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On Europe day, September 13, 2010, the OVB day in all financial celebrated its anniversary with many international guests. The OVB group is grateful for the positive response. The corporate history of the OVB is considerably founded as society of civil law, a multinational, publicly traded company with 4,600 employees and 2.8 million customers today is the OVB. In establishing 1970 in Cologne the customer-oriented consultation was already the center of the business model of the OVB. At the beginning of the core business of the OVB advice on issues of the Bausparens was fast was considerably further expanded the product portfolio of the OVB Vermogensberatung: asset protection, asset accumulation, asset development, pensions and acquisition of real estate include the consulting range of OVB. Also by the financial crisis in 2009 the OVB group went well thanks to sustainable management and reliable customer structure. In 2009, generated the OVB group total sales commissions amounting to EUR 201.6 million and had about 4 million Contracts in the portfolio. After forty years of success in the all financial industry our goal is, effectively continues to grow and expand the OVB brand as synonym for expert advice in the area of prevention, protection and wealth accumulation of private clients in Europe”, as Wilfried Kempchen, Chairman and CEO of parent company OVB Holding AG.

The expansion in the European countries in the past was a central engine of growth, which has strengthened the organizational structure of the OVB from the inside out. The OVB brand has become now firmly in Europe. In all regional markets, we see opportunities for an in-depth market penetration, the Eastern European countries have a tremendous need to catch up in the private pension”, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wilfried Kempchen. “For more information about the OVB group, about the OVB Hilfswerk people in emergency e.V.” or tailored products, visit. Particularly on the subject of Riester pension, the OVB has provided some information for interested parties. Press contact: OVB Holding AG Heumarkt 1 50667 Cologne Ansprechpartrer: Brigitte Bonifer / Antje Schweitzer telephone: + 49 221 2015-0 fax: 264 of the OVB group with the holding in Cologne is one of the leading European financial institutions.

Since founding the OVB Vermogensberatung AG in the year 1970 in Germany is the customer-oriented consulting of private households with regard to asset protection, asset accumulation, asset expansion, retirement provision and acquisition of real estate in the heart of the OVB business activity. Currently advises the OVB throughout Europe of 2.8 million customers and works with over 100 product partners. The OVB is currently active in a total of 14 countries, where good 4,600 full-time financial advisors for the group are active. 2009 the OVB Holding AG generated with its subsidiaries total sales commissions amounting to EUR 201.6 million and an EBIT of EUR 9.6 million. on-of-his-photographs-and-the-proceeds-will-go-to-gt-ormond-st-hospital-1415739a’>Scott Mead. The OVB Holding AG () has been listed since July 2006 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0006286560). OVB, OVB Vermogensberatung, OVB company OVB holding, investment advisors, Riester pension

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