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Canary Islands

Europe has a rather dense mass of the population, it is densely populated and there resides a large number of people, and there is the greatest concentration of populating the country. If we consider geographically, how settled in Europe, people, it turns out that the northern and central Europe, mainly living Germanic peoples and to the south dominated by descendants of the Romans – Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians. West Europe is divided between the Dutch, British and French, live in the east of the Slavic peoples. Historically, the Slavs have always had a relationship with the different peoples of Europe, so there was always a need to learn foreign languages, and in the world – it has become, almost a prerequisite for further growth, both in career and interpersonal relations. Most of the former Soviet Union – a country with a rather severe climatic conditions and the inhabitants of these countries always tend to go on holiday there where it's warm. Very popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, as well as our compatriots love to rest in Italy and Spain special preference is given to the Canary Islands.

Rich cultural heritage and good service in these countries, combined with a warm climate and is a major factor in the popularity of such holidays with tourists and holidaymakers. There can be no just relax, but of course it has something to turn his gaze. Needless to our citizens in this case, the obstacle is the language barrier, because the resorts, too, as we must communicate.

So Paulo

The phenomenon if spreads for all the face of the land and the effect indirect right-handers or of this new composition reach the totality of the species. Gentleman of the world, master of the nature, the man if uses of scientific knowing and the technological inventions without that sense of measure that will characterize its first ones relations with entorno natural. The result, we are seeing, is dramatical. (p.44) space Circuits of production Today, we more than cannot the classic notion of urban net; thus also as we cannot more relate to us the classic slight knowledge to it of city-field. It is not that these relations still do not exist today, but had moved of content and form.

Currently, a city can not keep important interchange with its immediate neighbor e, however, to keep intense relations with very distant others, exactly it are of its country. For example, an industry mechanics located in the city of Sertozinho, that belongs to the sixth administrative region of the State of So Paulo, composed for eighty cities, keeps commercial relations, as much of purchase how much of sales, with only one six local cities; however, it keeps intense relations with the capital of the State and other countries, since she exports great part of its annual production of machines. The space circuits of the production, would be the diverse stages for which it would pass a product, since the start of the process of production until arriving at the final consumption. If to catch for example, to know the productive circuits of the agro-industrial one of sugar cane-of-sugar, would have that to observe all the moments of the production, since the sugar cane plantation until the consumption of the alcohol, the sugar or derivatives, as well as some distinct item, thus, on the local raw material of origin, forms of its transport, type of transporting vehicle etc; on man power – qualification, origin, variation of the necessities at the different moments of the production etc; on stockage amount and quality of the warehouses, the silos, proximity of the industry, relation between stockage and production etc; on transports quality, amount and diversity of the ways of transports, the ways of transport etc; on the commercialization existence or not of monopoly of purchase, modes of payment, valuation of taxes etc; on the consumption who consumes, where, type of consumption, if productive or consumitivo etc.


Some companies are family, i.e. that the sons of the sons inherit the company, and only they may be entitled to work in the company and may be entitled to dispose of the highest places. In this type of business administration this based on experience, there is little flexibility to changes, they believe that if they can operate them as they have done so far and above all do not accept new ideas, nor new professionals who can change the course of the company. By this same don’t have much experience in legal negotiation of a strategic alliance. Before proceeding I would like to ask you a question why fail strategic alliances?, you have some idea. I found one thing in common in certain types of employees, professionals and owners of the company, it is as simple as this not sympathize with strategic alliances, because they fear that their ideas are stolen and competition remove them profits, they don’t feel that they can win if they associate with totally different people, they think they are going to steal all your money and employees, because they measure everything by the parameter of the immediate gain, then neglected their social responsibility and at the same time lose the richness of diversity.

Employees think that they are going to remove the work, managers that people is going to disparage and owners think removed them utilities, fears become so large, that it is difficult that can help, and end up squashing a few others, to say this knowledge is mine, and do not share it with anyone, I cost much work to learn it and I don’t have because to help this person. However in the world of the internet I have learned that it is different, we do not help each other, there are occasions in which we form MASTERMIND to generate new ideas, or simply do not associate with other small businesses to generate traffic to our WEB. The Networkers seek to grow in various ways: dabble in new scenarios, limiting risks, partnering and achieve the gradual increase of our economy. One of the basic premises that have strategic alliances are the win-win, shared values and commitment to success. When the whole is superior is checked the positive synergy of the Association that occurs when the harmony and cooperation exceed what might produce the isolated individual. What matters is to increase the value chain by adding customers and suppliers. The key is the attention, the service to the client. To achieve this there leave the scientific organization Tayloriana based the decision on the cusp and control and provide decision the operator at the base by circles of quality and creativity.

