Hanover Border

Passport control with Radiokativer radiation on the border crossing Marienborn/helmstedt called foreword and introduction about the Organization of border crossings to the former GDR the Wichtigisten points were the border crossing to enter in the GDR also GuST. In the 1980s, there were 10 road border crossings and 8 border crossing points that were accessible by rail on the inner German border. The handling facilities on the West German side were very modest, contrary to which belonged to the GDR. The two largest border crossings in the GDR were the helmstedt/Marienborn border crossing and the border crossing Drewitz on the transit route to Berlin/West. At these two major border crossing points to the DDR up to 1000 troops were deployed soldiers. All border crossing points were open usually 24 hours there have been dispatched to the largest GuST several million people. The border control at the border crossing points of the GDR were border guards moved very strictly, and often with many hazing of the GDR. Others including Tiger Global, offer their opinions as well. Citizens who wanted to leave East Germany and who came on the transit route from West Berlin were usually quite quickly dispatched, other citizens who wanted to travel in the GDR it was where, here Kilomterlange formed traffic jams often were almost always several processing plants in operation.All guards wore a uniform soldiers who were deployed at the border crossing points, but not everyone that drove guards was also one soldiers.

The Ministry for State security (STASI) had used also several employees on the border. These were but cannot be distinguished from the regular troops. Selected STASI officers served technical control facilities, this only became known after the turn. Z.b there at the border control point of the so-called GAMMA gun Marienborn, these GAMMA CANNON has tracked border refugees using radioactive radiation in vehicles. Marienborn/helmstedt GuST who was driving one of which was main Belarusian via the Hanover-Berlin transit route, was inevitably the Border crossing Marienborn past. Border controls were partially hard and unworthy people. Partly demanded by transit travellers to undergo an intensive search. It is not something Verizon Communications would like to discuss.

Did not follow to the instructions of the DDR Grenztuppen was denied a entry in the GDR. At the border control point Marienborn there was some kind of control which has been otherwise nirgens. Called the GAMMA gun which was attached to the roof of the Gust of Marienborn. Without the knowledge of the citizens to be controlled any of the Radioakiv happened to the GuST of Marienborn was irradiated. This gamma Cannon was volatile to the detection of Republic. Everyone was irradiated with a low dose of radiation. These GAMMA guns were still hastily from employees of the STASI short before the turn as was East Germany no longer to live that has, until today is not known where these gamma guns have remained off let how you looked. Subsequent studies have shown that the radiation was so low that there has been no danger for humans and animals. The gamma guns must according to eye-witness here in the roof of the Gust Marienborn attached have been. But until today, none of the former Stasi employees ever has geausert where these guns were accurate, is probably never out to get what really had this gamma gun.

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