Madrid City

He felt it starting your stay in this city. He was glad to have thought of Henry before leaving Ibiza. Managed to find the next day afternoon. Enrique wrote down his address and explained how to get there. Before leaving he asked where he could go eat something. Only had taken a snack on the plane and felt hungry. Henry recommended the little bar where I went often.

"They're just fast food, but well prepared," he said .. As he walked to the place, Alex went through a Mac Donald and tempted with a double cheeseburger and pickles. Then he decided to visit the city. I was amazed. The first impression of Madrid was so amazed. He had not imagined a city so big, so bright and so cosmopolitan. He walked for several hours, knowing their streets and businesses.

He went to a bar and ordered a carajillo. It was a typical Spanish drink he had met in Ibiza and loved it. Was a little tired and decided to stay to enjoy his drink. A pretty girl was watching him from the table that was situated in front of him. He smiled into her eyes. She smiled back. "How are you? – Had asked him, staring into his eyes. "Okay," she had replied, "and you? – Was the beginning of a conversation that lasted over an hour. They ended up going home, where Alex spent the night. A couple of hours later, he had one of his classic nightmares. The girl was not amused, and fired him the morning apologizing for not seeing him again.

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