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German Hearing

The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss to complete deafness. Singer understands that this is vital information. In addition develops and markets the company more implantable hearing solutions for different types of hearing loss. For more than 30 years continues the cochlear that research work of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, and marketed in more than 100 CI systems Countries. Cochlear hearing solutions to date have over a quarter of a million people reconnecting introduced brought to their families and friends. In cochlear guarantees all users of its products a lifetime partnership with updates and developments of the technologies. Cochlear secures its leading position in the science of listening to the industry’s largest investments in research and development and continuous collaboration with leading researchers and experts. The company employs currently over 2,500 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover.

For more information see. The cochlear implant is inserted under the skin of the patients, ranging in the inner ear. It transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. A sound processor with emitter as a hearing aid behind the ear also belongs to each CI, will be worn. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults.

The Rooster

Andre restaurant recommends at least a three-quarters of an hour movement as endurance training. So please do not work out until to exhaustion, which can lead to the opposite. 2. save a calorie reducing calories is the most important need of the hour. International studies have shown that obesity and related diseases can mean premature aging or even death. “The short formula of a stay you young diet” is: plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs to incorporate in the agenda. Avoid white flour products and sugar, low-fat diet, favor vegetable oils. Once or twice a week eat fish.

Animal fats, meat and sausage products should as far as possible avoid, or reduce to the Sunday roast. Complement your daily schedule with a happy chicken, cheese, egg Quark, kefir, yogurt and butter. 3. make sure sufficient sleep during sleep regenerates the whole body and draw new strength. Make sure it already before midnight to fall asleep. The old folk wisdom to go with the chickens to bed and get up with the Rooster’s Crow”is a very important factor for staying young. The sleep hormone melatonin driving at night the organs on stand by”down, so have this durability and damage during the day, can be repaired at night. However, a prolonged sleep can cause the opposite. “4.Tanken you vitamins and mineral substances 5. drinking you enough fresh, living” water 6 staying you slim 7 avoid you the alcohol and drugs 8 fasting you at least once a year for 7 day 9 action animal fats off underway 10 make an end with nicotine 11 training you laughter and joy 12 protect and pamper your skin 13 dressing with natural substances 14 close and maintain friendships 15 hold you your brain fit 16 practice you energetic exercise 17 enjoy the Sun properly 18 pay attention on mental hygiene 19 keep you their vision 20 breathing you correctly 21 enjoy you real love and partnership 22 using less or no sugar and white flour 23 select you green tea and herbal tea 24 reduce you their meat consumption 25 stay you mobile 26 prefer 27 proper nutrition keep it in quality instead of quantity 28 life you your life tasks… On anti_aging_tipps/index.htm, you will find detailed information about the above points, tips, support, seminars and travel information to the topic of Ant-aging / happy-aging vital99plus seminars, coaching, and training on the topics of: anti-aging, fasting & fast hiking, energy healing, spirituality of Andreas may press release: vital99plus brena baja 38712 san Jose la palma / islas canarias contact person: Andre record storage vital99plus seminar leader and life coach phone: 0034 669 828471 E-Mail: andre.restau () corsicareiki.com Web:

Painfree Again

Release muscle tension and in the everyday life of the relieve back, people exert a sedentary activity, suffering back pain sooner or later regularly. Also heavy lifting can stress the spine. Back to regularly move and trained, it can prevent painful muscle spasms in the back. But also the relief of the back by the choice of the right Chair is important. Also, the spine should have the opportunity at night to regenerate.

For this purpose, the right bed is essential. Build muscles around your back pain to protect, should build up your back muscles through regular training. For even more opinions, read materials from Duke Energy. This measure helps above all preventive and is more difficult to perform, if the back pain is already there. A good way to train the muscles, strength training is a special gym. Inquire after a medical back workout in a Studio with a good manual by a physical therapist. Even simple physical therapy can be a useful measure. The doctor writes the physiotherapy for six or twelve hours. During this time, the exercises are learned and can be performed later at home.

