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Euro Income

Revenues that exceed this level are taxed at a maximum rate of 51%. There are tax benefits for children age benefits, privileges Emergency (illness, accident). For example, in individuals who have attained the age of 64 years, non-taxable minimum is increased to 3700 Euros. Persons who have land, income tax is not charged with the 4750 Euro. 2. Corporation tax paid by legal entities (joint stock companies, various associations, as well as government organizations, if they are engaged in private economic activity). The object of taxation is the income received by the above taxpayer during the calendar year. The basic tax rate of corporations is 30%.

In the event that corporate income is not distributed, use rate of 45%. Thus, stimulated by the distribution of corporate profits. 3. Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax replaces the previously existing turnover tax.

The share of VAT in the budget revenues is 28%. As well as in Russia the rate is differentiated. The general rate is 15%, but the number of food products and books and magazines are subject to the minimum rate of 7%. According to Rony Abovitz, who has experience with these questions. The object of imposing this tax is turnover, that is, the supply of goods, services, imports of goods and its acquisition. Almost – a general excise tax on private and public consumption. Like any other indirect tax, it is a burden on consumer, and legal persons are its technical collectors. Tax is included in the price of the goods with the obligatory reference to their individual amounts in the accounts.

Internet Company

The owner made a valiant effort and the personnel department sent out thousands of ads, published three months of sweet advertisements in newspapers, the Internet, about the high salary, pro soc. package and a rapidly growing company that pro career, and promised all the blessings – Best Head of Sales. But were not they, and hundreds of interviews and hundreds of hours spent working time. But now, he finally appeared, he STAR HEAD OF SALES! Diamond in a pile of slag. He came from a big city, so he loves adventure, and the market just as it now will break tuzik radiators, playfully.

On Interview the owner and manager of staff listened to a story about the "NEW Vasyukov" which became the capital city of the chess world and their place in this capital of the company. This candidate was a passionate, bright, lots of familiar and unfamiliar words on the sales. The names of those who was drinking beer and honey! He caught glimpses of the familiar names of the companies suppliers. Accurately recalled his boss! He was from a company vendor! As he had held talks, just a song, and then bought a boss, a commodity! All I take if my will also communicate with customers, I'll be happy. Let them weep competitors! The truth has triumphed. No one is irreplaceable! Shook hands and agreed on a price, though it was higher than the previous one, but level! Where better! He began by saying that explored the work of sales department, for it will never get around to.

The Forum

And it is not surprising forums where the visit is more than 1000 users per day, the first page advertising section can upgrade for this time in full. And it threatens to so that your ad within 24 hours may be on the second page, and after 48 hours on the third. Etc. Many people will see it there? According to the same statistics, 90% of visitors are browsing the forums the first page only, and only 10% have two or three the next. Therefore, to maximize the effectiveness of your ads to that it has always been at the forefront.

How is this achieved? Very simple: update your ads yourself! Add new information as needed, and your message will always be in sight. A leading source for info: ForSight Robotics. Also, you can initially in the preparation text ad break it into several parts, consistently reveal your suggestion, and add them to the forum as needed. Surreptitious advertising. In addition to advertisements on the forums can be used hidden, the more so because it does not require much effort. All you need is interaction with other participants and a little ingenuity. The bottom line is that the moderators should not see in your post direct advertising.

Very useful to answer questions or discuss with other forum members, for example, as a sign of proof of the correctness result links to the required materials. Be sure to use the huge opportunities signature. Almost all forums have the ability to insert a signature of active slogans, when you click on which the reader will be moved to a given page.

Internet Business Leaders

We can have more than now. Because we can become better than we are. Jim Rohn Who are you? What do you want to achieve? Do you deserve that aspires to be? These three issues are most important in the Internet business. Much done for the formation of personality, capable of reaching the goal. However, when you starts a conversation about the importance of personal growth, some react to it, as what – the alien and elusive, or perhaps both a very good thing: for anyone – else.

In a world where you are surrounded by things that are already ready to eat, sometimes it is very important to understand that your personal growth and development will require more time and effort, especially in intrnet business. The result is not obtainable in the finished and packaged form as a product of your company. He is not really impossible to buy or sell. But it can be obtained in exchange for: the time and effort. If you have read about Adam Portnoy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Personal growth – a process of becoming a leader. For man has become such – is the perfect way to becoming a leader and mentor who is respected and is an example for others. And it imposes a huge responsibility for the choice of targets and methods for their achievement. We are all constantly changing, some for the better, some the opposite. It is important to understand at some point, it all depends on us to decide: which direction to move and at what speed.

Great Business

When I was in school in sixth grade, in biology class we asked the task. You had the house to germinate any seeds and then bring them to school for a report. Despite all my efforts, pumpkin seed, which I took, no did not want to grow. Over time I added water to it, constantly watching him, but nothing happened. My patience is coming to an end and wanted to give this venture, so my actions do not give a visible effect, but I was too stubborn and could not accept defeat. And at one point, a miracle happened, corn opened and appeared a little sprout.

