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Coaching or life coach was born a couple of decades ago (though some authors are not in agreement), in sports. We can consider that kick off Tim Gallwey gave him with his indoor tennis play. Using the definitions of various authors try to define what is the Coaching. Christian Worth and Jose. L. Menendez authors of the book opens the melon, define coaching as a series of techniques and processes that help you to perform better everything what you already know to do, harnessing all the skills and capabilities and, at the same time, allows the learning of concepts needed to get to where you want. Enrique de Mulder, HayGroup President and coach of a score of executives is more succinct: the coach is a moral authority which support able to teach him to fish rather than to give him fish. Grant, researcher of The Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology defines coaching as a systematic solution-focused and results-oriented process in which the coach facilitates the self-directed learning, personal growth and increased the experience of life and the performance of the coachee customers certain by the own coachee domains and continues the fundamental objectives of the executive coaching staff are promoting changes in cognitive, emotional and behavioural that facilitate the achievement of goals and the performance increase either at work or in personal. Azucena Vega, a professional coaching in Guipuzcoa, the life coach will be an alter ego that will help you get the best out of himself, all the potential inside, carrying all the blind zones inside that person don’t see labor, sentimental field, in your leisure time, etc. Above all emphasize the difference with a psychologist or psychiatrist coaching applies to healthy people who want to get the best out of themselves, looking for an extra life. We try to achieve even more and reduce the coaching to the Executive nature.

Ezkerra Left Councilmen

In spite of this upset without precedents, the Socialists obtain more mayorships (275 by absolute majority and 140 by relative majority) that the popular ones (140 and 70 respectively). On the other hand, IULV – CA 12% of the votes graze, although it has been backing down slightly with three tenth less than for four years, whereas the PA follows in fall and reduces point in the middle their representation, that as soon as it surpasses the five percent in all Andalusia. The most symbolic triumph of the PP has been registered in capital Seville, where Juan Ignacio Zoido has obtained an historical result when reaching the 20 councilmen, nine more than the Socialists. In Navarre it has gained UPN with 27.69% of the votes and 88,138 suffrages; PSN – PSOE obtains 15.87% of votes (50.491) and Bildu reaches 11.63% (37.017). NBai on the other hand, obtained 11.39% of the votes and the PP 5.99%. In Pamplona, UPN has been the voted force more in the City council and has obtained 11 of the 27 councilmen of the corporation, whereas the second list with more support is the one of Nafarroa Bai, with 7 ediles, and thirdly they would be the PSN and Bildu, both with 3, by 2 of PP and one of Ezkerra Left.

This result would allow the candidate of UPN, Mayan Enrique, to be chosen mayor with the support of the PSN. In Principality of Asturias, with 93.81% of the scrutinized votes, would gain the PSOE with 168,132 votes (30.00%), followed of the PP with 132,887 votes (23.71%). Forum of Asturias, the party of Francisco Alvarez Helmets, obtains 114,038 votes (20.35%). The mayor of Oviedo, Gabino de Lorenzo is lost the absolute majority which he has enjoyed during 16 the 20 years that take to the front of the municipal government. The PSOE stays more like the voted party in Gij’on, although there are lost three councilmen and they can lose the municipal government if Forum Asturias and Popular Partido unites their forces in the municipality.

Yield Company

The first generation of the enterprise call coaching concentrated in the individual success, but, according to the company of human management of capital DBM Spain, at the moment the power acquires increasing importance of demonstrating the results of a process of this type in the companies. The question concentrates in the yield that is obtained in exchange for the investment, reason why tangible evidences of the results are demanded, as well as to revert the individual benefit at the level of the organization. Both aspects require that the company is able to compile quantitative information of the actions of coaching. For the attainment of this objective, DBM Spain has developed six recommendations. 1 – To evaluate and to increase the disposition of the company. The first that does lack is to determine the direction of the organization towards coaching; this includes an analysis of how the strategies of talent management and development of leadership consider in the company, of the degree of implication in the actions of coaching 2 – To adopt a methodology. To use a consistent method of coaching is absolutely necessary for its success, indeed because it generates a context from which the action of coach can be judged. Nevertheless, it must sufficiently be flexible to be able to be applied in all the levels of the company.

DBM Spain recommends the use of tools resisted and professional experts. 3 – To establish a work scheme. The process would have to be gotten up in the beginning of the actions of coaching to transmit of effective form to all the involved people the objectives to reach and how the communication will be handled. Also it is a method to assure the commitment all the participants. The results must hit directly in the account of results. 4 – To create an evaluation strategy. DBM Spain esteem that to establish and to use an evaluation method from the same beginning of the action of coaching is necessary for the success of any strategy of development of talent.

Amazing Excuses

"Who Wants to be a little richer?" – Yes we all want is not it? Otherwise, there were no desire for people to move up the career ladder. Homes of children must be fed, like it or not, and will earn more for kids. Information in Internet for free. And only the tastiest and most valuable is paid. Every content creator knows the value of their labor! Let me give some figures. According to Internet World Stats (Statistics of the Internet), the number of users Internet in Russia in September 2009 was 45 million (third place behind Germany and the uk.

