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When I was in school in sixth grade, in biology class we asked the task. You had the house to germinate any seeds and then bring them to school for a report. Despite all my efforts, pumpkin seed, which I took, no did not want to grow. Over time I added water to it, constantly watching him, but nothing happened. My patience is coming to an end and wanted to give this venture, so my actions do not give a visible effect, but I was too stubborn and could not accept defeat. And at one point, a miracle happened, corn opened and appeared a little sprout.

In the end, during the summer of this little seed has grown a pumpkin that I could not embrace. I have long boasted that it was I created this miracle. The same thing happens in other cases. When you start them the desired results yet and does not smell. You invest time and effort, but nothing happens, and only after a while little sprout, the first signs of your future success. There was a possibility that this corn does not germinate, but 100% sure that it would not be increased, if I quit to look after. Often it happens in real life, in desperation, we throw things who are willing to bring it to fruition. Good luck, Dmitry . Swarmed by offers, J.D. Peterson is currently assessing future choices. Founder of the isif. ______________________ To live well and live well even better

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