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Renault Hexagone

Hexagone, language training centre, has reduced the initial investment to start up a franchise of your network in more than 8,000 euros to facilitate the accession of candidates. After studying the market and with the objective of facilitating access to the network to the franchisee, the chain has decided to reduce investment in something more than one 25%, placing the figure at 34,000 euros, including the entry fee. With this initiative, the direction of Hexagone, wants to boost a sector, the academies private languages, encompassing around 3,000 centers in Spain, of which nearly 75% classes only English, globally serving more than one million students and moving to the year 400 million euros in the Spanish market. Hexagone is a company dedicated to the language training that offers a modern, effective and playful franchise concept. Account with a wide range of services: individualized or group for companies or individuals, training classes at distance, courses abroad, summer camps for children, management of bonuses from the Fundacion Tripartita, etc. our latest addition is a very innovative software of re-education of the ear which is used in complement to classroom and that it has demonstrated dramatic results within a short period of time, explains Gaelle Schaefer, Director of the Center.

The company began in September 2002, such as Academy of French for the subsidiary of Renault in Spain. Such was the demand and the successive increase of students, who today collaborate with both companies and individuals, offering a very broad range of services that goes beyond the mere language classes. Throughout the year, classes are given to more than 1,200 students and have around 70 teachers. Therefore, have also expanded their facilities moved to calle Melendez Valdes in Madrid where they have a center of 500 square meters destined for the teaching of languages with a large reception, a computer room and 7 classrooms, among other venues.

Private Investors

Investment in architecture, hospitality, tourism and leisure Lancois Doval is not just a real estate company that specializes in the sale of hotels, sale of cottages, hotels selling boutique or sale of companies. The exclusive service of this real estate is not only framed in the sale or rental of prestige properties. LANCOIS DOVAL IS MUCH MORE. In these delicate moments in the real estate market, the added value of real estate is what brings differentiation, exclusivity, the interest of the investor and the opportunity to acquire prestige properties allowing obtaining excellent results and a guaranteed return. Virgin Airlines gathered all the information. They exist in the market declared cultural heritage properties that can be a clear investment for individuals that want to turn these places unique elements integrated into a social reality. All this without losing its ancient and solid architecture, being clear objective of special care, a proper conservation and a very unique environmental push, can become properties of exclusive and completely profitable investment. For investors of all types, among which are those who love the decor and respect architecture as elements for the conservation of cultural heritage properties, these properties are unique and to consider cultural historical property.For the hospitality and tourism sector, these properties are equipped with a distinctive uniqueness, a prestige value and draw the attention of an exclusive and exquisite client that will make the difference between a typology of standard business and another seeking the environment and authentic in its consumption.Leisure is also every day, a sector’s objective to keep in mind for the investor, these properties being places of entertainment of elite sports such as hunting or riding, and meeting place for sports outdoor activities or lovers of nature, gardening, agriculture or rural life, being objective of recreation and relaxation for many individuals. Example of these concepts of properties the We find in a rural Hotel with charm for sale.

Marketing Experts

Marketing experts will tell you that the key to get the maximum performance of the money invested in a marketing program is to invest in marketing activities that deliver high ROI. For each effort in marketing campaigns, there must be a (KPI) key performance indicator, so experts can see the return of the efforts being made in marketing campaigns. A corporate promotional gifts program is one of the commercial actions that offer a better return on investment. It is not necessary to allocate a large amount of budget for this type of gifts. In fact, with a small investment, you can draw the attention of potential customers and keep the company in their minds. Deliver corporate gifts is the best way to build brand loyalty and increase its customer base. Anyway, a program of promotional gifts without products or quality services, will undoubtedly be a failure. But making that corporate gifts program is part of its global marketing program, it is showing your current and potential customers that it has their interests in mind.

Now, let me share with you 5 programs for corporate gifts that will help you grow your company. A) marketed your business with classic and elegant gifts. In this way, you can capture the attention of your potential customer and to remember your company. An elegant and exclusive gift will arouse the interest and curiosity about your product or service. (B) deliver gifts at trade fairs. The fairs are places where your company has to shine.

