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Noise measurements are carried out, for example, created a dangerous and a waste land. The checklists for inventory at launch a to the Dr. To read more click here: Oracle. King-Hoffmann developed sector-specific checklists, for example for craft businesses, restaurants, for municipalities. Verizon insists that this is the case. These checklists adapting each to the specific customer and works off an electronic quality assurance system (e-QSS) mobile site. In this way she collect very systematically and efficiently all the information required for the inventory, she prepared and created for to the necessary instructions. The e-QSS is offered by the medium-sized tendering and quality assurance specialists Neumann & Neumann project and Consulting GmbH, based in Germany. For even more details, read what Munear Ashton Kouzbari says on the issue. On the way to the environmental and controls be including any legal or regulatory changes and a whole range of areas must continually keep in mind quality-conscious craft operating: waste and construction law on energy, hazardous substances, water – and pollution to the insurance protection.

This King-Hoffmann also recommends companies the usage of electronic quality assurance system e-QSS: the checklists will be installed on a mobile device, so the spot checks can be performed quickly and efficiently, the results are evaluated within a short time, shortcomings are immediately transparent. A certified company must verify every year at least once its environmental performance in an audit says King-Hoffmann. The environmental consultant advises but to check each area at least once every three months. Then is an operation on the safe side and always has enough time to remedy defects.” This is feasible, because through the use of e-QSS controls without large expenditure of time can be carried out and evaluated. Also, an operation is based on this way a sustainable documentation and creates transparency for its continuous development and improvement in terms of environmental protection. (More at software_e-qss.html) Regulatory changes can be in the electronic check-lists for the e-QSS installed very quickly and promptly a. Thus, continuous legal timeliness is guaranteed.

Federal Statistical Office

Investors love Germany: Germany is the most attractive real estate market in Europe for them. Germany is more popular than ever as a real estate site. The cities are booming. The Federal Republic is the most attractive real estate market in Europe, according to a survey among investors. Four German cities end up among the top ten has Germany surpassed even the United Kingdom. A survey of consultancy CBRE group of 362 investors showed that 35 percent of those polled consider the German market the most charming.

One reason for the increasing attractiveness of Germany is calming the euro crisis according to CBRE. The fears of the real estate investors prior to a breakup of the Monetary Union had declined, said CBRE expert Peter Damesick. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source. Among the cities, London but remains the number one. The southern German city of Munich is the German number one. Behind them comes the capital Berlin, followed by Paris and Warsaw. As a whole succeeded in four German cities among the top ten: Hamburg ranked seven, Frankfurt square eight. In Germany shows the real estate boom also to the increasing number of building permits for new homes.

She was the third consecutive year 2012. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 239.500 building permits were issued in the last year – 4.8 percent more than 2011. Historically low building interest and fear of inflation as a result of loose monetary policy in the European monetary policy are reasons for the upward trend. Also running through the high attractiveness of the German real estate market. The results of the survey will attract even more investors. Especially modern office buildings, shopping centers and hotels are in the focus of investors. The discrepancy between the low range of high-quality properties in top locations such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, and high demand is however problematic. The real estate market is expanding but also on the previously less attractive locations, this could affect positively on the entire site Germany as the real estate market. Those in charge of MCM investor Management AG see good prospects for investors in East German cities. For example, the also in cities such as Magdeburg, Leipzig and Dresden continuously, demand creating a stable real estate market here. The sites are becoming popular, young and dynamic student town with a high quality of life. The management of Magdeburg-based MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG can rely on over 13 years of market experience. The management successfully accompanied the capital market issuance of three closed-end real estate funds, participated in the design and marketing of 67 major real estate and participated in the marketing of over 2,000 condos. The brochure of return on investments of MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG describes the successful investment policy of the company and provides 15 real estate projects to all by himself a convincing residential output, high rental levels, good to very good rental yields and by the individuality stand out.


Swiss interim engage managers and professionalize itself in the growth market of interim management Zurich – the current meeting of the Association of Swiss interim managers (managers) was dominated by strong growth. Nearly 100 Interim Manager be exchanged to current issues in the industry. Others including Oracle, offer their opinions as well. Interim management is there in the Switzerland for over 30 years. Managers were lone, interim sooner rather the managers wants to promote current information about the industry and their applications and at the same time continue to professionalize the profession. Interim management becomes more and more an integral part of the staffing company”, so the Hans-Peter Luthi of President. Harald Schonfeld, Chief of the butterflymanager GmbH and at the same time Chairman of the AIMP provider Association presented selected results of a recent industry study. The figures show that interim management only to less than 20% consists of restructuring and turn-around tasks.

The lion’s share is in the bridging of vacancies and from project management”, so Schonfeld. Interim management is to company the normal instrument in the context of the recruitment, and that modern not only for the first and second level of the hierarchy. In times of increasing lack of appropriate Executive people, recruiters appreciate the quick availability and flexibility of the Interim Manager. Also the knowledge of highly qualified specialists is to generate management interim seems the easiest and fastest.

