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Visual Protection Films

Modern films on flat glass. Maintenance-free very elegant Visual protection films work with a mirror effect. Visually, revalue your home or your business rooms with a mirror sight protector. The term protector offers excellent protection from outside to inside on the day without compromising the clear view of the room. Visual protection films offer many advantages over conventional ways of sight protection. The term protector can be applied without costly structural measures. Replacement of the glass surface is not necessary.

Various film types like the frosted glass foil or the mirror sight protection allow creative leeway. If necessary, the frosted glass films can be removed completely and easily. The slides do not darken the room and allowing natural light into the room. The frosted glass films are a cheap alternative to blinds and shutters, who bring not only a privacy but also darken the room. Visual protection films also offer optimal splinter protection with Glasbruch.Die foil holds together the broken glass and avoid such injuries.

Especially in medical institutions, children’s facilities and facilities that work with food that is an important consideration. The films are quickly and cleanly onto the desired surface. Also hard to reach and asymmetrical glass surfaces can be quickly to coat. Have exceptional design requests can these be taken into account. The term protector is easy to clean and maintenance-free. The unique coating of the film offers no approach surface dirt. This makes it hygienic and allows an easy cleaning. Visual protection films are mounted usually on the inside of the glass surface, which increases their life span. SSK sun protection Inh.R.Kollmann Internet:


Films we encounter in everyday life more often than we think stretch film, which is also known as stretch film, is used where goods and goods for transport must be packaged. It is a mostly transparent industrial film that is stretchable up to 500% of its original length without tearing. In this manner, small-scale goods as well as pallet loads, can be simply and quickly packed and secured. Some stretch must be secured with adhesives, others have the peculiarity to stick to itself and without the addition of adhesive material. Most people know this kind of film already. You is used in the household as Saran Wrap. The wrapping foil is also an industrial film used for packaging of transport goods but without the extreme elasticity and adhesion ability of stretch films.

Wrapping foil is typical soft film that is made mostly of composite materials. Through the use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to produce them. Films are offered in shops in different roll sizes depending on the packaging requirements. They will be applied also mechanically by hand, then, about a hand dispenser or large-scale processing, on a winding machine with rotary table. Especially in the food industry films used like, because they include the packaged foods airtight and sterile and do so more durable. In the purchase decision for a slide the aspect should be included environmental protection with. PE films satisfy high requirements when it comes to active environmental protection. So PE film can enjoy a better Ecobalance, as is the case for example with paper. PE films are a real alternative for companies and private people who attach importance to a balanced life cycle assessment.

New York Stock Exchange

A user-friendly solution for monitoring the temperature of machines and parts for routine maintenance. November 1st, 2009 – temperature display end labels are an easy solution for monitoring the temperature of machines and parts for routine maintenance. The labels are suitable for temperature registration in a range of 37-210 C. So, maintenance professionals have a concrete proof of the highest temperature reached. Easy to install on such as electric motors, pumps, transformers, brakes, batteries, power panels, and boilers.

The series of temperature indicating labels permanently displays the temperatures reached on a part of the installation. This means irreversible black discoloured in the white space on the label, as soon as the system reaches a certain temperature. The discoloration is subject to change and thus provides a clear evidence of the highest temperature reached. The irreversible temperature indicating labels are a cost-effective solution for temperature controls for maintenance or troubleshooting in Research and development in particular if it is not possible with other measuring systems, to record the temperature of a machine or plant. Thanks to the flat shape of the labels you can be attached to components and areas, where no recording devices can be used. The latter is often the case with older devices and machines, so also there the new Brady labels offer an immediate solution. With these labels, systems can be monitored continuously without risking interruptions due to power outages or batteries of a measuring instrument.