This variant has the advantage that they remain particularly flexible. Because the exercise can be performed at any time. Popular sports for training are also swimming, Pilates or yoga. They help to train especially the deep muscles, to get an upright posture. Muscle tension often solve the cause of back pain is just a tension of the muscles. If other causes such as wear or a misalignment of the spine were excluded, you can try various measures to relieve the muscle tension. It should not be exaggerated but it. Heat helps, for example, very good, but also the opposite could cause if it is incorrectly applied. So that the muscles can relax, the heat should be soothing and not hot and painful. A warm bath are ideal (not too hot) or the regular visit to the sauna. In the short term circulation heat ointments and patches can help relieve acute muscular tension. Swarmed by offers, gary cohn is currently assessing future choices. If you also suffer from headaches, you should apply such products not in the neck. The same applies to heat pads or other heat treatments. Headache rather loose movement in the fresh air helps, for example, gentle jogging or walking, to loosen the muscle tension. Kinesiotapeverbande, which can be bought in pharmacies are a new way to release tension. However, you must learn how properly to apply are the bands. This can be done through a consultation with the doctor or physiotherapist or a guide book. Pain relievers can temporarily help, but never should have a longer period of time and be taken without consultation with the doctor. Relieve the back in everyday life so that the spinal cord to regenerate at night can, need a good bed. It’s not the most expensive mattress, but it should optimally support your back and give point elastic. The slatted frame should also be set on your sleeping position and your body weight. It is sometimes not easy. Research on the Internet and abide by the recommendations of Stiftung Warentest or other independent consumer magazines. The best training won’t help if you take a unhealthy position in the workplace. Consult in detail at the retailer and buy a good office chair that can be adjusted flexibly.

CityPraxen Berlin

Special clinic in the CityPraxen Berlin eight of ten Germans feel their lives as too stressful. Any third party even suffers from constant stress. This is health insurance a representative study of the technician. For the study, 1,014 persons between 14 and 65 years were asked to her personal stress levels, how they deal with stress and health problems. Stress factor number one was usually the job: one in three works at the limit. Life on standby”sickens people. You can not properly turn off, the burn-out threatens. The conversion to a conscious, healthy and above all stress reduced lifestyles is often very helpful.

The CityPraxen Berlin offer help in the remodeling of dealing with stress and / or in stress-related situations. The specialist Dr. med. Bernhardine Conrad from the CityPraxen Berlin advises to recognize the warning signs early on, not to ignore and to seek medical help in particular for severe sleep disturbances. More information about signs of burn-out syndrome You see. As one of the first German institutions at all, the CityPraxen Berlin offer disease pictures on your homepage under the heading”a comprehensive catalogue of common diseases.

Hyperacidity? The Deacidification Of The Body By A Mixture Of Base

About 60 percent of all people are over-acidified our body strives to maintain the ratio of acids and bases, which succeeds well. A stable value is set, which is vital for our whole metabolism. It is easy to understand that an acidified organism calls the excretory organs, and the whole organism in its reserves to keep constant ratio this acids bases. This draws on the resources, and can expose the body for disease or lead to permanent malaise. The today’s one-sided kind of diet with high meat or fat intake leads to acidification conditions. Basically, one must distinguish between the acidification of the gastro – intestinal tract and the acidification of the whole organism.

Everything we eat, is transformed into a certain shape of the body and affects our health and our well-being. Certain foods can shoot over the production of stomach acid. Since the stomach-intestinal system as well as the acid production also strongly influenced by our mental Constitution is dependent on, these must be considered. Ultimately, the type of recorded food decides how to represent our physical acid base balance. The acids bases ratio in our body our body strives to maintain constant the ratio of acids and bases, which succeeds well. A stable value is set, which is vital for our whole metabolism. It is easy to understand that an acidified organism calls the excretory organs, and the whole organism in its reserves to keep constant ratio this acids bases. This draws on the resources, and can expose the body for disease or lead to permanent malaise.

How does a base mixture? A base mixture acts first acutely targeted and immediately resolve acidification conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Can any hyperacidity of stomach cramps lead, which due to the stress, they trigger, trigger on the one hand more stomach acid production, as well as seriously impair the general well-being. This negative control mechanism must be broken. The acidity regulators, which positively affect the pH of the stomach are helpful. A base mixture acts but also systemically by the herbal ingredients help the institutions to get rid of the excess acids to form reserves and to fix any damage sustained. Supportive work the minerals and vitamins. The ingredients are so designed that the health-giving properties benefit from those affected, as well as healthy. Be highlighted is to this, that the properties of a base mixture go far beyond the mere use as ubersauerungsmittel. The herbal ingredients, especially the green tea, as well as minerals and vitamins have an important contribution.


