Archive: December 2011

Fitting Windows

It is no secret that modern windows of a private house or apartment is worth a lot. For example, to glaze cottage mid-size, the amount required, commensurate with the cost of foreign cars is not new. Therefore, owners often seriously ponder whether to spend so heavily on the window construction known manufacturers, or it will be better to restrict cheaper analogues of unknown origin and quality, citing such short-sighted choice that glass in them reflect light equally well, and more from the window and is not required. In this paper we set out to prove the justification of expenditures for the installation of modern high-quality windows. Practice shows that with proper choice of glass, like investing money over time, invariably pays off – both due to reducing the cost of the home and at the expense of benefits and advantages intangible nature.

So, try to evaluate the potential return on investment in the windows at home. First and foremost, as an introduction we present the facts: modern window designs are made from wood, plastics (PVC) and metal (usually aluminum) profiles. To fill the skylights in modern wooden windows use windows – two, three or more glasses, tightly connected to the contour, and with air or filled with an inert gas layer. It is the properties of glass depend largely on heat and sound insulation properties of windows. However, the material of the window profile is also very important for the maintenance qualities of the window. Each of the above materials have their advantages and disadvantages.