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Perfect Hotel Search – Multilingual, Fast And Clearly

The meta search engine weltweitsuchen.de offers user free from over 900,000 opportunities, says Albert Camus, resulting in best value hotels worldwide travel us ourselves. To have an overview of hotel deals to worldwide destinations with just one click, makes some things easier and allows a smooth planning. Whether business, holiday or city breaks are planned the meta search engine offers a collection of all available in the Internet hotels on the destinations, regardless of travel companies and tourist search criteria in seven languages. The results can be sorted by popularity, number of stars, location, guest reviews and price depending on what criteria the greatest value is created. Swarmed by offers, Gary Kelly is currently assessing future choices. Here anyone comes to his optimum Hotel – photos, hotel information, price comparison, exact descriptions as well as guest reports and maps overview the targeted advance? The Internet visitors must specify only his chosen city and the date of travel. Learn more at: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. He immediately receives the available current hotels and selects then quickly and conveniently the suitable for him.

The booking is possible directly by clicking the provider link without cumbersome price comparisons on multiple pages or time-wasting requests of availability. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and many other destinations around the world can be booked immediately. For the user, the service is completely free and no hidden charges, because the operator earns his money with the providers of the reservation websites will be compared here. As a partner of HotelCombined.com in Sydney, weltweitsuchen.de collects the latest hotel information of the leading booking portals from Germany and the world – including Opodo.com, Expedia.com, Hotel.de, Tui.com, and intercontinental. So the latest and cheapest offer is guaranteed at any time. Contact: weltweitsuchen.de Claudio Folber to Rosenberg 4 97334 Sommerach phone: + 49.9381-717954 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web: keywords: search Hotel search, hotel, hotel booking, hotel, accommodation, accommodation, travel booking, business travel, holiday, city break

Wedding Of Prince Albert II And Charlene Wittstock

The public trembles to honeymoon in South Africa after the magic of Prince William and his Kate weeks the next big dream wedding in Europe. Early July Prince Albert II of Monaco the bourgeois Charlene. going to marry Wittstock. Verizon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The hotel Portal hotelreservierung.de reported about the destination of the journey, which will take place after the wedding ceremony. For months is reported on the preparations: on July 1st and 2nd Prince Albert II of Monaco of its Charlene. will give your vows. Oracle has many thoughts on the issue.

After their wedding in Monaco the Prince and his wife will treat expected a break in South Africa. Of course, the newly-wed couple will spend his honeymoon in one of the many luxury hotels in South Africa. In the homeland of the former swimmer, the presidential suite of the oyster box is fully booked hotels. The five-star hotel located near the city of Durban and promises pure luxury. In the presidential suite with private elevator entrance there are some 250 square metres on two floors available. The rooms are equipped with Crystal chandeliers and gold and silver items equipped. In addition, the suite has a private pool and provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. In Durban, a celebration with those friends is planned for 7 July, unable to take part in the wedding in Monaco. The oyster box hotel has several restaurants and bars and would provide the right atmosphere for a stylish celebration. More information: nachrichten.hotelreservierung.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

African Rhythms In The Volcanic Eifel

Holiday with Djembe & co. on the edge of the Eifel dough summer, Sun, the rhythm of Africa and a unique look at the idyllic landscapes of the volcanic Eifel. “Search in holiday recreation, recharge your batteries and it really on the kettledrum” go, this is the holiday region in the country of the Maars and volcanoes. Arrive, relax, and drums to your hearts content. Within the framework of numerous creative travel for hobby musicians and amateur painter, the special tour operator offers Arte Vitalis a special musical holiday experience for beginners and advanced Djembespieler in the unique setting of Maar funnels and volcanic cones.

Drums is pure Joie de vivre. It evokes new spirits, clears and distributes the stress of everyday life. Is played with all that giving the African musical culture: djembe, Bell, rattle, Cabassa, and more. In an informal atmosphere, without stress and pressure, the participants learn it can be as easy and relaxing to dive into the world of traditional rhythms of Africa. During the course of the drum is the seminar participants off the path, just a few steps from the Eifelsteig away, in a small, comfortable country hotel with feel-good character. According to the rules of the wholemeal cuisine freshly prepared meals and cozy seats in house and garden provide in addition to space music for the right holiday feeling.

Beach Club

There are differences in the equipment and size at this both Villa types. The Al Sahari villas provide even more privacy and are further apart. But even with the Al Khaimah already a generous distance computed villas. Anyway, one moves during the day with the buggy. When you need a transfer, a call at the reception. A few minutes later the driver and vehicle stands on its own doorstep. Only in the evening, one feels normally desire to explore the resort on foot.

It has become significantly cooler and pleasant temperatures. The whole way of the system are perfectly lit. Guide to individual stations (restaurants, Spa, boutique, falconry view) are clearly appropriate. One belonging to the resort “Moon bar”, a signature Thai restaurant named “Saffron”, the all day dining restaurant “Al Waha”. The reserve has an ultra-luxury spa and the “rain forest”, a health concept of superlatives, in the middle of the desert landscape. The system is unique and was not yet ready at the time.

