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Consumer Behavior

Before asking for clothes to a man, look at the clothes that he wears (Yoruba, Nigeria) the consumer is a very important actor in any commercial transaction, can not be neglected by the management of markets, attention should be paid to its characteristics, its profile, more, when it has been selected according to the segmentation of markets that has been defined as objective goal. It must be attentive in their behavior, behavior, habits, procurement processes in order to give way to strategies of markets that encourage you to keep them loyal to the product or service that is offered. In this article, we present some aspects that cannot be ignored by the management of markets in favor of satisfying consumers, study its scope and impact that it cannot generate, especially all the considerations to be taken into account for the benefit generated by the study of the behavior of the consumer. In the Venezuelan case, unfortunately, there is an absence of consumer culture and in this respect there are companies that have done very little to educate them; the Venezuelan is easy prey to advertising media significantly affect their behavior, affecting them and causing them serious problems in the acquisition of products giving way to satisfaction of artificial needs and many times more, some act as destabilizing the social order, causing the increase of violence, insecurity, theft in order to buy some products from certain brands that allow them recognition, social status, as in the case of certain sports footwear, shirts, cars among others. There are those who do not realize, that understand the behavior of consumers is good business. Taken into account, laying down a basic concept of marketing there are brands to consumers needs. These needs can meet only to the extent that marketers understand people. organizations, which will use the goods and services that it is sell you, and do so better than competitors. .

Europa League

Start the Europa League, with the Athletic and Atletico as only Spanish representatives, every time that Sevilla had failed so surprising last night before Hannover, German. A competition desbravada at the beginning but well suggestive at the end and that it has so powerful computers such as Tottenham, PSV, Schalke and PSG, who start as favourites – are classified two of each group. But it is somewhat provisional because then will come, in the next phase, the descabalgados eight of the Champions League. All have the same goal: the end of May 9, at the Bucharest National Stadium. The draw was a bit demanding with Atletico, which played him tough (Udinese) and another uncomfortable (Rennes), and most benevolent with Athletic, who will fight for the leadership of the group with the French PSG, which has invested so cute this summer. Source of the news:: obstacles of low-rise in Europa League.

Comments Jose Orlando Magno

TIBERIO JULIO CESAR was the second Emperor of Rome, (14-37) Tiberius D.C: eldest son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. The problem of the succession of cesar was delicate. Having no sons. Augustus began the search for his replacement in his nephew Marcelo. In the husband of his daughter, Agrippa, his stepson, Druze, and his nephews, Pike and Gaius. But they all died prematurely.

Observe something that has been forgotten for lack of wisdom and intellectual conformism and see it because the thinkers do not understand wisdom. Since clumsily confused wisdom with the knowledge. Socrates talking with connoisseurs of the ancient Greece, exposed them the because man seeks eternal being physically and spiritually. Since men tend to stay and not disappear. Something like this try to do Augusto wanting to retain power through yours.

2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo the largest of all the disciples of Socrates, Plato .expone the doctrine of his master and confirms what we have been saying in the following words. because it is the generation that perpetual family of animated beings and gives him immortality which consents the deadly nature. Because according to what we have already agreed upon, it is necessary to join to the desire of the good desire for immortality, since love is to aspire to that the good belongs us always. Here follows that immortality is also the object of love. (banquet or erotic) Marcelo died in 23 BC; Agrippa in 12 BC, Drusus in 9 BC, and Pike and Gaius, even children, did so in the 2 and 4 AC, respectively. Had no choice but to prepare in succession to Tiberius, Drusus brother. Son of livia, who did not have the sympathy of Cesar despite his talents in the fields of battle. Apparently, everything was the work of his mother, livia, Claudia family. However, Tiberius hesitation during many times before receiving the power. What were the causes for which Augusto felt no sympathy by Tiberius? do Augusto case thought that Tiberius didn’t have the qualities to govern? case Tiberius was a man who was pleased in the? Justice? Case Augusto had watched Tiberius for years and I had noticed his lack of understanding to govern Rome or the opposite Tiberius was the more suitable? simple questions in the eyes of a historian. when Tiberius came to power he was able to manage it efficiently. Thanks to the intervention of his son Drusus and his German grandson. He could finalize the embers remaining from the war against the Parthians and there appointed a Roman magistrate. In the internal management, Tiberius reject divine titles. Imperator and pater patriae, staying only with the princeps. Paradoxically he remained in order to the provinces but it had to endure the storms in your own home. Notice two things 1. Tiberius apparently possessed one of the virtues of the philosopher, i.e. of the thinker or wise. : which consists in rejecting the degrees conferred by men, I do not mean physical titles known as diplomas. I mean the titles which tend to aggrandize the men by simple vanity. 2. Perhaps Tiberius being a Grand Strategist consider convenient proceed in that way with the sole purpose of winning the desire or admiration of his people. Original author and source of the article.

