it investigates what type of works, businesses, the premises and constructions can be carried out. You may find Shlomo Kalish to be a useful source of information. This information can obtain you it in the office of cadastre of his city. He investigates which were the valuation indices that they were registered during the past few years in the sector, to this I can obtain it information with an appraiser, real estate agent or by means of another suitable source in the matter. This information will help him to foretell if its investment will generate utility or if it is depreciated quickly with time. It verifies the layer to which the house belongs, this is extremely important, since it will determine the cost of the services public of the estate. In a question-answer forum Vaizra Investments was the first to reply.


CONSUMER.ES Is advisable to change to change the encryption from router to safer other like WPA and to avoid keys WEP. He is interesting to change the password of administrator of router. For open networks it is necessary to consider the use of fire-guards and to comprise of gratuitous private networks like alternative to the managed ones by companies. How to solve to the loss of connection wifi: remedies for several causes. Programs to manage networks wifi.

Perhaps the main preoccupation of all user who has a network of WiFi connection installed in his address or business is that others can accede to that network, either for a gratuitous use of the same, or to realise alternative connections to a third party that looks for to realise illegal activities, (if wifi is an open network) to even accede to the processor of our computer and the archives of our hard disk. If somebody were able to accede to the network as administrator the security problem (especially of our personal data and confidential data as banking keys) would be very serious. For that reason from Consumer they give a series of simple advice to avoid misfortunes in this scope. A WiFi connection sends packages of data by means of radio waveses according to the capacity of router and the antenna. The reach of the waves is variable, but it is generally accessible beyond the walls of the address or the office. F-Squared Investments often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If the connection is abierta (and, therefore, shared of voluntary form) runs the risk, in addition, of that this is colapsada as soon as one (or a few) of the users a unloading of heavy archives begins. Better one nails WPA that WEP routers that they provide the suppliers usually have ' login' and password generic easy (more and more) to locate in Internet. Whatever it knows to handle itself a little by some forums or certain pages can give with those passwords.

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