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Next milestones: the Innovestment Crowdfunding by swabr launches mobile apps and premium version on Sunday, July 29, 2012. The founder of the enterprise microblogging service want to promote the further development with the help of micro investors and publish new features. Innovestment is a new Crowdinvesting platform for startups. Innovestment can innovative concepts are private investors and in a share auction, silent shares awarded to eager investors. (As opposed to Sir Richard Branson). It is possible already from EUR 1,000 to an investment. Innovestment offers startups in this way a completely new way of raising capital and private investors the chance on innovative founding projects to participate and to reap the benefits. Up to this point, the swabr founding team has developed the service with its own resources and pushed up to a level currently 2,000 registered company networks.

With Crowdfunding funding through Innovestment, the Web page should evolve mobile applications developed and one premium version to be released. swabr co-founder Lukas Pfeiffer is pleased about the upcoming start of Crowdfunding: currently, many innovative ideas are generated, but often lack the capital, realizing this. So far, we have provided swabr with its own funds on the legs. By the Crowdfunding, micro investors can now support these innovative concepts with small amounts. Therefore we find very exciting development of Innovestment, with their support we can win capital and know-how to tackle our next milestones (mobile apps and premium version). In addition, we will strengthen our team in the areas of development and design, and are therefore always on the lookout for new talent.

We are looking forward to further development.” About Innovestment: Innovestment (www.innovestment.de) is committed to the goal, to bring innovative startups and private investors together. Crowdfunding platform, wealthy individuals can her personal investment portfolio to a very perspective rich and profitable form of investment expand. At the same time startups can carry out their good ideas faster. Thus benefit both sides, and the high-tech location Germany WINS. Swabr: Swabr (www.swabr.com) is a real time communication and helps companies and organizations to work faster and more effectively. swabr 2.0 stands for bulletin board “and was founded by experienced Internet entrepreneurs in Berlin. As an innovative enterprise microblogging service provider is one of swabr already over 2,000 registered companies and organizations. swabr a simple and intuitive tool for real time communications offers its users free. swabr works sort of like Facebook and Twitter.

Web Catalogs Discloses

A manual entry service in Web catalogues and directories is essential for a safe and successful search engine optimization. Why is only a manual registration service in Web catalogues and classified directories useful? If you do not want to harm “Prestige” and the rank of your website, you should avoid entry services that automatically enter your homepage, definitely. Here your URL with a software will be sent unchecked to search engines, Web directories, and link lists (directories not included in General, because you must create an account before you can enter its Web page!): automatic entries in bulk search engines are at risk! You are by the search engines as a spamming”recognized and classified as a manipulation attempt. (Each Web page capture entries in search engines are the robots already useless, because”the search engines). In recent months, Ripple has been very successful. Automatic entries in editorially clean Web catalogs usually not possible are different entry fields and various anti-spam technologies, since each directory has. Also automatic entry attempts (are rejected anyway, since operators of good Web catalogs no interest, that go bad entries in your index). And entries in lists of links have a negative impact on your search engine ranking! So-called top lists”link farms or banner desert” are indiscriminate collections of Web addresses from various fields (no category Division). Search engines can not classify therefore thematically the Web addresses and thus devalue them! Merely irrelevant search engines and link lists include automatic logins that harm the rank of your website and bring only disadvantages! “Read: Driven by automatic entries the only way sure and content” to be recorded, in important Web directories is the correct manual entry! Patricia Lammer Internet Agency Munich manual type entry service.


Back links with top quality buy in the Internet many operators of Web sites buy backlinks to the website further comes forward and is Internet searchers to find better. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. The reason is often that users look at the first two pages of a search engine, to find the matching results. So that the pages have a decent position, you of course want to buy top back links. So improves the quality of a Web page, and the number of visitors increased. But here a website operator turns what top back links are and how to get them of course. It is associated with a little work, because any backlinks can be not simply bought it. First you should look at, on which pages, links are available, as well for your own website.