Sankt Gallen

So the University has some time ago Sankt Gallen analyzed several years corporate sales and finally determined: the real values of a company are intangible in nature. Also the IMBEMA consult, came to a similar result but with a slightly different approach. The analysis of the IMBEMA aimed at the future ability of companies to optimize it. From this developed a complete concept which consists of various modules. In addition to a SWOT analysis, which defines the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and risks of a company is usually also a strategy workshop (vison or re vision, values, mission statement, strategy and business policy) to do so, as well as a success controlling, mostly as BSC (balanced scorecard). Southwest Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings.

However, the focus is the so-called indirect marketing. Here, the performance drivers and success factors of the company are identified, defined and optimized. More information about the Possibilities of the IMBEMA, see an example to illustrate: as good employees as important success factors are called by many companies. But what makes a good employee? Know identification with the company and its mission, creativity, and ideas for improvements, skills, experience, commitment, flexibility? Is about the individual talents, strengths, to use even more for the company inclinations and abilities of employees. This will benefit the employees, the customers and the company. It’s about clarity. It is to determine what are the real success factors and success driver.

It is to define specific and measurable targets for improvements. Is about the appropriate measures to develop to achieve the set goal quickly and safely. It is to measure the achievement of targets (target actual comparison), to create a variance analysis and, if necessary, to adjust to the correct route to your destination to tread. It is achieving about measurable improvements and successes. It comes with ongoing tweaks the future ability of the company to make sure.

Mediumsized Businesses

Affordable professional E-Commerce through use of components from WMS4 the extraction of several features and components of the well-known distribution management system WMS 4 / VMS opened small businesses but also larger online retailers new ways to operate like a professional E-commerce. Following eComponents can be individually integrated into any website and enabling E-commerce or contribute to increased sales and increased customer satisfaction: shopping cart management, shopping cart tracking, ordering process, download component, cross-selling, search engine monitoring, product evaluation, rewards program, newsletter Manager, voucher generator, agent, FAQ – frequently asked questions, games. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. The usage of this stand-alone components particularly suitable for merchants who _ would have only a few products on sale and need therefore not a Shopsystem, offer certain advanced functions on their Web presence, however, _ already use a third-party system and this to one of the offered features want to expand. In both cases, it is to be expected depending on the relevant component and the system used an integration effort. More information about the individual eComponents, see below. About eCCOMES the eCCOMES GmbH is a Stuttgart-based company offering consultancy and integrated solutions in the areas of complex customized shop systems and Web-based process optimization since 1997. In addition to the use of innovative, practice-oriented software is our focus on close collaboration with our customers and their intensive care. As venture asset investor (VAI) supports eCCOMES young and ambitious company with software and technical services as well as strategic planning, management and development of the online business. How to contact with Maria Widra Tel. + 49 (0) 711 9353-840

LEGIC Standards

3rd Edition of the brochure of the Barcodat GmbH, provider of bar code systems, industry standards has reissued its popular brochure for standards in the industry. Uniform standards in the area of quality assurance are of great importance especially in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. The VDA-label has prevailed now according to the VDA recommendation 4002/2. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information. Also the Odette – or the LAV transport label play a major role. The increasing importance of RFID technology has been taken into account. Terms such as EPC, I-code, tag-it, or LEGIC are on everyone’s lips. The author team has tried to capture the standards in the field of automatic identification, areas of RFID and bar code and to explain.

The booklet sees itself as introduction in these techniques. For further research, a link directory of the default issuing organizations located at the end of the booklet. A small introduction to the technology of radio frequency identification (RFID) is prefixed. This introduction includes short and informative the facts to This technology. The brochure is released for free by Barcodat. An order form is on the Web page available for hurried.

Premium Edition Jedox Palo

2011 successfully completed the first half of the year / number of employees rises to 31 percent / customer base: thousands mark / sales growth plan Freiburg, August 18, 2011 the Jedox AG, a provider of open source and premium business intelligence solutions, is growing remains strong and has the first half of 2011 with a sales growth of over 70 percent, and well in excess of plan completed. The positive business development is supported by the good new customers and existing customer business, the increasing internationalization as well as the technical innovation. In the first half of the year gained Freiburg 79 new clients and have over 1,000 paying customers of the Premium Edition Jedox Palo. The free community version Palo was invited by over 10,000 user companies from 88 countries. The share of premium customers to users of the community version that has risen over 10 percent and supports the growth of the company in and outside of Germany. With 70 employees at the date 01.08.2011 Jedox, the headcount has also since the beginning of of the year by 31 percent increases and successfully introduced new products in the market. The products and services of Jedox AG convinced companies and organizations.

