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System Inquisitive

ATTORNEY LATINO SYSTEM The Notary Latin notary system has dual role: to attest and shape, the notary must be a lawyer, the notary is exercised as a liberal professional, without any degree of dependence or subordination. The appointment of the notary is permanent. There Notarial Protocol. The notarial documents have a presumption of validity, authenticity, legality and enforceability probative value, that can only be branded as useless or false after a judicial procedure followed by final decision to declare it so. Attorney best known systems are: Anglo-Saxon and Notarial System Notarial System Latino. The Peruvian notary system belongs to the Latin notary system.

4. SYSTEMS OF Professional PROCEDURE professional procedure systems are: 1) Adversarial System. 2) System Inquisitive 3) Mixed System (Code of Professional Procedure). . . 4) guaranteeist Adversarial System (new Professional Procedure Code). In the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy of Spanish Language states that the adversarial system is the procedural system which prohibits the judge to exceed the charge in condemning, or requires you to make advance hear the parties.

In the same dictionary states that the inquisitorial system is that unlike the adversarial, it allows the judge to exceed the charge and even condemn it. Loaiza Carlos Zavala states that in the adversarial system the action is brought by the victim or his relatives, which shall run the examination of witnesses produced before the judges popular. The same author states that the action is private and moving through the injury he suffered in his legal right life, property, honor and in acquiring civil proceedings applicant status, being sued by the offender, who was crossing the defense, citing it and summoned to the jury.

Collecting Evidence

Often, workers in the event of unfair dismissal does not apply to the court, because they believe the documents and other evidence they have is not enough. Here, for example, have laid off workers following question arises: "Should provide the court a certificate of average earnings for calculating compensation for the enforced absence for wrongful dismissal? ". This need is certainly there, but to get a document from the employer is often simply impossible. What can you do? First, the evidence on the labor dispute, employees are entitled to claim in court. But only those that he can not get myself. Therefore, the first officer should send appropriate request to the employer, which indicates what documents he needs.

Request the employee must send a letter with a valuable list of contents, and return receipt requested (forms are always present in the mail). Then, in the petition asks the court to demand these documents from the employer, and applies to the claim a copy of the inventory as proof that trying to get evidence, but failed. This concerns not only the above reference, but also all the documents – copies of orders for hiring, dismissal, and leave, staffing and all other documents related to the implementation by you of your same job duties. Secondly, some evidence available at the tax office and pension fund – nothing wrong with these institutions do not usually all questions can be solved quite easily. For example, in the above situation you want help with an average earnings. You can go to the tax office, which is attached to the employing organization and get help on the form of PIT-2, which will be given all the income the employee with an employer listed in your personal income tax.

Based on the data in this document, you can calculate your average earnings, based on this calculation, the court can already make a decision. Third, if you want to calculate the same average salary and the salary and other bonuses you listed on bank card, then you can contact and service bank and ask for a certified printout of the transfers. And generally work the way any person acquires a decent number of documents – just competently assess the situation and think about where you can get the necessary documents. The most important thing – that was an employment contract with a real-coded in it (the 'white') salaries, while the rest look quite real. Unless, of course, want to

Frequency Converters

Change the speed of the motor shaft by means of electronic device, which is usually called a frequency converter. Speed control is done by changing the frequency and amplitude of the three-phase voltage supplied to the motor. In this way, changing the parameters Supply voltage (frequency control) can control the speed of rotation of the motor, installing it, both below and above par. The method of frequency control is a simple principle. Frequency industrial network, as a rule, is 50 Hz. For example, we use a pump with a two-pole motor. For a given frequency, rotational speed of the motor will be 3000 rpm (50 Hz x 60 sec.).

At the same time on output we get the nominal head, and the performance corresponding to the passport unit. Using a frequency converter, we can reduce the frequency of applied ac voltage and, consequently, change pressure and the performance of the pump. The frequency converter changes the frequency accordingly, based on a special pressure sensor that is installed in the pipeline. Modern Frequency Converters are compact size, simple interface (there is already a Russian language version), the body that prevents dust and moisture, so their application is possible even under difficult climatic conditions and in moderately aggressive environments. Range of the market represented a wide power range from 0,4 to 500 kW or more at a standard power 220/380 V, 50-60 Hz.

We will not go into a detailed review of charts and cycles of pumping installations with frequency inverters, but only give some information for thought for those readers whose sphere of activity is somehow linked to the functioning of public utilities. Often decision-makers to upgrading equipment, examining the cost of introducing frequency converters, postponing a decision indefinitely, without realizing the long-term benefit of the whole project. In fact, every implementation requires economic evaluation. And, of course, the majority of qualified engineers are able to conduct relevant feasibility study. The more so because the market is saturated with enough converters and has a wide horizon price, depending on the functionality of devices and brands. Proved that the use of frequency converters in pumping stations allows: – to save electricity, due to the organization of the electric drive in Depending on the actual consumption of water (the effect of saving 20-50%) – reduce water consumption by reducing leakage occurring at an elevated pressure in the line, when water consumption is really low (an average of 5%) – reduce the costs of routine and major repairs of buildings and equipment (the whole infrastructure of water supply), resulting in suppression of emergencies caused by a particular hydraulic shock, which often occurs in the case of unregulated electric (resource service equipment increased at least 1.5 times) – to reduce the payroll service and staff on duty through a comprehensive automation of water systems – to achieve some savings in heating systems, hot water by reducing water losses, which carries the heat – if necessary to make the pressure higher than usual. Practice shows that in majority of projects on the introduction of frequency converters recouped in 1-2 years. And what result you got?