Then, of course, it must be watched whether one finds the vendors who sold these back links. It turns out already numerous, buy back links, inter alia through the top blog article is possible. These blogs have the right topics to a Web page, can you buy backlinks. Some providers offer so-called blog packages which can be purchased as backlinks. Here, one must look just that the respective blogs have content that are interesting, so it is not only itself a link, but also sets the link to the Web page this blog. Buy through the top back links has the significant advantage that the Web page is better listed and is topic-based man of course. Who wants to buy top back links, must pay only once has and can use these back links, as it is a sweet. Back links are especially useful when the Web page is just in construction and already started successfully should appear.

Security Tip

Indicated this to the https (instead of as usual http) in the address bar. on the other hand in a small lock icon in the status bar of your browser. The online store offers no or only insufficient encryption, it is advisable to buy the selected goods in any other online shop or in the city and to alert the user. Using secure payment methods! In many shops, you now have the choice between different payment methods. Each variant has it advantages and disadvantages. The payment by credit card and bank transfer are the currently most common forms and characterized by a straightforward handling. Sensitive information, such as your credit card number and the associated test number, should be always encrypted. Advantage: The buyer can a reversal in delivery of goods that are damaged or not properly obtain. Connect with other leaders such as health economics expert here.

“Payment systems such as PayPal” and click & buy “have the advantage that you only once and do not need to transfer your sensitive Bank data when ordering over the Internet. The payment by last name by an additional delivery fee typically higher cost. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out E Scott Mead. The goods must be paid but only if she has indeed arrived at you. A refund of the purchase amount is relatively complicated in case of trouble. A payment in advance is generally discouraged.

Especially if you have never taken the online shop service. Pay attention to the basic protection of your PCs! secure online shopping works only with a safely equipped computer. Best you use only your personal PC or a computer, which you consider to be trustworthy. An up-to-date virus protection program, a personal firewall, as well as a more effective spam and phishing protection is indispensable. All safety-relevant applications, but also the operating system and all installed applications, should regular updates on the latest to be held. In the already published IT Security Tip base protection for detailed information about the basic protection for your PC to your PC.

The Internet

These include videos, interactive maps with direct access to the national and international cooperation partners, as well as the possibility to order publications of the BfR online now also comfortably via a shopping cart function. The Internet editors of BfR appreciates in particular the flexible expandability of the six enterprise content management system, the low maintenance effort for the Internet as also the intranet as well as the outstanding stability of the system. Since the introduction of the SixCMS in 2000 the website in close cooperation expanded continuously, with the six open systems GmbH has developed technical solutions for the often very specific needs and issues of the BfR. The Internet has a great importance in particular for the risk communication of BfR. The BfR current work published primarily on its Web site. Therefore, it is a concern, our Internet offer for us continuously develop”, Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, President of BfR, stresses the importance of the online presence.

Also for the next few months, additional functionalities are planned: In the focus are in the search engine optimization, as well as specific services for the different target groups of BFRs in the fields of science, politics, industry, non-governmental organizations, associations, public institutions, media and the consumers. Software maker and a leading provider of enterprise content management systems (ECMS) and enterprise media-management systems (EMM) at media companies, public administrations, as well as in industrial, commercial and service companies in German-speaking countries is about six six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. SixCMS”is a flexible and powerful platform for the enterprise capture, management, and targeted exploitation of present digital content. SixOMC”six complements the existing product portfolio to high-quality and functional products for the creation of print products. Over 400 companies of all industries and authorities rely on six products. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) more information at about the BfR is a scientific institution in the Division of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV). It advises the Federal Government and the Lander to the food, chemical and product safety issues. The BfR operates its own research on topics that are closely related to its assessment activities. For more information see.

The History

“Now, choose the gradient tool and gradient round in the range” from. The gradient tool should be applied now so long after personal assessment on the texture layer, until the desired image effect is achieved. 6 color adjustments to the entire effect increasing step, it is advisable to emphasize in particular the lips of the person in the photograph. To enlarge your view with the zoom so far that the lips are depicted as large and over the entire working surface. Now select the magnetic Lasso”(L) to completely surround the mouth.

