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The King Salomo

And again remember their words when my step hallo proposals that look tempting and safe. Contact information is here: Gary Kelly. My immediate thought: what is behind all this?. When we take a time to assess the steps that we take, two things will no doubt happen: we will re-assert the decision or to measure the consequences, we decided to stop and return to discover that the end of the road we can find negative consequences that steal our peace of mind, and of course, will affect your dealings with others. The Bible recommends always to advance toward a goal, guiding and decide in time to pull ourselves if we recognize the danger that encloses our walk: you do not deviate to the right or to the left; It separates your foot from evil.(Proverbs 4: 27)-is preferable to resign in time, leaving aside all fear which will say, rather than move forward to later repent a lifetime. I do not know what path is following, but I invite you to examine it carefully. Think that our present decisions affect our tomorrow, and which today are the product of the determinations we made yesterday.

2. Always stay alert true Saturday a construction worker was returning home. You should make a detour of three blocks to reach the highway, and in that direction, arriving home, past 30 minutes. Loneliness came over the entire sector. Camino a soccer field empty, distant from the cellars and houses he saw, but that would help shorten distances. He thought for a moment take this shortcut.

But towards the end of the stretch, a man sitting with neglect, made him think that possibly and taking advantage of the solitude of the place, may be a victim of a robbery. Then follow the path always, that in addition to safe, it was known he preferred. The King Salomo wrote a recommendation that we should never forget: the wise man fears and departs from evil (Proverbs 14: 16 to).

The East

Be patient. Even if you have been there answered, sometimes people forget the process that had some years ago, or forgot that they were going to replace your insurance at work with this new policy. The only insurance company wants to be sure that they have not forgotten anything or did not commit an error to forget something during the application process. Consideration that the East nurse supplies probably is the part that makes the majority of the people more nervous. Depends on the amount of insurance that you are requesting the nurse will only has run a simple swab of cotton in his mouth, to extract blood and an electrocardiogram.

(resting) Some tips for passing through each segment of the exam: cotton swab – make sure that he has not eaten anything before the test, and if it has done so, be sure to rinse your mouth. Tell the nurse if you have a gag reflex, but they typically spend the swab of cotton along the inside of the cheeks. Sample of urine – urine specimen tests by many things, protein, sugar, nicotine, certain types of infections, including HIV/AIDS. As much that can be done is to drink a glass of water half an hour before it reaches the nurse. Do not exceed because it goes has feel uncomfortable. The nurse goes has tell him how much she goes has need although it is usually only a small amount. Another tip – if you plan to have your examination with nurse the first thing in the morning, get up and go to the bathroom; then take your glass water.

During the night, our bodies release toxins and pollutants; you don’t want that this sample is that the nurse leads to the insurance company. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications. Extract blood-draw blood is becoming more and more common. Some companies may require you to fast, so plan your appointment for first thing in the morning if that’s your requirement.


REIKI Universal life energy what is Reiki? It serves for everything! The truth is that its uses are so universal that naming them all would be very long. Learn more is open to suggestions. But if I can summarize its benefits: Reiki serves to harmonize your body and your spirit, thus facilitating a spiritual balance and physical. and the result? You’ll be in tip-top condition to achieve your goals, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Reiki can act both in the physical terrain, to heal ailments as mental, to reduce stress, such as spiritual to help you find peace of mind. It is important to understand that when it comes to a problem, Reiki can act in two ways: can work directly on that problem, or help you change your way of seeing it. Physical: Aches, injuries, fractures, metabolism, overweight, infections etc. Mental: Harmful habits, stress, insomnia, concrete goals, etc.

Emotional: Problems of love, aggression, unhappiness, sadness, etc. Espiritual:Armonia, peace and balance, feel and helps to have energy to manifest prosperity also is important to know that Reiki gives you the tools or power to solve your problems yourself. In this society, we have the habit of giving away our power. This means that when we have a problem, we went to third parties seeking a solution. The English word is Empowerment which means take the power in our hands. Reiki gives you Universal energy, the most powerful thing, so you take the reins of your life in every way. It is what your happens in reiki initiation, one receives the tuning to increase the canal’s universal vital energy that flows through our body. If need more information if they are interested in inciarce in reiki 1st, 2nd or 3rd level masters write to me or call me 83746198 original author and source of the article

The Way

It refers to what you want to create, to the future image you have of yourself. This is very important because if you are starting an organization, especially in a multilevel, firstly it is accurate that you define a path to follow, to publicize your vision to serve as a guide to your followers, transform into a source of inspiration and a generator of excitement. It is essential to have written your plans to three years, five years and how you look past that period of time. It is not one minor detail, when detailed it in writing are sealing a commitment with yourself, with your future. It all starts with the thoughts, the way as you think will determine your future results.