An Alliance requires affinity among its partners. We need to study if there is complementarity, what is the position of each in the market, financial capacity, managerial style, if there is a common culture and mutual trust. You must be careful in the elections since many times is better a friendship that it arises from a business than a business that is born of a friendship. Original author and source of the article.

Metropolitan Observatory

In fact, the mobilization responds " a desire very hard of another one economa" , according to Isidro explains Lopez, member of the Metropolitan Observatory and coauthor of the book Aim of cycle (PDF), published by Dealers of Dreams and in which &#039 is denounced; financiarizacin' of the economy. Lopez does not think that displeasure has constructed to everything a theoretical speech, but sees like a success that recovers the economic debate focusing it towards the solution of the problems of the citizenship: " The economy is not a science that is besides the policy and sociedad" , it indicated a. On the other hand, Bibiana Medialdea, professor of Economy Applied in the University of Valladolid and member of the commission of economy of 15-M, consider that " in the academic economic analysis yes there are speeches more complete spinning and, but usually they do not become proposals. The commission yes that has concentrated in proposals and for that reason has many piececitas" . A work document gathers 16 of them: The call of a rrndum on the labor reform and the one of pensions. A reduction of the labor day. The Reformation of the hypothecating law including dacin in payment.

The creation of a public park of houses in rent social. A more redistributive fiscal reform. Prohibition of the ERE in companies with benefits. The imposition of obligatory rrendos in case of rescue or social cuts. To stop the privatization of the savings banks. More control on the banking activity. Prohibition of the fiscal paradises.

To favor to SMEs by means of ICO. A law suddenly payment, that also would benefit to the SMEs. To audit the debt of third parties with Spain. To audit the Spanish debt with third parties. Exigency to the Spanish companies of respect to the right Establishment of international a fiscal program to fight the wealth.

The Consultant

In the "zone" punk is a nonentity, the lowest being. He did not shake hands, do not sit next to him not to touch it – untouchable, in a word. But at the active, which intercourse with a "sunken", no social problems. Between us – not so much they differ from each other. For me, this is analogous to the situation with the bribes. Forgive me, bribe-takers for the comparison with "cocks." Well, I do not like, when his company steal. So, back to the consultant, who gives a rollback.

He is, first, break the law, and secondly, facilitates the thief stuck to the company coffers. Or to the state treasury, not better. That happens to him next? He must somehow justify to himself his act, which went for the money. So he finds an excuse. It is for each individual, but any excuse there is one thing in common – criticism of those people which had been stolen the money.

The worse a person you are robbing the less burden of guilt, is not it? If this state, there arises the idea that "all so the thieves." If a corporation, the owners as soon as there are many negative traits, which did not exist, but which justify the crime committed by a consultant. The most cursory examination of this criticism and excuses will show that they are far-fetched and exaggerated. However, the offender must believe these generalizations and conjectures – they cure internal discomfort. Thus was born the cynicism.


Tariff reduction of insurance payments for companies that operate in the field of information technology. Organizations working in the field of information technology will have the opportunity enjoy the benefits until 2019. From 2010 to 2017, they may pay contributions on the general rate 14 per cent in 2018 – 21 per cent and in 2019 – 28 percent. Please note that rates for local organizations that work in the field of information technologies and meet the following conditions are already in the current year, ie, firms in this area are entitled to a recount paid for the current year contributions.

for this benefit the company, which operates in it sector must meet certain conditions: the organization has a document on the state. accreditation, the number of employees in this period is more than 50 people, income from the sale, installation, modification, maintenance, development copies of software and databases for the pc in the first nine months of the previous year (but only for established companies – on the basis of accounting or accounting period) is more than 90 percent of the amount general revenues of the firm. 4. Amendment to Art. 58 of the Law 212-FZ. Tariff reduction of insurance payments for businesses that created the public institutions and universities, as well as for residents of technology-innovative special economic zones. On 01.01.2011 the year, these category of insurers will be able to pay insurance premiums for the same rates as the firms operating in the field of information technology.

To enjoy this privilege, a business entity that created the budget agency or institution must observe the following conditions: the organization should carry out research and development activities, and to implement their results in the production, the organization must use sst. Residents of technology-innovative zones are also entitled to enjoy such privilege, but they are required to comply with the following criteria: the firms and the state of emergency must be a resident status in this zone, residents have to pay interest to people working in its territory. Special economic zone of technology-innovative type created in St. Petersburg, Dubna and Tomsk and Zelenograd.