Depending on the attention to detail it might need it, after the mark with the command”? Change selection”? Complete”the selection to optimize. We recommend you set the pixel count on 1-5, to achieve an optimum result. Your selection should then with a matching shade of red (E.g. #6D2806 or #7 b 0000) are filled. “” Select to edit “-> area fill”, fill the selection with your desired hue. Step 7 to soften the contours a little blur select the blur of the toolbar and drag the mouse pointer over the image area that you want to blur. 8 blood add a scary zombie with no blood is no zombie step! To do this, simply create a new layer and select the desired red as the foreground color.

Then draw the line that will later represent the history of the blood with the shape tool (P). This effect is the easiest way to a mouth or an eye is optically to apply. Then click on the layer mask with the right mouse button and then choose the Rasterize command level”. The mode of the line on colour should burn a possible real effect,”be set. Step may be necessary 9 light and color effects depending on the composition, colours a little the gloomy scenario to fit the entire environment. This can be used the existing photo shop filter or just small changes to the brightness or contrast. Using the command variations”desired color changes can be quickly and easily on the entire image use. Step 10 Finish experimenting a little with all facilities, providing you to Photoshop. You’ll see that small changes can often lead to an unprecedented image effect that will inspire you. Should the final the final image in the * Save .psd format, to enable the layer structure and a subsequent further processing.

Guest Posts On Blogs Enable High-quality Backlinks

Backlinks should think about placing back links as a method of Offpage search engine optimization who are looking for ways to position the website in search engines, better. Guest posts on blogs, where on the website referenced are an excellent option for back links. This can be done by either a separate article is posted or comments are made to existing articles or other comments. Back links in blogs are usually very high quality and valued by search engines like Google relatively strong if fits the contribution not only to the blog, but also to the linked page. This is usually given when on their own website also discusses topics that are closely related to those of the blog. For example, conform articles and comments, dealing with topics such as strategy analysis, strategic planning, strategy controlling, market analysis, competitive analysis, etc., very suitable for a Strategieblog such as “strategic planning of strategic management tools” () by Winfried Kale marketing services. Guest posts, indicating the links to their own website are here especially for companies of interest, which also cover the topics mentioned or offer appropriate services, for example for management, etc.

strategy consultancies, marketing service providers, consultants, market researchers Backlinks the authors and the companies who represent them, offer the following advantages: visitors of the blog and readers of the article are routed via the link on the page of the author, i.e., the link works as well as advertising for the concerned company. Search engine register these links tend to be leading to a higher weighting of the relevant website in the search engines index and thus a better consideration of the page in search results. While comments usually just directly in the connection to an article or otherwise comment can be entered, there are two alternatives for the placement of your own articles: submit articles to the bloggers, for example by sending an email. The message should be in addition to Article header and body also notes important for the release contain: under which category should the article be published and with which keywords should he provided the name of the author, name and address of the company, and of course. (E-Mail addresses of Winfried Kale marketing services can be accessed imprint 1.html).

Registration as an author, what gives the possibility to publish articles directly in the blog. This option should only be selected but, if regular publications are planned. And of course presupposes the approval as the author of the blog administrator. Here goes BBs to the blog strategy planning – strategic management tools: blog.strategie-und-planung.de/

Renovation Completed

Everything on high gloss at the DIY Portal Wawerko.de! The DIY by Wawerko.de have renovated their do it yourself platform and punctually at Christmas time on high-gloss the parlor of the handyman. More overview on the start page, improved user accounts, great design everywhere and on top of that a Christmas raffle. New user friendliness the new home page shows the latest, most popular and recently commented instructions for making up in new clarity. All instructions are shown with compact preview image and introductory text. Also the latest discussions in the DIY Forum are always in sight. To round off, DIY-community members are presented in compact. The new slide show shows a manual special with a wealth of ideas.