Falcons, camels, Gazelles, Oryx antelope – “Wildlife” 5-star character. The unique dream hotel provides the perfect luxury holiday at the highest level. Even an experienced GlobeTrotter must reformulate its “have I seen it all attitude”. End August 2010 the in-house Beach Club, about a 25-minute drive from the desert away, is scheduled to open of course right on the beach. The combination is perfect. Beach and desert. In-house vehicles will be available for the transfer of the guests. Are warranted extra once which is completed with Beach Club. We work closely with the management of the luxury hotels. We are always informed about all news and progress of the reserve. Gladly we provide direct information and accept also bookings. About any summer of special specials we are happy to inform on request. Www.fotocommunity.de/ pc/pc/pcat/574800 we have to create his own photo gallery with 30 photos. Detailed explanations and further information are available under each photo. Al Wadi for questions around the resort are intro to Banyan tree we always personally available. OLAF Fey Tel, 00971 50 843 09 70, for

Enjoy The Arts And Long Art Night In Bavaria

Retrospective at the modern: century show in Amberg Amberg (tvo). Who wants to admire the works of Andi Warhol, Hundertwasser, Kandinsky, Mattisse, Picasso or Renoir, need not to go to Paris or London. Approximately 250 exhibits of the most important European and American artists of the 20th century are this summer at the Amberger Congress Centrum (ACC). “In the exhibition review in the modern” from July 26 until September 23, 2010 loans appear international especially recognized artists from 125, which paintings, graphics and sculptures belong to the integral part of the largest museums in the world. Even for experts, this exceptional presentation holds many surprises. Because usually remain hidden to the works of such famous masters due to their sensitivity and the conservation effort from the eyes of the public. The century look at the ACC, which is exclusively and for the first time in Bavaria and takes the visitor on a pictorial journey of discovery is all the more outstanding in one of the most fascinating periods of art history.

Accompanying events such as guided tours, lectures and the long art night”complete enjoyment of the art on August 7. The review into the modern”is open daily from 11 h to 19 h, open Thursday and Friday until 20: 00. Information: Amberger Congress Centrum, shooting site route 8, 92224 Amberg, Tel. 09621/4900-0, fax 09621/4900-10,,.

Family Holiday Times Differently!

The ‘parents & kids’-program by carpe diem sprachreisen makes BBs possible plans for the upcoming summer holiday are already in full swing in many families. If the mother wants to do something for their English skills again, father prefer plans a vacation hotel on the Mediterranean Sea, and both children prefer under their peers want to enjoy the holiday, a conflict of interest is pre-programmed. Not so with the parents & kids-sprachreisen of Munster special organizer’s carpe diem sprachreisen. Due to the significantly increased demand after this attractive family program, which is of a special kind for vacation, the range of family language was significantly expanded in 2010. (Source: Larry Ellison). In addition to Malta parents and their children also in Torquay, Salisbury (both in England), Galway (Ireland) or Antibes (France) can go to school. On the sunny island of Malta, for example, the ideal opportunity for a family vacation that combines learning and recreation. While the parents in the standard or intensive course in small Groups improve their English, the kids can also practice their English and apply in age groups.

Module similar to the family puts together their holiday: in addition to the pure language, carpe diem offers the possibility to organize travel and accommodation options of the classic family, on hotel up to the apartment and Studio. In addition to a common accommodation parents can live separately from their kids, where the young people live together with other young students, usually in host families. After the course the young participates typically the recreational program of the school, while the adults either go on your own to explore or alternatively check offered by the language Institute, varied offer through its paces. Of course plenty of time remains for family activities. This is a holiday that combines the pleasant with the useful. In addition to the relaxation effect is the sense of community of the family strengthened, there all on the same target work towards their English or French language skills to improve “, so Torsten Pankok, product manager at carpe diem sprachreisen. “More information about the language courses for the whole family: language kinder.html true to the slogan never again speechless!” carpe diem organized since 18 years language courses and internships around the world. There are programs for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Tanja Kuntz, PR / Marketing Tel: 02506-8303-210

Culture Holiday Travel

Gran Canaria is not only suitable for a beach holiday but also to drive sports or to enjoy the culture. The excellent climate and wonderful beaches on Gran Canaria moved a large number of tourists on the island in the past. Also a wide range of sports and cultural facilities has been created by the large number of tourists. The island is not only for the pure beach vacation but also for a culture or a sports trip to Gran Canaria. For example, the January is interested for the culture. In the Auditorium of Las Palmas Music Festival takes place. In February, the Opera Festival of Gran Canaria takes place in the Auditorium.

But, the most important event in February that attracts every year thousands of visitors is the Carnival with parades and concerts. After the Kaneval in Las Palmas ends it starts in the more southerly locations, at the end of Maspalomas. The most important events there are the drag queen show and the parade on the last day of the Kanevals. Further important cultural event are the Cinema Festival of Las Palmas, as well as the Dance Festival in San Bartolome. Except for the culture, Gran Canaria offers a lot of variety but also for the sporty holidaymaker. Especially in winter when Northern Europe operated only a few winter sports can offer the Island stand out as a training centre for a variety of sports on. It was above all the cyclists on the road or in the grounds, Gran Canaria have made since long to their holiday destination. Who enjoys in golf comes on the island at his own expense.

