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SocioConsumer Orientation

Social and domestic orientation of children with visual impairment Household Socio-orientation refers to the number of special remedial classes, which are conducted with the age and the specific features and opportunities for blind and visually impaired children. This takes into account local conditions and national traditions. Lessons on social orientation aimed at developing skills and contributing to social adaptation of children. First of all, the skills that are associated with the organization of their behavior, child's communication with others in a variety of social and domestic situations. Classes on social and consumer orientation are formed skills that give children the opportunity to perform various actions like using the view, and without it, children are taught to use rational analyzers have stored in a variety of social and domestic situations.

Tiflopedagog forms at understanding of the children around them in everyday objects, their purpose and potential use, children are given representation on the main types of domestic and professional work. The content of training includes the following topic: "Personal Health", "Clothing and footwear", "Power", "Family," "Culture of Conduct," "Real Estate", "Transport", "Trade", "Medical Care". Learn how social and domestic orientation facilitates psycho-social adaptation of blind and visually impaired children to the conditions of life. Classes on "Personal Hygiene" allow children to acquire skills and habits of hygiene, protection of sight, touch, skin care, conservation and promote personal health. Classes on "Power" to introduce children to provide basic food, ways of cooking and food storage, serving stola.Rasshireniyu skills self- contribute to the thematic sessions, "Clothing and footwear", "Housing".


When recording responses to strictly follow the instructions for performing the work specified in Kim. Each field in the blanks filled in, starting with first position (including a field for entering the surname, name and patronymic of the participant USE). All the fillable fields on the registration form, answer form number 1 and the registration part of the answer form number 2 should represent each numbers and letters registration form by copying the samples of writing characters from the top of the answer form number 1. Careless writing of symbols can lead to the fact that for automated processing of the symbol can be recognized wrong. Responses should be marked using the symbol "X" H. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. The line marks in the fields should not be too thick. If the pen leaves a very thick line, instead of "dagger" in the field can be only one line of any diagonal of the square. If the Party cse has no information to fill in the field, he should leave it blank (do not dash).

On the answer form number 1 and number 2 (including the additional form response number 2) should not be overlays containing information about the identity of the participant use. Can not be done in the fields blank, blank out the fields or in fields filled with hard copy (version number, bar codes) to any record and mark non- content of the fields blank, than the permitted use on the exam Physics – line and non-programmable calculator, which provides that all arithmetic operations, square root and trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tg) Chemistry-non-programmable calculator Geography-ruler and protractor Anything else that is not included in this list, use is prohibited (including mobile phones and other communications, other electronic and computing devices that are not included in the list of permitted, as well as reference materials) In violation of the order of the cse and the refusal to comply with its organizers have the right to remove participants from the ct examination. Observers use As a community of observers can be accredited: Media professionals Members of the parents' committees of educational institutions Members of boards of trustees educational institutions are members of public associations and organizations employees of educational institutions Representatives of the legislature all these persons can not act as public observers at points of ege (PES), which take the examination of their relatives. Also, an employee, a member of the parent committee or a member of the board of trustees of educational institutions may not be admitted as social observer in the pes, which take the examination for graduates of educational institutions, which he represents. All observers cse must be accredited. But do not be afraid of change. Not so devil as his painted. Anyway this is all volish tests. Just need to get ready better than usual. By the way, and personality conflicts, too, can not affect the scores, but it is not unimportant.

Natural Resources

Surprisingly also the fact that bird flu has made adjustments, even in an international tournament in biathlon. Badminton Tournament India Open, which will be held in April in Hyderabad, India, was on the verge of collapse due to lack of flounces in the country. Deficiency of the main projectile badminton caused by the ban on imports from China flounces, which is in force since 2004 for fear of the authorities that, along with badminton shuttlecocks, which are used in the production of goose feathers, the country can get the bird flu virus. Will warren Ukok plateau without gas pipeline more than 5,200 Russians have signed a petition to the Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Gazprom, Dmitry Medvedev called for re-route the pipeline “Altai”, that company, Gazprom plans to lay through the natural park ‘Ukok Quiet Zone’. It is planned that the pipeline “Altai” capacity of 30 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year will link the Russian company with Chinese distributor gas consumers in the Ukok plateau, despite its special status as a regional natural park ‘Ukok Quiet Zone’. TRON (TRX) has firm opinions on the matter. According to ecologists, the research work and laying of pipeline construction will require additional infrastructure, including transport network that will result in irreparable blow Ukok nature.