‘ There is no before and no after, there are. There is only ‘ a psychic trauma can always occur when the physical or mental integrity is threatened and has seen himself while attempting to protect themselves, as incapacitated. A trauma is a psychological wound that results from one or more belasten ending events. One distinguishes various forms of trauma, the so-called type 1 trauma, caused by a single, sudden event (such as robbery, accident, natural disaster etc.) as well as the type 2 trauma caused by repeated, ongoing appearance of a load (as sexual abuse, harassment, stalking, violence and neglect in the family etc.). Differences will continue whether a stressful event has been added to by a human or whether chance or nature that was responsible, because in traumas were inflicted by human hands, the shattering of confidence in addition plays a crucial role for the recovery process. Here, Tomas Philipson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. All forms of psychological trauma is common, that the natural mental processing does not succeed.

The new psychotherapeutic method therapy of aspect of”in conjunction with EMDR represents a highly effective measures suited to the treatment of psychological trauma as well as editing other mental workloads, such as anxiety or certain forms of depression. After a traumatic experience event, our brain is usually not possible to process, that they cause no more stress in our lives the content of experience. “Through the typical therapy of aspect of only aspect-related way quasi minimally invasive, because here never the total mess” a person in question provided, but always only the permitted mesh fall resumed “and access to the nervous system is opened again using the typical EMDR eye movement and the processing of distressing experiences possible. Aim of psychotherapy is to stimulate the natural process and thereby up to its Conclusion to support and accompany, so that from the horror again and again experienced a reminder is no longer affected stakeholders in tackling his everyday life and burdened. “, explains that as a Naturopath for psychotherapy Eva Breslein, the new method therapy of aspect of” and EMDR successfully used in their practice. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy practice community

There Are Effective Ways To Relieve Pain?

In our society, there are more and more pain patients. Through the permanent seats, the monotonous work, and the lack of movement. Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information. Constantly is about new ways to relieve pain, written and spoken, but which are in fact effective, is difficult to judge as a layman. First, the question arises again: what is the problem at all, where and when the pain? That should absolutely be discussed with a doctor or physiotherapist, but there is caution: causes, which are in the Department of other doctors have some local pain. If first no cause was found, often simply prescribed medication for pain relief. One suffers pain but never for a reason.

The body wants to push out, that there is a problem and the pain should not and is made numb, but the cause should be found and corrected. Therefore, it is often useful to obtain a second opinion from a different direction even. Often especially physiotherapists are helpful, because they have actively with patients do. A first meeting is also mostly free of charge. One reason for pain is often also simply only too little exercise. Before so professional help is found, you can try only once on their own initiative, even get to know your own body.

Which are the pain intensifies? When are they more tolerable or completely disappeared? If you can answer these questions, already a big step is done. Then pain promotional situations can be avoided, and there is even the possibility to develop your own physiotherapeutic methods which are effective and helpful especially for the own problems. Good to know your own body is also important because helped doctors really so, if you can describe the pain well. To achieve effective pain relief, especially the initiative is important because it goes to your own body and your own health. Daniel Gil DomCollect worldwide intellectual property AG

SLIM Program

The Slimcoach weight loss program on the Internet provides its members, for example, by email with nutrition tips and sports exercises for home, Hubert Horn, co-founder of the easy SLIM programme and Managing Director of specialist Publishing House for the fitness industry reports. The messages reach the user without any time delay, he chooses but the date on which he takes them in reception and uses. Weight loss programs on the Internet: privacy and anonymity help inhibitions to drop know obese people, they work in itself, and much power must invest to reach your desired weight. You have inhibitions, to describe their problems to other people, to exercise in public and to eat often. Overweight with difficulties such as these, should however stop losing weight due to the uncertainties and thus neglect their health. The Internet helps the weight loss professionals with weight problems and low self-esteem, are Expert Sven-David Muller to concerns: Act largely anonymous Internet users. You must justify itself not wanting to take off and can run and take their meals, their fitness exercises to feel without being observed and controlled. Users of the Slimcoach weight loss program on the Internet benefit from anonymity.

