SAMO System

I want to clarify all the issues with the built-in intra- SELF-system TourAgent search engine Andromeda. We are almost alone among the many developers who have implemented a back-office system a complete on-line search and booking tours for the leading operators. The very selection of and tour reservations made within the system as soon as all the tour operators, without transitions to their websites. The objective of this built-in function – save time searching for suitable agents for tours, providing real- time, all supply operators and to send them a request to the selected tour to give back the confirmation. Already been proved in practice that this opportunity is ten times easier to work with operators and agents tourists.

But historically, that not all tour operators and, accordingly, not all areas are reflected in a retrieval system. The reasons, unfortunately, are simple, some operators use their own developed software products that do not allow us to communicate with them, which creates difficulty for travel agencies. But we for our part, we can guarantee the further expansion of the number of tour operators in Russia and abroad, as well as reliable 24-hour on-line job booking system. Another convenience of working with search engine Andromeda is the ability to receive requests from site visitors travel agency. When you place the search form and Booking online travel agencies, visitors to the site by selecting the appropriate tour, can leave an application for the tour, and the application will fall directly into the SAMO-travel agent where you can work with it – to check, edit, and book with an operator execute the client.

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