Archive: July 2013

Administration Reality

To all this is added the great weakness of the schools do not have a staff of certified teachers of experience, pedagogy, a new methodology for learning, creativity, out-of-date, enterprising, innovative (though there will be some few exceptions), seriously affecting the training, development of future managers. Teachers today easily admitted on the basis of friendship, family, political, commitment with little guarantee academic, seriously hindering the formation of management professionals. Teachers soon identified with research, publications and reality of national problems, separation from the demand of knowledge, which the Venezuelan business sector requires to ensure operability. They remain static schools in relation to proactivar linking with enterprises, all this in order to delve into your problems, give way to knowledge that are required to ensure development, successful operation. Form a relationship conducive to both institutions, enabling to keep updated their curricula, the Administrator profile needed, collaborate in the solution of the problems that occur. It is necessary to thoroughly review curricula both at the undergraduate and graduate level and eliminate subjects that are not adapted in the needs of the present, to minimize the loss of time with knowledge that already do not adapt to the reality and take away the opportunity that will provide new tools, approaches that favor the Venezuelan business sector. It is important to reduce the number of years for the degree of Bachelor in administration of five to four, enough to provide the basic fundamentals – needed practical that ensures a effective operational management. Schools of Administration should be restructured, select more proactive, entrepreneurs, teachers strategists, creatives, facilitators, which give step to generate new knowledge, own of the Venezuelan reality paradigms.

Domain Name

Being owners of a website or have a specific site on the network gives us the opportunity to expose what they want before the eyes of millions of people with just a movement of our finger. Many have a page hosted on free sites that do not require much effort to create this. However, for those people who want to drive your business or offer professional services on a larger scale, have a free web page is not the most convenient. Ideal in these cases is to consider the acquisition of a site or web page with own or independent domain; Since this often serves as the virtual presentation for a company letter. It is not the same to buy on a site where user doubts the company’s economic stability because apparently you don’t have enough resources to buy their own virtual name that acquire services or products of a company whose brand are secured every day thanks to the same domain name that is hosted. We must not forget that the name of the domain as be located on the network and will differentiate it from the other pages with similar content. And it is has several advantages a self-control can bring to your web site. Firstly, if the page is used as promotional centre or to the care and service of potential clients to the company, own domain will help to give it a high degree of credibility and a sense of stability.

Secondly, choose a name easy to remember, helps your immediate location by any person seeking it. In addition, if in the future you decide change of hosting or web hosting company, you won’t have to make changes to the domain name or its location. So for anyone who is thinking about giving quality, stability, support and value to your web page regardless to what that ideally should be devoted is registering your own domain.