This is the European continent). It turns out that everyone can quickly get the information you need for free access. But that's just for some reason millionaires in Russia for less than 150 thousand, not 45 million more The logic of the inactive collapses. In my opinion, talking about the availability of information refers to the success, leadership, wealth becomes a dead letter and become a "creaking" in forums in the form of negative emotion. Winners do not "crack", "" negative. They did not before.

They operate. If they have their millions, they are engaged or charity, or an investment, or something else. Accessibility does not give rise to super-duper percentage of applicability. Thank you.

Coffee Machines

Combined coffee machines. Combined coffee machines are recommended for connoisseurs of coffee drinks and amateurs to experiment. Combined coffee machine combines in a single package the coffee grinder and coffee maker. Next to the grinder may be attached an additional bin for other coffees. Combined coffee machine can not only produce high-quality coffee beverage, but also boil water for tea or soup quickly preparation. Three-liter tank has a built-in filter, designed to clean 300 liters of water. Coffee beans are poured into the coffee grinder and grind.

Freshly ground powder is poured into the horn mounted on the grinder. After filling horn must be removed from a hole in a coffee grinder and compacted ground coffee. Horn with powder rammed transpose into the coffee maker to brew the drink. In combination coffee machine can make simultaneously 2 cup of drink or more servings. In some models, 2 servings are prepared at the same time, in other series. While simultaneously preparing the coffee grinder grinds the beans immediately into 2 portions. When Sequential preparation of one cycle after the other.

When brewed the first portion of coffee, coffee grinder grinds the second. On available machine indicates control light. Control panel lights help control the temperature of the water and coffee. Price combined coffee machines may exceed the cost of two separate zlektropriborov: coffee and coffee makers. Advantages of the combined coffee machines: Beverage can be used as organic coffee beans and ground or pressed. Disadvantages: The quality of the beverage from ground coffee depends on the skills of ramming the coffee powder in the horn. Automatic coffee machines Automatic coffee machines are the most expensive of the combined coffee machines (from 20 000 rubles). In an automatic coffee machine the process of preparing a coffee beverage is fully automated and does not depend on your skills. Once you've filled coffee beans, poured into water, found the number and strength of the drink cups and pressed the power button, the machine itself namelet necessary amount of coffee powder, will give the right amount of water and steam and prepare high-quality drink. From grinding grain to the finished cup of coffee runs about 30-40 seconds. Beverage fully preserves essential oils, and caffeine in freshly ground coffee. When cooking each new batch of coffee uses only fresh-water and remove stagnant water from the pipes of lead. Automation dictates when to fill the grain and pour water to clean tubes and disposal of used coffee grounds. Electronic memory retains preset parameters for re-preparing a coffee beverage. In an automatic coffee machine can be several functions: to adjust the number of cooked cups of coffee and a fortress drink (from 7 to 14 grams of coffee per serving), setting the mode of cooking, depending on the hardness of the water, flushing the water pipes in cooking every cup of coffee and the entire system is turned on and off machines, automatic shut-off. Advantages of automatic coffee machines: the possibility of making high-quality coffee beverage to any person who is not holding any skills. Disadvantages: high price and need some skills to Coffee with whipped milk (milk can beat only with the help parootvodyaschey tube). Built-in coffee machines Built in coffee machines (from 30 000 rubles) is designed for installation in kitchen furniture. They do not violate front of your kitchen, because hidden behind furniture doors. If necessary, fill the grain, pour water or to clean the machine easily pulled out of the furniture niche on telescopic rails. Dignity Embedded coffee machines is that they do not violate your own artistic style cuisine.

Madrid City

He felt it starting your stay in this city. He was glad to have thought of Henry before leaving Ibiza. Managed to find the next day afternoon. Enrique wrote down his address and explained how to get there. Before leaving he asked where he could go eat something. Only had taken a snack on the plane and felt hungry. Henry recommended the little bar where I went often.

"They're just fast food, but well prepared," he said .. As he walked to the place, Alex went through a Mac Donald and tempted with a double cheeseburger and pickles. Then he decided to visit the city. I was amazed. The first impression of Madrid was so amazed. He had not imagined a city so big, so bright and so cosmopolitan. He walked for several hours, knowing their streets and businesses.

He went to a bar and ordered a carajillo. It was a typical Spanish drink he had met in Ibiza and loved it. Was a little tired and decided to stay to enjoy his drink. A pretty girl was watching him from the table that was situated in front of him. He smiled into her eyes. She smiled back. "How are you? – Had asked him, staring into his eyes. "Okay," she had replied, "and you? – Was the beginning of a conversation that lasted over an hour. They ended up going home, where Alex spent the night. A couple of hours later, he had one of his classic nightmares. The girl was not amused, and fired him the morning apologizing for not seeing him again.