In addition, environmentalists are convinced that there are other alternatives for pipeline routes from Russia to China. Russian Environmentalists are hoping that call for more than five thousand citizens of Russia to preserve a unique plateau Ukok finally be heard. As noted by Valentine’s Day Animals and our pets If Valentine’s Day in Russia is still only beginning to gain popularity, then around the world this holiday with a beautiful centuries-old history has become so popular that many of the inhabitants of our planet congratulate and express their feelings not only their second halves, but even your favorite pets. For example, Americans were willing to spend on Valentine’s Day celebration for more than 17 billion dollars, 367 million of which will go to your favorite gifts to pets. Congratulate the pupils with Happy Valentine’s Day and decided to Leningrad Zoo: there prepared a special holiday program Valentine’s Day, and all guests were invited to pamper pets zoo valentines in the form of edible hearts. In addition, the celebration of Valentine’s Day at the Leningrad Zoo is not without its weddings: their relationship ‘register’ a pair of rats and a pair of meerkats. Often, people love their pets is so strong that Valentine did not express any affection and feelings of our brethren smaller.

Thus, a resident of California in the United States was so much grateful for your dog to save lives, that after the death of his four-legged friend retained its somatic (body-forming body) cells and contracted with a Korean company, which deals with cloning animals. ‘Revive’ his favorite woman will cost 150 thousand dollars. Blacklist Station again added Someone takes care of pets, while others – about the ecology of Moscow and the ‘healthy eating’ Moscow cars. In January 2008, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in cooperation with Moscow Environmental police conducted a series of inspections stations. We selected 77 samples of motor fuel at 22 gas stations. As a result of an administrative investigation four stations were fined for the implementation of fuel, not relevant environmental requirements. All in all, now in the list of stations implementing the low-quality fuel, there are 40 companies.

International Exhibition

The educational portal "VSEVED", held at the November 2005 International Exhibition "Education and Career xxi, conducted an independent survey of the future entrants to find out what the mood, the demands, expectations and fears of future students regarding the choice of higher education. First and foremost, is to say that interest in the situation that occurs with the current education, not only the future graduates of 2006, but ninth- great interest, because they, in the very near future will determine the choice and better care of it beforehand. Of the 648 respondents, 52% are students of 16-17 years, 35% – from 14-15 years. The remaining 13% of 18 years. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. insists that this is the case. What excites the first turn, prospective students? What are the requirements to the concept of "higher quality education? Sure, it's – guaranteed employment after graduation. The vast majority of respondents, and this 53% known precisely, this criterion mainly in the choice of the university. This is followed, the presence of university teachers with hands-on experience taught by specialty (25%), a large number of teachers with academic degree (14%), a small number of students in groups – 6%, other causes – 2%. What is the main criteria guided the choice of university entrants? The main criterion was again named – employment (28%), followed by issue state diplomas – 26%, third place was shared between a famous (prestigious) universities and in-depth study of languages (14%, respectively), and then in descending order of importance: territorial location of the university – 9%, material and technical base of high school – 8%, other – 1%.

How To Write An Essay

1.Etapy work on the essay 2. ess. abstract 3.Komponenty contents of the abstract 4. to registration of the essay abstracts on 5. Summary (from Lat. Refero – 'announce') – a summary in writing or in the form of public report on the book, article, or several works of scientific work, literature on general topics.

Many of the major scientific achievements have arisen simply from trying to fix known material. Summary – this is independent research work of the student, where the author reveals the essence of the problem under study; brings different points of view and their own views on it. The content of the material should be logical, presentation of the material is a problem-exploratory. Topic abstracts defined teacher and the right to choose the essay topic is provided himself a student. Before you choose a topic essay, the author should clarify their interest, to determine on which issue he would like to work more deeply study it. The teacher should familiarize the students with the requirements for the form of writing the essay, to determine its approximate volume, number of primary sources, which will be analyzed in the paper. Assistance in selecting books for the essay is also included in the competence of teachers. Stages of work on the essay: Formulation of the topic.

The topic should not only be relevant to its value, but original and interesting content. Learn more at this site: delta airlines. Selection and study of the major sources on the topic (usually not less than 8-10). Compiling a bibliography. Processing and systematization of information.