Compact Drilling Rigs

You want to start their own businesses in the construction industry, would like to use clean water from their own wells? Then the smallest rig is what you need! Pays the cost of installation is very fast: enough to perform under the order of about eight wells and further drilling brings a net profit. In addition, having a small-sized installation, you can make your own well you and your family free of charge, for to consume only pure water. Offered to your attention a new generation of rigs! Having a multi-level upgrades, they will become a very profitable acquisition. NEW: we produce not only the usual installation that can drill up to fifty feet in depth, but drilling and progressive, which allow the passage of stony rock. Compactness small prefabricated rig does not create unnecessary problems during transportation. Apply it equally as easy on the street and in the basement. With this you can forget about the pollution that remains after the usual tedious work of drilling. Made us use the principle of setting gidrobureniya.

Work with small-sized rig is very simple. However, we care about each of his client and, therefore, hold free training. How can I get brown limestone, that should be done to prevent a borehole wall collapse, how do you know that the groundwater level is reached and many other intricacies of drilling will tell you a professional with years of experience is absolutely free! Since ancient times our ancestors used for domestic use surface water.

Natural Boardings

You look for another alternative the surgical increase of your sines? You look for to increase your sines because you are not contented with them, or think that they are inadequate, or perhaps simply want to fill up some sensual attire, like bodices sexis or more revealing decolletes, and thus to be more attractive? You, like million other women, possibly have an intriguing thought: " Work the natural systems to increase the sines? ". He is very habitual that the women want more voluminous and firm busts, like that see in the television or the women of the magazines and of Internet. The sines " perfectos" they are objects that many women want to see in their bodies, particularly nowadays, with an increasing number of ladies that are put under operations of mammary increase, as much that has become almost a status luck quo. There are good new features for the women who want to be successful in the subject of the natural increase of the size of the bust, so she continues reading. I have for you a question you implant on them of bust, " you have put yourself to think on the cleared artificial aspect, signs and immovable you implant of them mammary? ". Before, if you wanted greater sines, simply you had conformarte with granted by the Mother the Nature, and to learn to enjoy your natural sines.

But now, they have appeared sciences outposts that give a true alternative to the surgical increase of sines, like the special diets and the lotions. And this takes again to the habitual question, " Really work the increases of natural sines? ". The answer, simply, is that yes, they absolutely work. These natural techniques work, but quick attention! There are products and services that lack the quality or the appropriate ingredients. Not only that, but are products that, in fact, could produce little favorable effects in the health.


Many people living in rural areas, do not pay enough attention to this kind of farm animals like rabbits. They believe rabbit waste of time and effort, though, in fact, rabbit can be rightly be considered the most highly profitable area of agricultural activity. Let’s examine this statement in a specific example. For simplicity, let us take the example of a condition that you are going to contain a single rabbit. For unit cages for a rabbit do not need large investments, but if you look, you do not need any investment at all – you can build a cage out of any available material. When content of a rabbit in a year you will be able to get away from it at least 4 okrola, 6-8 rabbits in the nest. Let us take, for example, six young rabbits, although particularly fertile rabbit can also lead to 12 rabbits per okrol.

Thus, during the year from one rabbit you get 24 pet rabbit. On average, the young reach marketable weight of 3 pounds in 3 months. From this it follows that you have generated for the year (24h3 = 72) 72 kilograms of easily digestible diet of meat, which the market can be sold at prices ranging from 6 to 8 dollars per kilogram. From this it follows (72h7 = 504) 504 dollars per year! Believe me, this figures are underestimated and underreported, and that strongly enough. For example, if you sell rabbits living, the prices on them and reach $ 50 apiece, and it immediately doubled the amount of money you received for the implementation grown produce. You can argue that much of this money will be spent on food for rabbits. But it is not.

When the content in the garden of the premises of one rabbit feed spent almost unnecessary, since all the feed you for a longer period of the year will be at hand and completely free. The main feed the rabbits from spring to autumn can be a blade of grass, abundantly growing everywhere, and absolutely worthless. Naturally, if you will rabbit on a more serious basis, then this would require more serious food supply, but it will still be worth it. Relative time spent on maintenance and care of rabbits – 2-3 hours per week for one rabbit, this time should be sufficient with interest not only to care for rabbit, but also to enjoy the views of this remarkable animal. Decide you do rabbit or sit on the bench and is constantly whining about his failed life.