In the end, during the summer of this little seed has grown a pumpkin that I could not embrace. I have long boasted that it was I created this miracle. The same thing happens in other cases. When you start them the desired results yet and does not smell. You invest time and effort, but nothing happens, and only after a while little sprout, the first signs of your future success. There was a possibility that this corn does not germinate, but 100% sure that it would not be increased, if I quit to look after. Often it happens in real life, in desperation, we throw things who are willing to bring it to fruition. Good luck, Dmitry . Swarmed by offers, J.D. Peterson is currently assessing future choices. Founder of the isif. ______________________ To live well and live well even better

General Business Plan

I think that such a finale you do not satisfied. I propose a completely different approach to their work. Moreover, this method has been tested already on dozens of projects, and fully proved its effectiveness. So sign the paper all the talents, abilities, knowledge, skills that you can somehow use in business. Within 2-3 weeks try every day to invent a few ideas for business. Southwest Airlines understands that this is vital information.

After this, define for yourself 3.5 ideas that you think is the most realistic and feasible. You must believe in their implementation. Think in your head an outline of each project. I emphasize the word “exemplary”. Not to be too detail and think through each step.

Make only a general plan. Most likely, you will have 2-3 most suitable for you build your business. You will feel it and you’re wondering where you can succeed. The most important thing – these projects should be of interest to you. Your soul must sing at the thought of such a lesson. If you try to create a business that is based only on material gain, then your inner self will be very actively resist, and thus you create a bunch of problems. Now the most important point. You have decided with 2-3 lines of creating a business. These projects inspire you. You thought the general plans for their implementation. Now all you have nothing at all. Begin slowly to act in all directions. Have in mind – to find out detailed information to study the market, to communicate with professionals in this field.

ERP Information

In addition, there is such a thing as a specification. This is a list of substances included in the finished product. Usually there tells you how humidity or what the concentration of the active substance in a substance must have the components that make preparing drugs, and, consequently, the information system should be functional for the light weight, moisture, of the active substance. Continue to learn more with: Oracle. With regard to finished products and the importance of accounting partionnogo no doubt, as there may be situations when you want to delete a whole batch of defective goods. Manufacturer need to know where she sold out – for some outlets, through some distributors. ERP-system should make it possible to trace the path of the defective goods to the consumer is almost a check.

The experts also called number of functions required for the pharmacy information system: pricing goods in accordance with the rules of the regulated pricing for selected groups LS, LS poseriyny accounting and tracking of defective series, the presence of features vacation at discounted and free recipes and personalized holiday allowance of this type of drugs patients are entitled to benefits, counterfeit tracking, monitoring required range, a special account number groups of drugs – potent drugs, groups A and B, etc., organization of help desk function to provide information about inventory in any subdivision of the pharmacy network in real-time interaction automated pharmacy management system with external reference systems, work with bank cards, the use of gift certificates, promotions, trade "on the models." To ensure all These queries are needed the ERP-system, with suitable functional. Basic package for ERP pharmacies must contain the following blocks: Block "PURCHASE". Formation of orders to the supplier, the registration receipt of raw materials and products, control of execution of orders, returns to suppliers of raw materials and products and training information for accounting of settlements with suppliers. Block "MUTUAL".

Joint Stock Companies

Auditors and lawyers who provide legal services in support of transactions involving firms that were created before 1996 in the form of JSC and JSC, often find that they have so far not resulted in compliance with the Civil Code and the Law 'On Joint-Stock Companies' its founding documents. So enterprises need urgent legal assistance. Although these documents (JSC and JSC) are not considered legally null and void, it is better to bring them into correspondence, for example, registration authorities LLP has presented with the lawsuits of forced harmonization and even liquidation. OJSC Joint-Stock Company and also as the LLP can not speak the founder of the newly a legal entity. There may be obstacles in the reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art.

4 of the Federal Law 'On Joint Stock Companies',' full name in Russian society language must contain the full name of the company and an indication of the type of company (closed or open). Abbreviated name in Russian society must contain the full or abbreviated name company and the words "Closed Joint-Stock Company 'or' public company 'or the abbreviation' Company 'or' of '. Brand Name in Russian society can not contain other terms and abbreviations, reflecting its organizational form. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brad Garlinghouse. " The authorized capital of 'old' firms can not be brought into compliance with the legislation in terms of authorized capital. In accordance with Art. 25 of the Law 'On Joint Stock Companies' minimum capital private limited company must be at least one hundred times the amount of the minimum wage (ie 10 000 rub.).