United Kingdom

For the British holidays are the first game where you want to save now and into the future (14%) ahead of the clothes (12%) and expenditure on transport (10%). In contrast to the French vacation savings is fifth place. But what is clear is that the Europeans are strict when it comes to not save either in power or in health. Crisis boosts the savings among vacationers in 2012 (those which have declared that they will be on vacation at least once this year), the trend is the save the majority (53%). The Spaniards again are the first in the ranking when it comes to declare that we will save (66% says), followed by the British (62%) and Italians (59%).

Only 46 percent of the French want to save money on their summer vacation. Same budget than in 2011 while the plans of going on holiday among Europeans is very low this year, for those who have stated that yes they will go on vacation, the budget allocated (including transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment) is stable: 2.125, just 20 fewer than in 2011. Either way, the budget varies among countries. While this rises in countries such as Germany (+ 229) and recovers a little in Spain (+ 74; 1,863 vs 1,789 in 2011), on the other hand falls in Austria (- 165), Belgium (- 198) and, especially, in Italy (- 554). The United Kingdom maintains levels very similar to those of the year passed (+ 8). At the moment only Spain and Italy are below the threshold of 2,000 of budget for the summer holidays.

Argentina American

Government. The unexpected fall of 3.6% on sales of new homes in the month of September, shows the fragile situation of the sector. Above the financial sector is not making its contribution to generate demand, a demand that is far from stimulating by the aforementioned labour fragility problems and uncertainty in the economic context. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. Speaking of the financial system, we need to pay attention to what could happen in the coming months beyond the regulatory advances. The U.S. financial system can even bring us any surprises. Bank failures are so far at 106 in the year, but this will not be the total number of banks that no longer exist in this 2009. If we consider the growth observed in the GDP of the country from the North depending on the Latin American interests, there is too much scope to the enthusiasm.

It is that the fragility of this recovery and the risks of reversal that still persist, don’t expect a beneficial effect on Latin American economies, and especially for Mexico’s significance. To make matters worse, the exchange rate appreciation of Latin American currencies has deteriorated its relative competitiveness with respect to the American economy, which further decreases the growth expectations in the region from the external sector. I think it is still premature to uncork and celebrate the end of the crisis both for Latin America but mainly for the United States. The crisis for its characteristics will not end so easily and the time together with prudent decisions, is the consolidation of the recovery that will determine. Only have to wait since there is no more room for new plans for economic stimulus whose main effect could be increasing the risk of a new crisis, although this time, since the fiscal accounts. Horacio Pozzo Horacio Pozzo is master’s degree in economics from the University of La Plata, Argentina and editor of the basic economics course for investors, to learn how to invest on the basis of the economy.

Socialist Jose Maria Barreda

In the new chapter of the soap opera that is emerging as the veracity of accounts of Castilla – La Mancha has today time point out culprits. Leandro Esteban, spokesman for the regional government that presides over the general Secretary of the PP, Dolores de Cospedal, has demanded that the PSOE to disable the previous President of the community, the Socialist Jose Maria Barreda for having caused the political ruin of Castile – La Mancha, Spain. Amid the exchange of accusations, the economic Vice, Elena Salgado referred to statements by the Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, who had ensured that the central Government hid invoices and that the State deficit could be higher to the officer. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. I believe that there are people who should have disappeared from political life years ago, Salgado has pointed out. The Vice President also said that the words of Gonzalez Pons have no basis and are irresponsible, especially in these days of financial turmoil; they could do much harm to Spain. Source of the news:: Cospedal requests the PSOE to disable to former President Barreda.

National Institute

According to the latest data published by the National Institute of statistics, the occupation of rural accommodation in Spain rose last February, a 2.6% compared to 2008 and recorded 315.887 reserves for this type of hotels. These statistics show that rural tourism becomes, increasingly, an option for those seeking escape from the crowd. Taking advantage of approaching the bridge from the second Passover, Expedia.es, the leading online worldwide travel agency, proposes tempting prices to know endearing towns, dotted with nature and places without trace of agglomeration, as an alternative to staying in a hotel in Barcelona or one of the hotels in Madrid. Salmantino serenity in a privileged enclave the sierras South of Salamanca await the traveler in search of tranquility, and in them, are people who have managed to keep safe their traditions, landscapes and typical architecture. One of them is Candelario, situated at the foot of the Natural Park of Candelario declared reserve of the biosphere. This mountain village It is, without doubt, one of the tourist centers of greater importance of the comarca of Bejar. With several centuries behind him, still retains its medieval atmosphere, its old stoned, their spectacular forests and its famous sausages.