Set a booth at a trade show and market your company with brochures and corporate gifts. Offer some gifts that your new contacts can take home and keep. Some examples are: pens, t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, drives, usb, etc. Also, remember to have their vendors at the fair to talk to all potential customers. (C) offer gifts in festive seasons. Send gifts during festive periods as Christmas or new year. Your potential customers and existing customers will appreciate their gifts and not perceived as advertising gifts. (D) offer gifts of appreciation. Sometimes, a gift of thanks is what separates a sale of a lost business. Complete an appointment of sales with a thank you gift to the potential customer for the time that has been spent. You can also send gifts of appreciation after a big sale or a renewal. (E) recognize their employees with corporate gifts. Employees are the assets of your business. Need to find ways to keep them motivated and feel appreciated, so that they can work harder for your business. One way is to recognize the effort of their best employees with gifts. Perform a mini ceremony to give them gifts and dedicate a few words to acknowledge their efforts.

Eternal Los Laurales

We began to celebrate the bicentennial of the May 25, 1810, where the people said because I wanted to know what it is. To how many holidays we go guys, most of them were by obligation and we refused to sing the national anthem loudly. The years have passed and each time I remember with greater nostalgia moments, over time many things change. And since my kids have made me participate in their festivals, I have started them to live otherwise. This goes hand in hand with the own learning of adult times I played live, it has been a work slow but while insurance issues that I have been emerging and growing in the conviction that things I want for me and my people. Not all arrives when you want it, is more; many issues come almost suddenly and compel us to bring an attention different to which you have loaned you ever.

In this, is that new and generating commitment of hopes which means fight for ideas and a system that protects them and make them better. That are eternal desire to live in a country of equals, as eternal as the desire of any worker who after 12 hours, comes home and feels that you nothing changes. That are eternal desire to say what I don’t like and hurt, always released without anyone condition or determine my expressions. That are eternal souls of good will to move to the pain of the other. Also eternal, people who understand that life is a service. That are eternal men and women who make a daily habit of solidarity.

Also eternal which leave no was Taming and turn life into a cause that does not bow before difficulties. To be eternal people that respect the other as they have always dreamed of being respected. Friends that are always present without knowing what you need, are also eternal. Who are forever those who embrace everyone equally, without stopping to judge them by their aspects or forms. Those who give me bread when I have hunger and love when I’m sad are also eternal. That are eternal educators, thinkers, artists and peoples who do not cease to fight for their dignity, as many every day we strive to be better, for us and for those around us. Or juremos with gloria die! Original author and source of the article.


To move closer to this municipality cultralmente alive and surrounded by scenic beauty don’t hesitate to rent an apartment in the coast Brava. The Park of Cabo de Creus encompasses the municipalities of El Port de la Selva, La Selva de Mar, Llanca, Cadaques, Palau-saverdera, Pau, Roses and Vilajuiga. It forms an extremely abrupt coastline, waters deep, with an abundance of small islands, towering cliffs, stumbling blocks of rocks descarnadas by erosion and the winds, meadows and forests in the interior, as well as hidden coves of transparent waters often accessible only by sea. As the easternmost point of the Iberian peninsula, the flow of migratory birds is notorious. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. This Cape is subject to the action of the waves, caused mainly by the tramontana (name given to a cold wind blowing from the North and Northwest) and the winds from the East. Cape Creus in Cape are remains of settlements already in the prehistoric period: the area is dotted with various remains of dolmen.

During antiquity, the rhodians founded roses, near the isthmus. More to the North, already in full Cape Creus, Cadaques is located, and further north is, at the end of the Cape, port of the jungle. It was during the medieval period when was founded the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. Well into the 20th century was created the Natural Park of the Cap de Creus, while at the beginning of the 21st century is declared SPAMI (zone specially protected of importance for the Mediterranean). Stresses, especially, the uniqueness of some rocks associated with shapes of animals, which, with the passage of time, have become legendary; It is the case of Tudela Eagle and the lion of the Cap Gros, or the rock of the island of Cullero, in front of the Cove of the same name and that, apparently, inspired Salvador Dali in his work the great masturbator.