The irreversible temperature indicating labels ensure the best adhesion on dry and clean surfaces. But even on dirty and uneven surfaces, the strong adhesive reduces the risk that the labels fall off. In the case of a temperature registration at temporary facilities investing in an expensive monitoring system not worth Here, the use of these labels is a cost-friendly alternative. The labels are ideal for the Application in industries such as automotive, aerospace, as well as in laboratories, pharmaceutical, it and electronics industry. There are the labels in various sizes, and delivered in practical packs which consist of multiple sheets a5, 10 or 15 labels. Brady the Brady Corporation is an internationally operating manufacturer of complete solutions for identification and protection of premises, industrial goods, Pro products and people. Brady’s products increase the security, productivity and performance; They include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, pressure systems including software as well as precision stamped parts. It founded in 1914 and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) beliefert listed companies more than 500,000 customers in the fields of electrical and electronics, Telekommunikation, manufacturing, construction, education, medicine and industries another in a variety of. As a whole are in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific more than 7,000 employees, of which about 400 for the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are responsible. In the financial year 2008 amounted to group sales to approximately $1,523 billion. More info on. Press contact Stefan Schulz marketing communications manager BRADY GmbH Buchen farms 2 63329 Egelsbach, Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 6103 / 7598-897 fax: + 49 (0) 6103 / 7598-670

Bach Flower Remedies

Past with the Bach flower of the month January 2010 HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera caprifolium (Honeysuckle) keywords anchor point with the past group lack of interest in the presence of Honeysuckle is suitable for people who live not enough in the here and now. They’re busy with their thoughts and feelings (memories) too much with the past. For example, after tragedies, a death or business failures this flower can be a valuable help. You should think also about this essence if a previous triumph occupies a high priority in this person’s life. In plain English: this past event can indulge these people in their nostalgia, they ‘lose’ yourself in their memories and are not present. Affected by itself give these or similar words: “remember that time… when we…” “Ah, but good times those were.

EVERYTHING was easier and easier much, no matter what. And today…” “In the old Department with nice colleagues- as the world still was.” “Homesick so terrible…” “Do you remember on my run, Gerlinde! Oh, was I fit… Look, all my trophies! I was dynamic, my body fighting fit…” “When Hans was alive, everything was much better… It was all so wonderful… We had only good times…

Since Paul’s death, it is…” “Oh, when I was young… My body was young and crisp. And my character was great! Because I could wear even Kleidergosse 36, even 34 fit me! Man, I was so slim and I eat could mountains! And now… I only look at food and increasing. AT THAT TIME EVERYTHING WAS BETTER… Just about struck me easier, no matter what I grabbed on. And today! All wrinkles, if I’m not daily, then… Anyway, it was easier. Also arbeitsmassig… The men, also no longer that sooner… EVERYTHING WAS BETTER ONCE… “Note: the 56-year old lady needed a few other than Honeysuckle” other flowers. ‘These people not in their memories and nostalgia lost effect taking taking this flower essence’. The past is seen as a valuable experience and considered a natural process. Stefan Ball, an employee of the Bach Centre, writes: “In the positive State of honeysuckle, they are able to remember past good fortune and to obtain a part of their present Joie de vivre.” The month of January is the first month in the new year. Right now, the right time for a degree as well as a new beginning. The old year is over: complete last (now with the year 2009) and at the same time a new start with the year 2010 for… (it is up to them self!) HONEYSUCKLE helps to live them in the present and no longer mourn the days of ‘better’. 2009 can positively be completed and each new day is seen as a potentially beautiful day 2010. We welcome the new year with the appropriate motto: without regret and without Repentance in the year 2010! Contact: Ute Rosenberg Knau Naturopath and (BFRP) Bach Foundation REGISTERED PRACTITONER forest 1 22393 Hamburg Tel 040/21990457

SAMO System

I want to clarify all the issues with the built-in intra- SELF-system TourAgent search engine Andromeda. We are almost alone among the many developers who have implemented a back-office system a complete on-line search and booking tours for the leading operators. The very selection of and tour reservations made within the system as soon as all the tour operators, without transitions to their websites. The objective of this built-in function – save time searching for suitable agents for tours, providing real- time, all supply operators and to send them a request to the selected tour to give back the confirmation. Already been proved in practice that this opportunity is ten times easier to work with operators and agents tourists.