Remains Found Near Barcelona Neanderthals

Made a sensational find Spanish scientists. In a cave near Barcelona found the remains of neanderaltsev that more than 50 000 years. Cave 'Teixoneres' is located in splendid Moia, which is located in mountainous terrain. Along with the remains Neanderthals, researchers from the Catalan Institute of Human Paleontology and Social Evolution (IPHES) also found traces of an ancient meal. According to the site, archaeologists found evidence holaspain.ru preparation for fire animal food – ribs of an ancient deer. Last year, only suggested the successful excavation confirmation of theoretical studies, but the beginning of this season of excavation at once gave a sensational result.

He is incredibly important in the opinion of co-head of the excavations, Antonio Rodriguez, as had previously been very little data on the presence of ancient people in Teixoneres. "If at that time could start a fire, people with vacation or make tools, or preparing the meat for themselves, explained the history of other co-directors edition of George Rossell. Or engaged in other activities, which became part of the evolution of mankind. Even George Rossel said that it is necessary to engage as actively as possible excavation. IPHES believes that the research aspects of the firing activity of Neanderthals is very instructive, because it is united by fire representatives of the species isolated in organized groups, community. Also, you can draw a conclusion about how it happened population of the area 50 000 years ago.

And although researchers have speculated that the ancient people of another 300 000 years ago were able to hunt on cave lions, bodnako in this area they do not have to deal with such bloodthirsty predators, because the Neanderthals were 'top of the trophic level above the other major predators. Therefore, although the cave Teixoneres and to attract bears, IPHES ensures that the Neanderthals with no problems to deal with them and to select a dainty abode for himself. The findings of the last season of excavation, after finding about 5000 objects, have confirmed the mobility of its inhabitants, who led a nomadic life. Were found such as stone tools made of materials that can not be found near the cave. The ancient inhabitants of the area residents kochevnikami.Poetomu were not yet clear how long they used the cave. It remains a controversial one else served as a refuge Teixoneres – for wild animals or humans. Because, for example, Cave del Toll, located in the same area, contains only traces of prehistoric animals. Today is the sixth season of deep excavations, beginning in 2003. The current phase of work will continue until August 23. The city itself has about 5,000 Moia residents. Its first reference dates back to 912 AD, when the site of the city was built a small church for the nobility of Katalonii.Priroda in the surrounding area really is still almost intact, that together with the proximity to major tourist centers, makes an attractive area for eco-tourism.

GlacialTech Igloo

Buying a computer in a specialty store, but many do not think about how it works, as well as its components. For some, also is not always a clear "why the guys in the shop put the fan, which only makes noise. " However, has long been known that in the system unit, there are many elements that are heated, or create it yourself. One of such devices is the main component of any computer system – a microprocessor. That is why today the market offers such a huge amount of cooling to its devices. GlacialTech company has been producing just such devices have not pery year. Among his peers rivals anything extra ordinary, it does not stand out, but some of its latest models really deserve attention.

With a little light went out at intervals of two series of coolers, this brand: GlacialTech Igloo 7310 and 5062. This new low-end, which means that buy this type of cooler can afford one. Series 7310 has support for sockets s754, s939, s940, sAM2, that is, these coolers can be used on processors Sempron, Athlon, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core, Opteron. 5062 Series connectors designed for Socket T (LGA775), that is for the processor model Intel Core II, Pentium, Prescott and Celeron. In the series of data submitted to the lineup everyone can choose his desired device. There are a large number of variants of models with various fan speeds and noise levels.

All the developments of these series have included thermal grease with a high degree of heat. A distinctive feature is that the user does not have their own tinker and applied thermal interface. GlacialTech company took care of it now thermal compound initially applied to the radiator in a uniform layer. It's fairly easy to remove the protective plastic cap from the surface radiator and install it on the processor. Generally, a series of coolers, GlacialTech Igloo was originally designed as an alternative to the original boxed cooler. However, in practice, the effectiveness of their work is not far away from them forward. Nevertheless, clear deficiencies also have been identified. Thus, one could argue that the above series of coolers is as bad a competitor is not Intel's cooling devices