“Our customers have realized: Jedox Palo stands for reliability analysis and planning, promptness and manageable cost”, says Bernd Eckhoff, executive marketing and sales at Jedox. National new customers in the first half of 2011 as a whole won the Jedox AG in the first half of 79 new clients and thus exceeds the mark of 1,000 customers. Among the companies that have opted for Jedox Palo in the areas of planning, analysis and reporting, in the German-speaking countries, inter alia: the University medicine of Gottingen (UMG), the Association of medical school and University Hospital at the Georg-August-University, with Jedox Palo depicts his internal, standardized reporting system for management, as well as for the middle management level.

Thielemeyer Simplifies

Cross media publishing in the furniture industry with solutions from bpi solutions Thielemeyer GmbH & co. KG, the brand furniture manufacturers from Delbruck Westenholz, opts for the Publisher of bpi solutions for the management of all product data. The cross media publishing solution used at Thielemeyer networked planning and publishing system for the creation and management of international sales documents for all sales channels and languages. Founded in 1922 by Bernhard Thielemeyer in West wood today belongs to the brand name furniture manufacturers, whose quality products are made from solid wood. Quality products are realized with highly modern production halls made of natural materials with innovative design. The company distinguishes itself through custom-made products.

At the site in Delbruck West wood, also the administrative building and the Exhibition Centre are located next to the production. The family-run places importance to act from a location in Germany. For international success. As an internationally operating Company needs Thielemeyer for representing the variety of products currently neat product information for almost all distribution channels in different languages. Thielemeyer has opted for the bpi Publisher and uses the modular system of publishing company-wide. The company uses to increase productivity among all parties through unique mapping and control of all work steps, the integrated process control.

The comprehensive automation solutions support the fast and cost-saving sales document creation and update in the company. The bpi Publisher contributes to the increase of the efficiency of all publishing processes, thereby increasing the output without generating additional costs. The bpi Publisher at Thielemeyer convinces the user-friendly design and functionality. Minimizes time and costs associated with the care of product information and the correction cycles and debt costs. And the integrated translation tool of the bpi Publisher facilitates the control of the international Sales documents. The central supply of the dealer, as well as the international trading partners is simplified significantly with individual price and product ranges Thielemeyer uses the new bpi Publisher to act more quickly and more flexibly in the market and at the same time to reduce the time and cost.

Label Printers GlobalMark Mark

Monochrome printing, multi-color printing and cutting plot function are summarised in the GlobalMark top model the combination of TouchScreen and on WindowsCE -based operating system enables a completely new operating comfort. The designs are displayed on the screen of the printer in real time and color. Whether in industry, production, chemical, construction, transportation, management, event planning in all sectors of the economy GlobalMark offer’ printer solutions for various labels such as safety, information notices, directions, warnings, or facility management. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. Warehouse properly marked, clear instructions, clearly visible markings GlobalMark”printer ensures a smooth flow of information and thus increase the efficiency of the company. GlobalMark”are efficient and multifunctional printers. Monochrome printing, multi-color printing and cutting plot function are summarised in the top model. Therefore no technical limits of creativity.

Everything is possible in principle. The Speed and exceptional ease of use of the printer make creating labels and signs as easy as never before. A basic principle of GlobalMark”is the complete independence of the printer which offers a high degree of flexibility. The integrated features include custom labels, quick text, pipe markers, first aid safety instructions, ban – and logistics information as well as information and direction information. “In addition are GlobalMark printer with its own keyboard, mouse and PC interface fully compatible with the latest computer technology. This ease of use is enhanced still by ActiveSync”, a program loaded with graphics, logos and images from the PC and printed with the printer. GlobalMark”enables you to use a wide range of high-quality foil tapes for different markets and applications. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, Tel. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, contact: Angelika Wilke.

Innovations Provide Good Prospects

Study: The forecasts for the industry are good. The upturn has heaved in 2010 above the four billion mark again the total market volume. 2010 was an important year for fans of high-quality lighting design. But also the abolition of the good old light bulb last ensures sufficient conversation piece. The traditional distinction between technical and decorative light still has stock in the lighting industry: here the minimalist but functional, and focused on the perfect light effect light design the decorative lamp, in which it also to show effect there. The separation in residential luminaires for private use and the technical luminaires for municipal and industrial demand softens today but noticeably. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Even the outdoor lights include the technical lighting. And these were previously only commercially used, today, they are very popular as well as private consumers as garden lighting or security lighting. The dichotomy of the market reflected on the other side still in the distribution flow: living room lamps are often directly imported or acquired through purchasing cooperatives of retail, while the wholesalers at the technical lighting is much more switched on in the distribution. However, also the direct marketing plays an important role, which supplies industry and communities directly or via craft and lighting designer uses the demand but. Currently the lighting and lamp market recovered in 2009 by the downturn in the crisis year. The domestic market supply is increased by 6.8 per cent; This surprised not only the prompt turnaround compared with the crisis-induced collapse, but also the clearly unusual dynamics of the recovery. Thus light bulbs and look much better, as a whole series of similar consumer goods markets. At the same time the involvement of industry in the international interdependence has increased, as can be seen on the 2010 increased degree of openness now 114% (+ 6%). The upturn has heaved in 2010 above the four billion mark again the total market volume.