Expedia.es proposes staying in the small mountain Cinco Castanos, a good example of rural tourism hotel in Castile and Leon, Spain. The building, constructed in 1994, only has exterior rooms in order to ensure the best views of the Sierra de Bejar. Only one hour of Salamanca, Expedia.es recommends making an excursion to visit the University, the Casa de las Conchas, the Plaza Mayor and the old (Heritage). Upon returning to the hotel, a dinner based on typical dishes of the town can be a good way to end the day. Six centuries of art to rest just 11 kilometers from the border with Portugal, the town of Alcantara is located in the Natural Park of the Tagus, in Caceres.

Byron Katie

Once you’ve identified the main beliefs, questioning them so you can discover what the truth. You can use various techniques to work with your beliefs, which I recommend are a few simple questions, inspired by Byron Katie, author of the Bestseller I need your love, is it true? (in English). For example, question the belief need to consider me beautiful to feel good with me same can know it to be true with absolute certainty that you need that others consider you beautiful to feel good? you ever have questioned? How you feel and act when you think you need that others consider you beautiful to feel good? Noticing it. Probably insecure, anxious, depressed by look beautiful. Takes you to compare you constantly, wanting to look like others, and improve you to fit into the stereotypes of beauty, you criticize and make you feel as if something is not well with you. Can you isolate, you retraigas. You can not enjoy being who you are nor of your life, because you’re too aware of what others think of you.

How would you feel and actuarias if you didn’t have the thought that you need to be considered beautiful? Perhaps you quitarias you a weight off, you relajarias you in the presence of other people, you’d not be pending the opinion of others, would you feel more free to have fun, to enjoy, to be you. If you’ve answered the questions honestly maybe you have seen that your state of mind varies with the thought and without him. With thinking there is anxiety, tension, stress and without thinking there’s more enjoyment, more freedom to be you. Do you notice how your well-being does not depend on the opinion of others, if not the beliefs that you have at this time? And this is good news, because you can’t control what others think of you, but yes as you feel on the subject, and this is a great release.

The Law

More beyond than exercises that give him the performs them correctly, the time that devotes, (ten minutes a day), could never compete against more than sixteen hours doing the opposite, it is a question totally logic that will not be. To make the law of attraction work we must create what we want with our thoughts, that brings us to have to be able to control what we think, and for that you have to know, manage and set our mind. Now, without on the path we tread to achieve all this we dedicate 10 minutes to the law of attraction and during what subtraction of the day we forget everything, living, acting and thinking as we always did, we cannot expect great results. Nor is issue of go mad and walking all day with headphones listening to subliminal audio without speaking with anyone not to lose concentration, not, that no, but if you give the necessary place and many of you will be wondering, what is the time and place required that we must dedicate?, nobody better than yourselves to respond that doubt, because your you know yourself better than anyone to your around and sabaras costs you more or that you It is more easy to do. For example, in the beginning I programmed the alarm on my cell every two hours, when sounded I I remembered that I had to think positively automatically changed attitude with what I was doing or thinking, then were every three hours, each five, then three times a day, until you no longer need it. Think about it, because ultimately that is, thinking.

The Way

It refers to what you want to create, to the future image you have of yourself. This is very important because if you are starting an organization, especially in a multilevel, firstly it is accurate that you define a path to follow, to publicize your vision to serve as a guide to your followers, transform into a source of inspiration and a generator of excitement. It is essential to have written your plans to three years, five years and how you look past that period of time. It is not one minor detail, when detailed it in writing are sealing a commitment with yourself, with your future. It all starts with the thoughts, the way as you think will determine your future results.

If you have defined your vision, definitely you will know where you go. There is no doubt that we become what we think, no matter the time when you achieve it, you can be short, medium or long term; but it always depends on oneself. When a person has defined its vision, you already have 50% of the covered path. This is quite understandable if we think about what would happen if us adentraramos to an ocean without direction, cartography adequate, compass, instrumental, etc.;It would be very unlikely that we days to some destination and highly likely that we left adrift. Precisely, does not have a fixed course from the beginning we run the risk of getting lost on the way and not be able to reach. The display is an activity of thought. The law of attraction is something that happens, is real and is supported by quantum physics; but not usually gets to understand how that works. Let’s look at our way of thinking, it is through pictures. So mind maps are a graphical way of expressing thought. To understand how we must remember that the human being is composed of mind and body.