Luiz Gustavo

Even so, the main novelty was Bertrand, who made his debut in Champions in a final as double side reinforcement with Ashley Cole to counteract the diagonals of Robben. Without Terry and Ivanovic: Cahill and David Luiz, the device Central.Defensivismo against the authoritarian message and here is Bayern who planted Heynckes with Kroos where Luiz Gustavo and Muller in the playmaker. Thus started the local, bossy with Ribery against the battleship of the medium. The blues came out parpetados 30 meters ahead against Barca, but ended up in your shelter around the area, with Obi Mikel, Lampard, Mata and cia without weight in the game. To sweat and sweat without the ball.Bayern practiced a monologue with even sealed bands and general crowding in attacks too static for the Center.

Blue platoon. The lighter was a wash of Robben band changed with tunnel to get rid of two. Its satin gatillazo cleared it with the tip of your fingernail Cech and went to the outside of the suit. Chelsea on goal fired his first shot at a free live high of Mata and not approached more until one of Bosingwa who stopped Neuer, full time Viewer. The best Bayern came before the break. Was around the red menace by a Centre from the left of Contento, a less than praise, Bender caused another scare and a hole. Muller hooked volley in the center of the area, but was an inch outside of the portal of Cech.

Red crock would supply but not drew water. Also went to Mario Gomez a high howitzer after breaking to Cahill with a wonderful autotunel. The lack of the rivla aim was at work in favour of the Blues.The pediment of the milagrosSin changes on the return, and without changes in the script. Bayern drought spending shots before a comfortable Chelsea who still see Neuer or in paint.

The King Salomo

And again remember their words when my step hallo proposals that look tempting and safe. Contact information is here: Gary Kelly. My immediate thought: what is behind all this?. When we take a time to assess the steps that we take, two things will no doubt happen: we will re-assert the decision or to measure the consequences, we decided to stop and return to discover that the end of the road we can find negative consequences that steal our peace of mind, and of course, will affect your dealings with others. The Bible recommends always to advance toward a goal, guiding and decide in time to pull ourselves if we recognize the danger that encloses our walk: you do not deviate to the right or to the left; It separates your foot from evil.(Proverbs 4: 27)-is preferable to resign in time, leaving aside all fear which will say, rather than move forward to later repent a lifetime. I do not know what path is following, but I invite you to examine it carefully. Think that our present decisions affect our tomorrow, and which today are the product of the determinations we made yesterday.

2. Always stay alert true Saturday a construction worker was returning home. You should make a detour of three blocks to reach the highway, and in that direction, arriving home, past 30 minutes. Loneliness came over the entire sector. Camino a soccer field empty, distant from the cellars and houses he saw, but that would help shorten distances. He thought for a moment take this shortcut.

But towards the end of the stretch, a man sitting with neglect, made him think that possibly and taking advantage of the solitude of the place, may be a victim of a robbery. Then follow the path always, that in addition to safe, it was known he preferred. The King Salomo wrote a recommendation that we should never forget: the wise man fears and departs from evil (Proverbs 14: 16 to).

The East

Be patient. Even if you have been there answered, sometimes people forget the process that had some years ago, or forgot that they were going to replace your insurance at work with this new policy. The only insurance company wants to be sure that they have not forgotten anything or did not commit an error to forget something during the application process. Consideration that the East nurse supplies probably is the part that makes the majority of the people more nervous. Depends on the amount of insurance that you are requesting the nurse will only has run a simple swab of cotton in his mouth, to extract blood and an electrocardiogram.

