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Special clinic in the CityPraxen Berlin eight of ten Germans feel their lives as too stressful. Any third party even suffers from constant stress. This is health insurance a representative study of the technician. For the study, 1,014 persons between 14 and 65 years were asked to her personal stress levels, how they deal with stress and health problems. Stress factor number one was usually the job: one in three works at the limit. Life on standby”sickens people. You can not properly turn off, the burn-out threatens. The conversion to a conscious, healthy and above all stress reduced lifestyles is often very helpful.

The CityPraxen Berlin offer help in the remodeling of dealing with stress and / or in stress-related situations. The specialist Dr. med. Bernhardine Conrad from the CityPraxen Berlin advises to recognize the warning signs early on, not to ignore and to seek medical help in particular for severe sleep disturbances. More information about signs of burn-out syndrome You see. As one of the first German institutions at all, the CityPraxen Berlin offer disease pictures on your homepage under the heading”a comprehensive catalogue of common diseases.

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