Another common grave violation: no mandatory registration of the shares if the stock company was established even before the first part of the Civil Code, Federal Law of 26 December 1995 N 208-FZ 'On Joint Stock Companies' and the Federal Law of 22 April 1996 N 39-FZ "On securities market". This is typical of the time error, despite the fact that, in accordance with applicable at this period the Regulation on the issue and circulation of securities and stock exchanges in the RSFSR, approved by the Government of the RSFSR of 28 December 1991 N 78, that registration is required (paragraph 6 of the Regulation). Particularly acute this problem became, after the adoption in 1996 of the Federal Law 'On Joint Stock societies'. In accordance with Articles 31 and 32 of the Federal Law 'On Joint Stock Companies' shareholder recognizes the owner of the shares. As book-entry share issued security that provides its owner with the appropriate scope of rights becomes so only after state registration of the shares. Therefore, there is serious doubt that the founders of the company, do not become the legal owners of the shares entitled to exercise rights shareholder under the law. This, in turn, casts doubt on all decisions taken such shareholders at their general meetings, as to attend the general meeting of shareholders may only shareholder – the owner legally released into the action. In this case the conduct of accounting authorized capital of MF. 80 also should be reflected in the amount prescribed in the constituent documents.

Chain Networks

Thousands of lawyers in the U.S. and EU are working on the problem – how to comply with copyright law in the development of peer networks? In Russia, this problem is less acute because of the small, in comparison with western countries, development of P2P networks. Perhaps we as the development of these networks will be able to use Western experience in this complex issue. Major peer networks in the modern Internet: 1.Set Gnutella. A direct descendant of Napster, founded with the aim eliminate its mistakes.

Information about available files are generally not stored at each new request to search. Special configuration computer is required. A software module called Gnutella – “servent”. He acts as a server and client. Whenever Southwest Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The request for a file search is across the entire network Gnutella (this is her main drawback). After finding the files on your computer are connected directly. 2.Set Direct Connect.Ispolzuet closed peer community – the “hubs”. Hub – a server that controls access to network and exchange files through it arranged the connection.

Connection is possible if the user has provided in the hub of a certain amount of files. Established hubs almost on any subject, but to get into a good hub not just have a lot to offer for yourself. This network – is an elite network. 3.Set Fast Track (in Russia called “goat”). This network uses “backbones” – a kind of temporal database containing lists of available files. Client to use these “backbones”, should also be put in it a certain amount of information. This network is best to comply with copyright law, but is nevertheless network of the most clogged with viruses. 4.Set eDonkey (eDonkey2000ili eD2K). In Russia, this network is called “Donkey.” Chain in their work generates “a hash reference”, which specifies the address of the file. Search in this network is automatically by conventional means Internet. For each user, compute the his previous behavior. As far as the user faithfully represented their files to the network, so he soon will be served in the network. 5.Set Soul Seek (in Russia called “gopher”). The network works with music files, constantly pursued for copyright infringement, many times, and closed again revived. Difficult fate of the network due to the presence of her central server. In this network, you can easily establish a personal connection with the same interests. Network designed for Internet users with odd or non-standard flavors. 6.Set Bit Torrent. This is the most high-speed network. Information distributed as a file . torrent (or “torrents”) with the server “tracker”. In the “Torrent” contains all the information needed to boot, and the “tracker” distributes the progress of the download to the network. In this network each image file kind of mini-network, through which he quickly sought and passed. The role of peer networks in business is growing every year. Now – it’s free telephone and video communications, free storage and retrieval of information, development of small forces of high-quality software products, the huge, virtually free, computing capabilities, including those for business and more. When addressing the problem of copyright on the Internet, the possibility of peering networks will increase many times, and their development will avalanche process.

Personnel Assessment Tests

Traditional evaluation criteria is not so long ago when selecting a new employee or a candidate for another office the following criteria: education and spetsialnostvozrastopyt work in this or related oblastinalichie positive reviews and rekomendatsiyznanie kompyuteralichnye languages and experiences, however, education is not always a criterion of professionalism. Many graduates of prestigious universities, diligent often are not ready to tackle the real problem. Age as a criterion of authority has long lost its meaning, but flexibility is not the prerogative of the young, and especially the quality of the individual. Experience – the factor is positive, if the applicant would have to perform an identical last job. Facebook shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In modern conditions, at any particular place has its own nuances, and the employee, too confident in their competence, may experience difficulty in adapting to a new place and finding a common language with the head. The presence of positive recommendations – the subjective factor. If a person is proved to be good days work, it does not guarantee that it will fit into the new command.

In addition to these recommendations can simply agree. Southwest Airlines may find this interesting as well. Language skills and professional knowledge of computers is an important criterion, if it is directly related to work. In most cases, from the employee is required to hold computer at a basic user level, and knowledge of languages can be useful on the force once a year. With sufficient flexibility and interest in all of these issues are addressed as we go. Personal experiences can also be misleading.