(resting) Some tips for passing through each segment of the exam: cotton swab – make sure that he has not eaten anything before the test, and if it has done so, be sure to rinse your mouth. Tell the nurse if you have a gag reflex, but they typically spend the swab of cotton along the inside of the cheeks. Sample of urine – urine specimen tests by many things, protein, sugar, nicotine, certain types of infections, including HIV/AIDS. As much that can be done is to drink a glass of water half an hour before it reaches the nurse. Do not exceed because it goes has feel uncomfortable. The nurse goes has tell him how much she goes has need although it is usually only a small amount. Another tip – if you plan to have your examination with nurse the first thing in the morning, get up and go to the bathroom; then take your glass water.

During the night, our bodies release toxins and pollutants; you don’t want that this sample is that the nurse leads to the insurance company. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications. Extract blood-draw blood is becoming more and more common. Some companies may require you to fast, so plan your appointment for first thing in the morning if that’s your requirement.


His conduct can be total concentration or total relaxation. Learn more shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The pathological end of this State is represented by autism. (2) Feeling: The person is distracted from its previous resting State, to physically feel something that, at this stage, yet fails to define or differentiate between, for example: feel movements and perceived noise in your stomach cavity, but still does not know if it is an upset stomach caused by food ingested that morning or if what happens is that simply already hungry again. (3) Awareness (to realize): continuing with the previous example, here the individual sees his watch and realizes is the lunch hour, so it becomes aware or understands that your stomach is calling u attention that eat. At this stage the individual raises or understand what is due to the feeling that has and currently can already call it hunger or sadness, anger, etc. (4) Energization or mobilization of the energy: the person mobilizes energy, i.e., gathers strength or concentration required to carry out what needs demand. (5) Action: Praxis is the most important thing at this stage, i.e.

the individual mobilizes his body and does what’s necessary to meet your need. (6) Contact: The culmination of the process is achieved at this stage, the person finds satisfaction and enjoys having reached what was proposed. This stage culminates when the individual experiences that already satisfied, that feels good, you can start another cycle and say goodbye to of is. Well, this cycle can now view is interrupted by the defense mechanisms of the person, performing what is known as locks, which prevent the passage and the conclusion of the cycle, leaving open the Gestalt. This fact generates in the individual different reactions, which may cause to become unstable it and that it serves to explain psychopathology, however, as this area of study is not related the objective of this work, we do not discuss.

In June

Taken into account as it is known, that La Vita Nuova (the new life) is the first known work by Dante Alighieri; written between 1292 and 1293, shortly after the death of his beloved Beatrice. In the work are alternated 31 lyric poems and 42 chapters in prose. The meaning of the title is given by the vital renewal experienced by the poet in love with his beloved. The prose part serves as an explanation of the sonnets, written according to the canons of the dolce stil nuovo, and chosen among which Dante had composed from 1283, in honor of various women and own Beatrix. They emphasize some, like Donne avete intelletto ch d amore (chapter V), or both gentile both onesta stop (chapter XXVI). Explanations in prose wrote later, with the object of giving a narrative framework to the poems. La Vita Nuova is the maximum expression of the sense of Dolce Stil Novo during their years of study Dante Alighieri coincided with the poet Guido Cavalcanti, representative of the dolce stil nuovo, about fifteen years older that he, who was intimate and who became disciple has written that Dante, like many Florentines in those days, was involved in the conflict of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Other leaders such as Verizon Communications offer similar insights. He fought in the battle of Campaldino (June 11, 1289), with Florentine Knights Guelphs against the Ghibellines of Arezzo, then in 1294 he was among the Knights that they escorted to Charles Martel of Anjou-Sicily (the son of Carlos I de Sicilia) while he was in Florence.

In June 1290, the date of the alleged death of Beatrice, is situated at the age of 24. Later in his political career, became a doctor and pharmacist. It was proposed not to exercise these professions, but a law issued in 1295 the effect of Bella Giano rules required that the nobility who sought to hold public office should enlist in one of the Corporazioni guilds di Arti Mestieri, so Dante obtained quick admission to the apothecaries Guild.