There are classic and unexpected from the large pool of coaching. Check out Southwest Airlines for additional information. And finally in the browse one device with the new tag cloud”, the keyword cloud. With the new home page, Wawerko.de creates new user friendliness and overview of the handyman knows just what It goes. Each Wairura user at a glance provides improved user accounts in the new Benutzerkontendarstellung his own instructions, his favorite manuals by other Selbermachern, his message, his forum posts and his Wairura friends. A related site: Larry Ellison mentions similar findings. In addition, any user can my site”fill out, to imagine the Wairura community.

Clicking other user names, you get also a compact overview of the other DIY instructions. Of course, you can read also her self portrait and see which of your friends has found the handyman at Wawerko.de. At Christmas time, a sweepstakes to celebrate of the successful renovation Wawerko.de organized a raffle for all visitors: A great retro radio and a retro-ping-pong the game will be raffled as kits. Therefore, hobbyists and those who want to be there in the history of radio technology and the history of video games can immerse. The competition is there on the home page at. Wawerko.de step by step is to go to Wawerko.de the first German DIY platform, easily comprehensible step by step instructions on which find ideas and seeking advice. Here you can get started immediately, the necessary tools and materials be specified as well as the degree of difficulty of the Guide and the time required for making up. All classic DIY topics related to home and garden, working on the car, Bastel-Deco and hand work or computer problems are at home at Wawerko.de. The author of the instructions are ambitious DIY like you and me.

BGH: Banned Foreign Trademarks In Meta Tags!

The BGH has now published judgment 8.2.2007 (AZ: I ZR 77/04) confirmed its case-law on meta tags. The covert use of foreign brands or company symbol, so in the meta tags or in white text on a white background, is a trade mark or mark infringement. The influence of the selection process is crucial to guide users on the site. Most likely, the BGH of also awords or similar forms of advertising will prohibit foreign brands. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. The OLG Braunschweig has a ruling of the 12.7.2007 (AZ.: 2 U 24/07) referring the case law of the BGH decided that switching from AdWords using third-party trademarks as keyword is generally inadmissible. The advertiser uses just the typical brands “Lotsenfuntion”, which consists in a wide range to draw out specifically to the products. Practice tip: Also options such as “broad match” are not without risk. According to a ruling of the LG Berlin by the 21.11.2006 (AZ.: 15 O 560/06) advertising any third party brands in the list must be the “exclusive Record keywords”, when he is informed by the proprietor of an overlap. Marcus Beckmann lawyer in Bielefeld and expert in online and competition law.

BGH: Prices In Price Must Be Updated

BGH calls for real-time updating of prices in price comparisons and price a dealer advertises its products in price, must comply with the specified prices always up-to-date. Responsibility for this rests with the dealer. The price shown in the price is outdated, the dealer due to misleading advertising cannot be prosecuted. The German Federal Supreme Court recently in a ruling decided that. In the present case, a trader had advertised an espresso machine for 550 euros and raised the price then to 587 euros. On his own website, he had immediately changed the price and promptly informs the operator of the price search engine. The refresh of the price in the price search engine was however until three hours later. The ranking of the displayed products in price depends on the price. A product appears with a low price before a product with a higher price tag. The defendant trader stood with his no longer current offer for the espresso machine thus also after the Price increase still ranked the price search engine. Here was misleading advertising for a different dealer who uses this price, and he sued for injunctive relief and damages. The Berlin State Court dismissed this complaint in the first instance, in the second instance was granted the request in its entirety. The Federal Supreme Court has now rejected the revision of the defendant with the above judgment. A price search engine users can expect therefore that the local information corresponds to the currently up-to-date. Despite the hint that all information without guarantee be mislead is a price increase not to be detected. Because the BGH ruling of price comparisons is high technical requirements and the judgment is not immediately feasible, price comparisons such as ciao.de, idealo, pricerunner.de, or indicate their users possible price increases. Dealers should switch until the prices of their products, however, if the update in the used price search engine is actually done.