Archive: November 2013

New Rules

More recently, changed the order of access to electronic copies of theses virtual hall of the RSL. Now, to show interest to the materials needed to purchase a special program (license cost 1,300 rubles in year for one computer). With the help of this program is able to finish prosmotrt 10% of the text outside the virtual reading room, which in principle should be sufficient to evaluate the content of the work and decide whether to go to the Khimki and read the full text. Why RSL besplano not opened 10% or at least content (5-10 pages) is unknown, as always seems to roll back dragged a tender for this program, because it does not buy the 10 and not 20. First of all virtual rooms will have to get a license (by the way why my university has not renewed the contract with the RSL), and secondly graduate will be buying a license just to see the content of interest to theses.

Change your situation and you will change your luck.

Seek knowledge of how to make a better life. any changes adopted will give you a different way of life. Note that if you do not succeed is not by what happens to you, what happens to you happens to everyone. It is not around you, around you surrounding you all. It is not your political state that state what others have. But because some have high income with the same conditions? As Jim Rohn said that things change you have to change. NOT want to make things easier, want to have more skills. Do not want fewer challenges, want more wisdom.

Let me comment you on the law that will greatly help you is knowing the law of averages: if you do something often enough something will emerge. If you talk to 10 people and one says yes, and started the measure. Just talking with other 10 to get the second and so on if you do not stop the law of averages, either. After that concentrate on racing and make it one of every nine, out of 8 … ‘ll Get better with time it is important not to despair, be consistent and be smart. Imagine little Johnny out of 10, he gets nine (if this is undoubtedly a genius) and you only get out of 10 in January. Well then nothing happens until you beat him. how? So you rather speak with 10 to 100.

It’s that simple and smart. When you are new to marketing as numbers have to compensate your lack of skills, the ability to bring you the practice. Anyone can do is what your circumstances, and certainly requires effort and skill to get to 10, 3 or 4. But you just have to start and have ambition History has amply demonstrated that if you pick crops, depends on how much planting. Now we have more luck than a few years ago, you have access to useful information that will help you start your business very useful tools that make your business goes almost automatically by far less cost than a few years ago.