Some companies are family, i.e. that the sons of the sons inherit the company, and only they may be entitled to work in the company and may be entitled to dispose of the highest places. In this type of business administration this based on experience, there is little flexibility to changes, they believe that if they can operate them as they have done so far and above all do not accept new ideas, nor new professionals who can change the course of the company. By this same don’t have much experience in legal negotiation of a strategic alliance. Before proceeding I would like to ask you a question why fail strategic alliances?, you have some idea. I found one thing in common in certain types of employees, professionals and owners of the company, it is as simple as this not sympathize with strategic alliances, because they fear that their ideas are stolen and competition remove them profits, they don’t feel that they can win if they associate with totally different people, they think they are going to steal all your money and employees, because they measure everything by the parameter of the immediate gain, then neglected their social responsibility and at the same time lose the richness of diversity.

Employees think that they are going to remove the work, managers that people is going to disparage and owners think removed them utilities, fears become so large, that it is difficult that can help, and end up squashing a few others, to say this knowledge is mine, and do not share it with anyone, I cost much work to learn it and I don’t have because to help this person. However in the world of the internet I have learned that it is different, we do not help each other, there are occasions in which we form MASTERMIND to generate new ideas, or simply do not associate with other small businesses to generate traffic to our WEB. The Networkers seek to grow in various ways: dabble in new scenarios, limiting risks, partnering and achieve the gradual increase of our economy. One of the basic premises that have strategic alliances are the win-win, shared values and commitment to success. When the whole is superior is checked the positive synergy of the Association that occurs when the harmony and cooperation exceed what might produce the isolated individual. What matters is to increase the value chain by adding customers and suppliers. The key is the attention, the service to the client. To achieve this there leave the scientific organization Tayloriana based the decision on the cusp and control and provide decision the operator at the base by circles of quality and creativity.

An Alliance requires affinity among its partners. We need to study if there is complementarity, what is the position of each in the market, financial capacity, managerial style, if there is a common culture and mutual trust. You must be careful in the elections since many times is better a friendship that it arises from a business than a business that is born of a friendship. Original author and source of the article.

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