In the South there is a large selection of golf courses which lie directly on the sea and alongside even wonderful views. The water sports are of course widely available on an island. On Gran Canaria offer excellent opportunities for windsurfing and surfing. There are also international championships are held every year. Furthermore, you can sail, dive, and deep-sea fishing. As outdoor sports go out of the mountain hiking and trekking in Gran Canaria is offered. Especially hiking came in recent years more and more into fashion.

Italian Way

Where fashion and football go hand in hand on the catwalks present the latest news from the world of Haute Couture model. In the football stadium, the crowds in the fan Jersey cheer their team on. Elegance and sport so of course in accordance like in the Italian fashion Mecca Milan live nowhere else in Europe. The flight Portal fluege.de informed what everything is on offer visitors in the Lombard capital. A good reason for a flight to Milan can be found not only in the football or motor sports in nearby Monza. The metropolis impresses above all by their undisputed place on the Italian throne of fashion and fine lifestyle. In addition to the fashion also yet another establishment is associated with the name of Milan: the Scala, one of the world’s most famous opera houses.

Tickets for a local event are unfortunately very difficult to obtain. Allows the scale Museum but visitors, to catch at least a glimpse behind the scenes. The Duomo square, the Duomo is located near the Opera. Travellers from whose roof offers a breathtaking views of Milan. A sanctuary of a different kind opens the shopping enthusiast in the Galleria Emanuele II.

A 140-year-old, marble shopping mall with numerous shops and boutiques is located under a huge glass dome. The show provided more beautiful things, which however are not for sale, in the picture gallery in the Palazzo Brera. The most important attraction of Milano, the Italian name of the town, but certainly impressive castle is the Sforza. More information: news.fluege.de/allgemein/mailand-das-mekka… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Bad Griesbach Bavaria Launches Golf-opening And Quellness-weekend

Quellness and golfing in Bavaria combines sport and well-being in new style surrounded by the beauty and the traditions of the Passauer land, the municipality Bad Griesbach as small bead to each season opens its doors for those seeking relaxation and active travelers. 2010 visitors and followers of the small community on two new offerings with innovative character can look forward. For more information see this site: health economics expert. With the golf-opening 2010 and Quellness-weekend, Bad Griesbach combines sport and well-being to a new trend and presents itself in the usual cordial manner. For the golf-opening 2010 preparations in Bad Griesbach currently in full swing. Also this year the Community tradition event expected a strong inflow of visitors. Will be held the Gulf opening as usual in the popular Hartl Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, which was allowed to complete the event last year with a new world record. Golf tournament with the most participants could leave the Gulf opening not only impression on guests as provided for satisfaction among the initiators.

The requirements, the event provided the 2010 be, seem to be greater than ever. Numerous celebrity guests from film, sports and society are expected this year. Bad Griesbach leaves it as a vacation community in connection with the golf-opening 2010 not take, to go with a new offering at the start. Quellness weekend guests from April 23 to 25 in the Park Hotel can enjoy sport and wellbeing in a successful combination. The legendary hot springs of Bad Griesbach, which presents itself as the guarantor of health and wellbeing holidays for years and is a pioneer in the entire Passau country hides behind the name and the heart of this specials.

Not only the Quellness-weekend to dive the season 2010 in Bad Griesbach in a special light. With numerous new offers and topics arrangements, the municipality would like to attract recreation and health-conscious people in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. “So, inter alia on the Segway taster package, offering guests may movement and Therme” and the Bad Griesbach Happy heart circulation weekly.

Nordfriesland – A Special Destination?

Nordfriesland – the holiday region with a high recreational value. Anyone who thinks of Nordfriesland thinking Wadden Sea, land of the dykes and the magnificent sunsets on the beautiful landscape with its characteristics, the world cultural heritage. But few consider this country as a tourist destination considering. Much prefer they fly somewhere in the South to make FRY themselves from the Sun. While most of it are finally to find rest and relaxation from the stress of everyday life during your holiday. Verizon Communications is a great source of information.

Turn off and it is only good to let go is unknown for many, holiday recreation is precisely for this reason often swimming in Hotel pools including beverages and evening visits to bars. The angry awakening is already the next morning routine. A family experience is so logically not possible when Papa and Mama in the pool and the kids in the animation. At home in everyday life, the family is apart and everyone goes often separate ways. But it is also different.

Why not even a relaxing holiday in Germany. How about with the North Sea coast North Frisia? There are rarely Mediterranean temperatures, but there are lots of other benefits. The country is always still very sparsely populated, so that you are constantly associated with nature. Traffic jams are the absolute exception as well as exhaust fumes. Anyway, the fresh sea air is a boon for people who must have problems with the respiratory system or work in your profession in bad air. Not for nothing, many doctors therefore also here send their patients to Nordfriesland. Also the accommodation are Sudtondern in the district, numerous enough available and priced very attractively. In addition, almost all apartment owners are always very welcome and personally to their guests. You will not find a mass processing with hundreds of guests at a hotel here. There is still time for a personal word with his hosts.