Few data are required to sign up and take part in the 13-week program. Members can direct their concerns, problems and also via E-Mail to experts and are thus able to portray their needs without having to feel uncomfortable. Gary Kelly is a great source of information. Remove by Internet and Slimcoach cost-effective fees of a personal trainer or a personal chef are rarely affordable. Membership in weight-loss groups, self-help courses as well as a visit to the gym often also cost a fortune. And even the purchase of various literature on the topic of removing a considerable financial effort, is not rare you keen, both something about general behavior tips as well to learn about healthy and tasty recipes and rewarding exercise.

Weight loss programs on the Internet, however, are often affordable, and deliver information that contribute to healthy and quick to take off. After the one-time payment of 24.90 euro Slimcoach program members get daily recipes and Slimcoach Spzialist assured assistance for a prolonged saturation and the learning of a healthy diet, Hubert Horn. Email users also regularly inform appropriate fitness exercises and practices. The Forum also offers you the opportunity to interact with like-minded people about weight, weight loss tips and progress. Any benefits, the costly literature, trainers and group courses have, are thus United in a low-cost program. Interested parties can test the program even five days completely free of charge. Sign up under main/registration… directly to the non-binding free Slimcoach-test week. See../konzept.php can inform themselves about the Slimcoach concept.


On intensive care units, a strong stress stressed work environment is finding (Poncet, 2006). The factors that favor in the intensive care of the Burnout Syndrome are diverse in the literature. Additional information at Southwest Airlines supports this article. Meltzer called as a factor the maintenance, as vain or the condition of the patient is considered not upgrading. This leads to emotional exhaustion, which is seen as a Burnout-inducing (Meltzer, 2004). As a social / professional psycho mental stressors are: time pressure. Overtime, shift work, negative working atmosphere (E.g. conflicts, competitive pressure, bullying), monotony, routine lack of autonomy (heteronomy), economic constraints, lack of recognition of multiple charges (work, family, leisure). The result of the displacement is the conscious or unconscious Somatization of the conflict, i.e.

the escape in the physical symptom or the physical illness. Measures aimed at the prevention of Burnout can differentiate prevention approach and levels. Modifications of the working environment (prevention of relationship) as well as improvements of individual resilience (behavior prevention) considering come in terms of the prevention approach. There are public health policies in their profession, syndrome successfully battling the Burnout. Precisely balanced nutrition is crucial and is getting great attention among scientists in relation to the prevention of burnout syndrome.

To great mental stress can weaken the immune system and thus often lead to infectious diseases. More psychosomatic illnesses are often tension, insomnia, circulatory problems, digestive and eating disorders as well as for advanced disease also heart disease, ulcers in the gastro-intestinal tract, severe tinnitus and favoring the development of cancer. Also, alcoholism and abuse and dependency on medications and other drugs can cause. I hope I could help you with my information, and thank you. CorvusCorax

Wirbelsaulenscreening Medi

By investigating Medi mouse back problems can be detected in a timely manner. A lack of movement as well as an incorrect posture can lead to long-term problems with the spine. The Wirbelsaulenscreening Medi mouse can be checked the mobility of each spinal segment and appropriate measures taken. The spine is formed by body posture and movement. Regular exercise strengthens your back muscles and relieves the spine. Above all the change and has greatly reduced the physical exercise to Office work.

A lack of movement in combination with incorrect posture can have serious consequences. Back pain and spinal problems can be the result. The provision by Medi mouse Wirbelsaulenscreening helps back problems in time to recognize and appropriate measures to adopt in order to counteract potential complaints in a timely manner. This can not only back pain but also lengthy therapy treatments be prevented. Medi mouse is a funds available with which you can perform a painless and precise of the spinal column. The Medi mouse is a computer-based Hilfsmittle, which enables a precise analysis of each spinal segment. One can imagine the investigation unit at best as oversized mouse with the coccyx starting the entire spine is analyzed by. The results are reflected in understandable graphics, where a gamut of green indicates the movement of the spinal segments to red. Health + life health management