If you have defined your vision, definitely you will know where you go. There is no doubt that we become what we think, no matter the time when you achieve it, you can be short, medium or long term; but it always depends on oneself. When a person has defined its vision, you already have 50% of the covered path. This is quite understandable if we think about what would happen if us adentraramos to an ocean without direction, cartography adequate, compass, instrumental, etc.;It would be very unlikely that we days to some destination and highly likely that we left adrift. Precisely, does not have a fixed course from the beginning we run the risk of getting lost on the way and not be able to reach. The display is an activity of thought. The law of attraction is something that happens, is real and is supported by quantum physics; but not usually gets to understand how that works. Let’s look at our way of thinking, it is through pictures. So mind maps are a graphical way of expressing thought. To understand how we must remember that the human being is composed of mind and body.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is always famous Joey Potter in Dawson s Creek. It is possible that you’ve seen it in Pieces of April and Batman returns, now generally goes in the arms of the handsome Tom Cruise. The casual style of Katie includes a residential area with a set mixed with a touch of girl next door. She favors wearing trousers of Haute Couture, and a whole all the comings includes a sophisticated and elegant jacket and at the same time a few blouses classic, Bohemian, or out of the ordinary in evening gowns. Their costumes shows his youthful mixed element, e.g. jewellery in layers, most recent bags design or diaphragms visible to ensure that their computers are kept fresh and juvenile. Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs loves it.

She has the hair of a beautiful brown color that never has dyed it is, always this perfectly complemented by his personality. A natural appearance favors she and desenfadad your makeup which focuses on bright eyes brown. His most notable appointment about fashionable things that I buy when I’m outside of the work makes me work harder because better that won. If you want to achieve the appearance of Katie Holmes, you can shop at Marc By Marc Jacobs, Shopbop (by Salt Works pants and MJ) and Barney s Co-op, with the use of pants paired with a glamorous top and hip fashion. Make sure you keep accessories to a minimum making sure that you only use one sensational. Designer clothes that Katie prefers is Hogan, Prada or Marc Jacobs.

Death Violence

In a minute a fact that can even kill us, stop acting in this plane, more when there is irresponsibility of those who must guarantee us our security CMV is increasingly alarming can manifest itself as violence increases in Venezuela, murder, die every week in major cities of the country killed, on orders from caricaturist, thefts, kidnappings receivable, as well as transits accidents and unfortunate thing is that nothing about it is doing to ensure that this does not follow Stadium and affecting citizens. Worryingly, in addition, the impunity that is maintained, where law enforcement authorities to punish these crimes not are doing absolutely nothing to glimpse protection for the citizen this situation is so serious as Andersen the different media of communication every day, and specifically as says that a recent survey in the neighborhoods of Caracas has determined that more than ninety per cent crimes unpunished. But there are not only impunity that has worsened the climate of violence in crimes; people are balderdash with more than 20 shots, the tragic case of the family Leon, in which for a claim of 150 bolivares a former gardener in the family kill to the granddaughter of President Leon and da dead the daughter of the President. Not long ago, a Lady of 80 years, her former gardener killed punches because he did not want to lend 100 bolivares. All these facts are a manifestation of a violence that is breathed in the air and the incident minor popping. Not surprising addition, comment, it is distressing to see the streets rototillers firing at police and military, among innocent people who pagan in crossfire, without duty or fear it. (Similarly see: Verizon Communications). It is very sad to see in many cities of the country, as in Valencia, Boxcar each weekend approximately 15 people killed violently, die as see also poverty, corruption and illegality, corruption in the police, the settling of accounts where are executed many young people, who see truncated their lives at an early age, leading to all this that people will ask what to do in these cases take another weapon as an argument or hide? or really justice make respect, that community will be backed by serious organism, which ensure its social work.


The concept of serendipity is still not very common in Spain but in other countries such as England. When an Englishman finds something that wasn’t looking for by chance you know you just have a Serendipity. And it is that that what this strange concept. The serendipity does not fit into anything that you’re looking for but on the contrary. If you go to a museum to see a new exhibition and salts from there with a new job or your other half, that’s serendipity. I.e., a happy and completely unexpected finding. The best-known example of this is given with the invention of the Post It.

They say that Art Fry, employee of 3 M – a most creative companies in the world, drove a lot of glue on his work. One day, the calculations failed and everything went wrong. The result was a glue that just hit. A failure for the poor Fry. He thought in a possible dismissal or anger that would fall him of part of his boss. It was something that certainly did not in their plans.