Paper Mill

That's staffing problems are a major obstacle to the implementation of many reforms forestry, or exacerbate the effects of the reforms properly. Yaroshin recalled that the European market of wood products actually 'hit' in the middle of the fall of 2007, and it seems most probable, that the adverse price for Russian timber exporters continue throughout 2008. The representative of Greenpeace, in the near future a similar situation can develop and market pulp and paper products. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sheryl Sandberg. Yaroshin said, the combination of the new forestry legislation and the adverse trends can lead to a serious crisis of the Russian system of forest management and the entire forest industry, on the devastating consequences comparable to that observed in the first half of the 90s Twentieth century. Moscow will introduce penalties for cruelty to animals Moscow authorities have proposed a fine for cruelty to animals. Relevant amendments be introduced to the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation. Under the cruel treatment of animals contrary to the principles of humanity, understood as the act or omission related to torture or mutilation animal maintenance and transportation of animals in conditions that do not correspond to its biological features. Previously, the city authorities have taken the city law on the protection of hedgehogs, squirrels, beavers and other animals living in natural environment. Claim to the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill Rosprirodnadzor consider the prosecutor's office earlier this week on behalf of the Minister Rosprirodnadzor of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev addressed in Irkutsk arbitration court claim for suspension of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill.

European Union Employer

European higher education – is, first of all, long-term investment. You could even say it – 'investment in himself. " Today in the universities of Europe our applicants tend not to prestige. Foreign university diploma is very few people can be surprising. European Diploma – is, first of all, perspective. What did he give? In Higher Education in Europe – this is … Career Opportunities in the EU and not only …

the European degrees are recognized without further confirmation in all countries of the European Union and the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand … Domestic institutions, unfortunately, it can not boast. CIS graduates to get a job abroad, will have to undergo a long procedure of recognition of the diploma. Graduates of universities in Europe can also safely take any vertices – they do not have to confirm. Knowledge of the profession, attached to the Students practice the European institutions are required to attend training during their studies. During the internship, often paid, students receive what is often lacking for many young professionals – experience. In addition, in the process of training many can prove itself to the employer and get a job even before a diploma. Agree, the employer will prefer to practice, not a theoretician.

Especially – foreign employer. Freedom to choose subjects to study students can select their own subjects for study. It is true there is a list of compulsory subjects. Freedom of choice allows you to learn what's really interesting and useful for further work.

Federal State Statistics Service

Production of this sphere of activity contributed 2.4% overall increase made “Production of fuel-energy minerals’ (index 101.0 percent). Read additional details here: Oracle. The scope of the “Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water” in October 2010, an index of 103.9% contributed to growth in industrial production of 6.9 percent. With the exception of seasonal and calendar components of the industry as a whole after a decline in June and July, in August, there has been a resumption of growth, and in September-October growth continued (September – 1.0% in October – 1.0 percent). In mining operations after the stabilization of production in May-June, July and August, a decline in September and October has begun reducing production growth (September – 0.5% in October – 1.2 per cent). In the production and electricity, gas and water after production growth in July-August, in September, growth has stabilized, and resumed in October (August – 0.3% in September – 0% in October – 0.4 per cent). In the area of “Manufacturing production “after the fall of production in June and July, in August, there has been a resumption of growth, and in September-October, continued recovery in output (August – 0.5% in September – 1.4% in October – 1.0 per cent). The acceleration in October (with the exception of the seasonally adjusted) was due to increased growth in activities associated with the investment sector: in the manufacture of machinery and equipment (an increase of 10.2% compared to September), manufacturing vehicles (5.0%), manufacture of electrical and optical equipment (4.1%), manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (2.8%), as well as activities aimed at consumer demand: in the textile and clothing industry (6.1%) in the manufacture of leather, leather products and footwear (5.8%) in food products, beverages and tobacco (1.0 percent).

Decrease compared with the the September values occurred in the pulp and paper production, publishing and printing (-1.8%) in the production of coke, refined petroleum and nuclear materials (-1.0%), in chemical manufacturing (-2.1%), in steel production and manufacture of fabricated metal products (-0.7 percent). In general, since the beginning of the year, industrial production exceeded the level of the corresponding period last year to 8.6 percent. Sphere activity “Evaluation Services” in October 2010 remained unchanged. In October, marked a significant increase in investment activity. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the investment in fixed assets compared to October 2009 increased by 10.7 percent. During the ten months of 2010, investment increased in comparison with the corresponding period last year to 4.7 percent. The third consecutive month the rise of investment with the exception of seasonal and calendar factors. In October compared to September 2010 the figure was 6.1%, which is the highest this year.