But historically, that not all tour operators and, accordingly, not all areas are reflected in a retrieval system. The reasons, unfortunately, are simple, some operators use their own developed software products that do not allow us to communicate with them, which creates difficulty for travel agencies. But we for our part, we can guarantee the further expansion of the number of tour operators in Russia and abroad, as well as reliable 24-hour on-line job booking system. Another convenience of working with search engine Andromeda is the ability to receive requests from site visitors travel agency. When you place the search form and Booking online travel agencies, visitors to the site by selecting the appropriate tour, can leave an application for the tour, and the application will fall directly into the SAMO-travel agent where you can work with it – to check, edit, and book with an operator execute the client.

The Question

Certainly, we believe the period is 8, but not -8 years. As for the singularity itself, we know too little about it: we know the laws of physics are denied, the case of infinite density and infinite gravity forces. Penrose and others have convincingly showed that the collapse of a large mass of material inevitably ends with the formation of a singularity, and that, at least in the case of spherically symmetric collapse, surely there is an event horizon that hides this singularity of the external observer. Singularity is a region of space where we know the laws of nature are not satisfied, and therefore we can not predict how things are going there and what their results. If the singularity can be observed directly, ie, if there was a so-called naked singularity, we would lose and those little ability to predict developments in the Universe which are now available to us: progress of our argument would be confused by unpredictable behavior of the singularity.

But since the singularity of “hiding” behind an event horizon, what would they not occurred, it does not affect the located outside the event horizon, the observable universe. If the singularity actually unobservable, then the fact of their existence can be disregarded. Not so clear is the question of whether it required forms event horizon around each of the collapsing body. There is no doubt the formation of this horizon during the collapse of a spherically symmetric mass, resulting in the non-rotating black hole, but collapse of non-spherical or very extended objects sets in this regard, a number of problems. Many scientists share the Penrose hypothesis on the so-called cosmic censorship, according to which the universe is arranged so that the singularities are always formed only within the event horizon, but this conjecture does not yet have a rigorous proof, except for a simple and somewhat idealized case of spherical collapse. Inside a black hole gravity dominates over all other forces, but if the cosmic censorship still exists, then we can never observe the effects of the dominant role of gravity in the extreme point – the central singularity.

Enterprises Joint Stock Companies

Different industries have their own specific features arising from the nature of production, applied engineering and technology skills. At the same time, they all have some common signs that allow to classify them in several areas: ownership, organizational forms, industry sector, size, degree of specialization, type of production, level of mechanization and automation. Depending on the ownership of the enterprise are private, community and government. Varieties of state ownership may be federal (in federal states) Republican and municipal. On the organizational forms of enterprises are divided into economic partnerships (full or limited), society (corporations, limited liability company, with additional Liability), producer cooperatives, the unitary enterprise. Participants of partnerships (both full and limited) are engaged in productive activity on behalf of the partnership and are liable for the obligations of their property. In addition, limited partnerships have uchastnikovvkladchikov (limited partners), which bear the risk of losses within the amounts of their contributions and not participate in business associations. In joint-stock company's charter capital, formed entirely by contributions from members (shareholders) is divided into a certain number of shares.

Participants in the joint stock company is not liable for its obligations and bear the losses to the value of their shares. Joint Stock Company is one and only owner of all property owned. Stock ownership is a form of collective (or joint) property. Shareholders have the right to demand payment of mandatory dividends. Joint Stock Company is open, when its members can sell their shares without the consent of other shareholders, and closed when its members have a preferential right to purchase the shares sold by other participants in this society.

Destination Training With The Ebam Academy

Start compact ebam summer academies in Munich and Berlin starting early July offers their comprehensive courses for marketing and management in the industries of music, media, event and culture as compact summer academies the ebam Academy in Munich and Berlin. Especially in economically strained times, workers who educate themselves on their own initiative, provide a positive signal: I want that I myself personally evolve and that my company benefited professionally from me. Therefore the ebam Academy, we offer the possibility, our comprehensive training courses as a compact summer academies to complete and at least a part of own leave for training to use. “, emphasizes ebam CEO Georg Loffler. Employees from marketing departments and event agencies and independent event managers demonstrates the Summer Academy event manager /-in (ebam) “, as events to the marketing of a company make use of and designed as cultural or sports events, funded, implemented and prepared. Like the Music marketing and management in the era of online-download platforms and video communities like YouTube works, taught the course music business manager /-in (ebam) “.” The participants will learn to organize concerts and tours and to procure for bands, to see through the legal framework of the music business, to understand the nature of the event and sound technology and market tape or CD productions of traditional media such as newspapers and radio as well as on the Internet.