With this in mind you have connected him with another situation that was facing for a long time. FRY sang in his neighborhood church and always walked with pieces of paper to separate songs. Pieces of paper that always will fell you, which was quite uncomfortable for him. The connection was clear: use that glue that just hit to hold temporarily, their separators in the book of sheet music. Tested it and it worked. This gave him the great idea try it also on the job. If you had worked him in his private life, can why not see what was happening in your Department? This was probably the best idea of his life since it made him a millionaire and today, is probably one of the best-known products of 3 M.


His conduct can be total concentration or total relaxation. Learn more shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The pathological end of this State is represented by autism. (2) Feeling: The person is distracted from its previous resting State, to physically feel something that, at this stage, yet fails to define or differentiate between, for example: feel movements and perceived noise in your stomach cavity, but still does not know if it is an upset stomach caused by food ingested that morning or if what happens is that simply already hungry again. (3) Awareness (to realize): continuing with the previous example, here the individual sees his watch and realizes is the lunch hour, so it becomes aware or understands that your stomach is calling u attention that eat. At this stage the individual raises or understand what is due to the feeling that has and currently can already call it hunger or sadness, anger, etc. (4) Energization or mobilization of the energy: the person mobilizes energy, i.e., gathers strength or concentration required to carry out what needs demand. (5) Action: Praxis is the most important thing at this stage, i.e.

the individual mobilizes his body and does what’s necessary to meet your need. (6) Contact: The culmination of the process is achieved at this stage, the person finds satisfaction and enjoys having reached what was proposed. This stage culminates when the individual experiences that already satisfied, that feels good, you can start another cycle and say goodbye to of is. Well, this cycle can now view is interrupted by the defense mechanisms of the person, performing what is known as locks, which prevent the passage and the conclusion of the cycle, leaving open the Gestalt. This fact generates in the individual different reactions, which may cause to become unstable it and that it serves to explain psychopathology, however, as this area of study is not related the objective of this work, we do not discuss.

Personnel Assessment Tests

Traditional evaluation criteria is not so long ago when selecting a new employee or a candidate for another office the following criteria: education and spetsialnostvozrastopyt work in this or related oblastinalichie positive reviews and rekomendatsiyznanie kompyuteralichnye languages and experiences, however, education is not always a criterion of professionalism. Many graduates of prestigious universities, diligent often are not ready to tackle the real problem. Age as a criterion of authority has long lost its meaning, but flexibility is not the prerogative of the young, and especially the quality of the individual. Experience – the factor is positive, if the applicant would have to perform an identical last job. Facebook shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In modern conditions, at any particular place has its own nuances, and the employee, too confident in their competence, may experience difficulty in adapting to a new place and finding a common language with the head. The presence of positive recommendations – the subjective factor. If a person is proved to be good days work, it does not guarantee that it will fit into the new command.

In addition to these recommendations can simply agree. Southwest Airlines may find this interesting as well. Language skills and professional knowledge of computers is an important criterion, if it is directly related to work. In most cases, from the employee is required to hold computer at a basic user level, and knowledge of languages can be useful on the force once a year. With sufficient flexibility and interest in all of these issues are addressed as we go. Personal experiences can also be misleading.

Bill Manley Magic

Research conducted by Bill Manley, Professor and researcher in archaeology from the University of Gladgow. The wizards were very common; they were clever men, magicians, and white witches, (as they call them in each village); If they were looking for them they helped heal almost all ailments of the body and the mind. The ancient Egyptians made widespread use of magic in numerous contexts; Since uses formal, as in the rituals of the temples, even in everyday life, such as in the treatment of diseases, the protection of children and births. How it worked the magic?. An idea of how it worked gives her contemplation of a typical charm against Scorpions: words were used to ward off the evil effect of pitting, along with ritual actions which consisted of drawing up seven knots.

Magic medical; testimonies of magic, found especially in the treatment of diseases and afflictions, as well as potential trauma treatment, as deliveries or attacks by dangerous creatures. In this context, the distinction between what is called medicine and magic; they are two poles connected with the protection of the body, which resort to a series of specialized knowledge and that employed specialized practitioners. For example, the famous Papyrus doctor Ebers, abound in magical spells along with what we consider direct medical treatments. Some treatments are clearly medical in nature, because it’s obviously physical cause, such as falls or blows, and the remedy is also a physicist. Other treatments are more magical in nature. This is because there is an invisible or unknown cause. For example, the ancient Egyptians had no direct means of establishing the actions of agents microscopic such as bacteria or viruses. It was believed that human activity was located within a wider world of forces dominated by the gods and other hidden actors, so many things were outside the direct control of humanity.