Who would like to specialize solely on the music, but also for cultural activities such as exhibitions, theatre festivals and dance performances, an audience and partners want to win, which demonstrates the course of cultural managers /-in (ebam) “modern methods of cultural marketing.” The three five-week summer academies each start on July 5th, 2010 in Munich and Berlin. August 9, 2010, the course shows online-marketing manager /-in (ebam) “in Munich three weeks, how the Internet across industry as” Marketing tool can be used. It comes to plan a meaningful site appearance and fashion, to bring the own home page in the results of search engines to the top, to cooperate with other website providers and to use social communities such as MySpace or Facebook for brand communication. There is more information on or 089 / 54 88 47 91.

Efficient Process Management With WissIntra

With WissIntra 6.2, the k + k information services from Fellbach offers an integrated management system for process-oriented quality and knowledge management. Process-oriented quality management becomes increasingly more important that a transparent process documentation and a living quality system are competitive advantages and preconditions for a stable development of the company. WissIntra offers an attractive solution for process documentation, the action and the audit management as an integrated management system. Through the clear definition of business goals, structures, responsibilities, and processes within the framework of the continuous improvement process, new requirements and business processes are recorded and sustainable anchored in the company.In addition to a simple user interface and an internal notification system WissIntradie opportunity to define process and document sharing Workflowsfrei. Only after the final release by process adjustments and documents the publication takes place on a second, stand-alone Publication level. Do your employees know your business processes? Depending on the industry and size the work casseroles of a company can be very complex: the core and supporting processes that serve the value creation are manifold. Responsibilities and competencies, run across departmental boundaries and work processes across.

Who wants to continuously improve processes, must understand therefore the own processes and understand. With the WissIntra process manager can you understand and clearly make your off. The tabular representation of processes, the easy integration of any documents, and the operation, create a quick access to information and greatly improve the structuring of processes. The company knowledge is tangible and visible for all employees. aftsprozesse describe your process knowledge detailed and searchable? The P-card WissIntra is the central institution of knowledge for your company. Her every single Prozesschritt can be described in detail me. All documents, directories, Programs, checklists, and forms are available through them. Responsibilities, features and information for the implementation of a process are available from the Prozesschritt.

Qamar Street

Also, in the past, the CSP experts on developments noticed often high manual effort in the archiving run. The use of a standard solution such as the software Chronos can be considered best-practice solution. Open archive formats allow the structuring in XML files. A consistent container is created from farm animals and metadata. An incremental archive allows an archive without redundancies. Access to a single archived database entry is possible without having the entire archive must be restored.

Furthermore, external job control and monitoring tools can connect and automatically take into account structural changes of the database. Why just leaves you not all data in the existing database? In the white paper, it is checked whether the known under the keyword ACID (Atomicity = A, C = consistency, I = insulation, durability = D) Requirements for databases on historical data apply. Brandl comes to the conclusion that this is not the case. Only the durability is a fundamental requirement for both active and inactive data is valid. Relational databases are not suitable for the storage of historical data. Because most functionalities like consistency when inserting data, isolation of transactions or high availability and historical data is not required, this type of data storage represents a high and at the same time unnecessary business expense. After all, about 85 percent of the data in databases as historical can be classified after analysis of Forrester research.

The growth increases significantly. This shows the high potential of energy savings in the storage”Stefan Brandl explains the basic idea. Tags: databases, database archiving, archiving and compliance via CSP GmbH & co. KG: CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies Specialized. The company provides to its customers as well as the implementation and customization of standard solutions also comprehensive advice and support. CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Including trust group BMW, Audi, Daimler, MAN, General Motors, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW, Porsche and Bosch on the solutions of the company. Contact address: CSP GmbH & co. KG wife Heike Johannes mens Qamar Street 11 94431 Grosskollnbach Tel: + 49 (0) 9953/3006-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9953 / 3006-50 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet: