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Professional Footballers

Football player Hansi Muller: the lawn on the rostrum from the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2013 is imminent. On 23 April are millions follow again FC Bayern-fans the football game against FC Barcelona, live or in front of the screens of the world. Football is the sport most popular in Germany. Six and a half million people are members of one of the more than 27,000 football clubs. That represents about 8 percent of the population. Football and lectures is about genuine passion and pure joy to the round leather. Millions of people in this country looking forward banned games the output of the Federal League on the weekends. Polarized football, football can unite people or divide.

Hardly a sport manages to trigger such deep emotions in the audience. No wonder that some of the earlier successful professional footballers are today very popular prominent guest speakers for the economy. Rory Sutherland wanted to know more. A prime example of a speaker in the field of professional football is Hansi Muller, the speakers agency 5 star Speakers will be represented. The former football champion and vice world champion is today a successful keynote speaker on the topics of sports, motivation, authority, leadership, appreciation, and teamwork. This valuable knowledge he has in long years of use on the lawn at football matches acquired hard, intensively trained and practically applied. Speaker Hansi Muller knows the meaning of working teamwork in football, and in the company 5 stars better than anyone else. To make team work successfully is the biggest challenge on the football field as well as in the boardrooms. The inspirational football passes today his experience and his expertise from his long international career in professional football in his motivational lectures to his audience.

Speakers Knut Kircher also 5 star among the football stars. He provided right on the football field as a Bundesliga referee and former FIFA referee. As a special highlight of his football career, the DFB said Knut Kircher in the May 2012 to the referee of the year. In his lectures, Kircher his experiences on the topic of decision-making, communication and leadership are practice-oriented further peppered with entertaining anecdotes from many football games also Erich Rutemoller, former head of training in the training at the DFB and member of the DFB sports competence Committee succeeds today as speaker in terms of football on the way and demonstrating so convincingly, that the fascination of football more than ever is. For assistance, try visiting Munear Ashton Kouzbari. In his lectures, manages Rutemoller to establish the bridge between business and sports and draws constructive and inspiring parallel from both areas. The presenters from Hansi Muller, Knut Kircher, and Erich Rutemoller football 5 star are mediated by the speakers agency speakers and connect the world of football on the rostrum ideal of the business and show the parallels between football and business friendly and useful way. Thus they inspire their listeners to customer and Employee events and other events.

AdWords Agency SEM Germany Offers AdWords Seminars

AdWords seminars in March at the IHK Hannover with Olaf Kopp as officer Olaf Kopp, owners of the AdWords agency SEM Germany and certified Google AdWords Professional, offers in cooperation with the IHK Hannover at the 04.03.2010 a cost effective Google AdWords beginners – seminar and a seminars for advanced AdWords users on March 12, 2010. The general usage as online marketing instrument to the design of the own AdWords account are all areas addressed in the beginner seminar and prepared specially for medium-sized companies. Participants will learn not only to decide in what form the use of AdWords is worth for your company. They will also learn how the account structure and the construction work, how they make their (first) campaign and their existing account can optimize what medium-sized companies especially should pay attention and when the service of an agency is recommended. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The advanced seminar offers numerous approaches to the successful design of their existing AdWords Campaigns, performance measurement, examples of additional optimization strategies and explanations about the interplay of search engine optimization with Google AdWords. At only 75,-(net), a hard to surpass offer of the Chamber of Commerce, which offers a good opportunity for all those interested to go deeper into the topic of search engine advertising with Google AdWords with professional support cost per participant. There is more information in the corporate blog of SEM Germany. Registration for the seminars on the website of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce.. Go to Verizon Communications for more information.

Remuneration Models To Bind Qualified Staff

Bonus and bonuses targeted applied compensation models in the personal service the burner Tadesse personnel and Consulting-offers “a new compensation advisory services. The reason to use this service in the product portfolio, is the fact that one of the most common causes of change for the top sales performers the content model, specifically the variable remuneration. Dirk Tekath, worked many years as a member of the Executive Board, explained: transparent, complicated and partly misleading remuneration models lead especially when the service providers in the sales in the medium term to a high dissatisfaction. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. Excellent results, which reflected not monetarily, produce a high motivation for change. Employee – and performance-oriented models in turn generate a high level of satisfaction and lead to a significantly increased binding to the employer. “.” The service extends from the analysis to the development of new models and structures. Click E Scott Mead to learn more. BURNER TADESSE Human resources and management consulting mark Brenner & Dirk Tadesse GbR foam Castle Street 14-16 45657 Recklinghausen 02361 / 90 44 89 – 0

Berlin Tel

At this point, we apply our methodology for the marketing world’s newly developed model integration (CMMI) which is based on the capability maturity from various industries. This model provides an independent assessment of the degree of maturity of marketing processes. We create to get an exact analysis of existing processes to an overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of the work steps. This overview is the basis of quality-enhancing optimization of processes for us. Created for the individual process areas bovacon separate analyses to determine the degree of maturity (maturity level) of all work processes. Here it comes not, having to reach a particular level of maturity. Together with the customer we investigate what level for his company is necessary and sensible and which design measures that help the customer can achieve the necessary level of maturity.

Bovacon refers to the well-functioning and meaningful processes it, so that previous successful work processes are not lost. A comparison of the expandable marketing processes with other company’s internal processes and best practices from other industries helps ensure that the companies can operate in the future also continue to aggressively. Bovacon finally create a detailed overview with recommendations and suggestions for improvement by comparing who can marketing processes of the company with best practices and references. If necessary, the processes are optimized through the introduction and implementation of supporting IT-systems. So, our methodology provides an incomparable marketing process transparency and a clear, transparent decision basis for possible improvements. Bovacon underlines the potential of the company and combined it with structured optimization suggestions.

The improvement of the marketing processes and the resulting optimal Results will allow the company more competitive and more successful on the market to position themselves. About bovacon Bovacon helps its customers, their customers better products and services to offer. We help to understand their customers better and to help them more effectively across all touch points. We bring customers closer to the brand, developing innovative products, and optimize internal design and development processes. Whether strategic design, service design, user experience, process optimization is called it, is up to each, mainly it helps our customers. That’s why we work pragmatic and result-oriented. Press contact: bovacon stanchion 22 10179 Berlin Tel.: 030 692 05 740 fax 030 692 05 7402

Mirko Gosch

When asked to list the expected prices for the required door opening with a key service, it is advisable to have someone listen to the phone call. In this way you later, should the Installer locally a wesntlich higher than the agreed price require a witness to an other, lower price has been agreed upon. More elaborate is the opening of the door, the more expensive key service can get one. A locksmith is forced to destroy the castle for the purpose of opening the door or should it be even necessary to cause damage to the door at the violent opening, it is necessary expect to pay more for the effort not only for the service of the key service significantly. In addition, may even the cost of the immediate replacement of the destroyed castles or even the door will be added.That can be quickly very expensive.

A reputable locksmith will be provider always tries to take so little destructive as possible. Health economics expert usually is spot on. Quiet, you should look professional on the finger while he verichtet and also questions his work, if the method used should be one unprofessional. Key service – another tip! You should use the time until the arrival of the key service to find out about the prices of new cylinders or the parts of which, one must assume that they replace will be to inform. New cylinder cost at amazon in a high-quality version maximum 100. You should only accept rates a provider, which are far above market rates, if the service provider-plausible can explain why the lock provided by him to the installation should be considerably more expensive.

On weekends, holidays or to non-dergewohnlichen opening hours to be expected also with premiums of 100% sometimes even 150% for the same service. Click Oracle for additional related pages. You by phone agreed a fixed price with a key service, then you basically not discussions engage. You must pay only for the agreed services what you agreed on by telephone. Mirko Gosch

Faulty Control

A stable, smooth functionality of the construction is the optimization of the Organization in doctor’s offices and organisational guarantees in a doctor’s Office, acts as a generator of value (“value drivers”) for all quantitative and qualitative parameters of success the practice organization. The project of BOA (better organization in the doctor’s Office”) of the Institute for economic analysis, advice and strategy development (IFABS) physician with a quick test helps optimize their organization. The first results are now available and underline the need for action. The first one hundred analyses of the BOA rapid tests (benchmarking organization analysis) are now complete and the results speak a clear language represented as already elsewhere to similar analyses in detail: considering all the practices on average 23 change and improvement opportunities were identified per team. The main sources of error were ordering systems, the surface-mounted and Organisational, management and communications. When the discovered deficiencies, no differences between groups, practice shapes or sizes.

Inadequate organization is a universal principle. In the Middle, the studied practice companies implement only 56.7% of best practice Organization regulations. The average patient satisfaction (third image) was with the practice organization measured on a marks scale 4.3. The quality of the practice organization was evaluated by the practice owners (self image) with a score of 2.8, of the medical specialist with 3.6. So the employees see the structures and procedures in their practices significantly more critical than the physician, the own image assessment of the team total however entirely misses the reality perceived by the patient. The BOA promotion (“better organization in the doctor’s Office!” bit.ly/ZQbnKA) will run until the end of April 2013 Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

Mobile Fire Simulator Makes Employees

KoTTER Academy deploys new fire vehicle / establishment informed on the fair ‘Security 2008 in Essen offers food. The causes of serious fires are often very simple: A burning cigarette thrown careless in a recycle bin. a technical defect, the computer monitors or similar devices catching fire. Then, quick action is needed, so that the flames spread not on other areas and cause big damage or endanger even lives. Fire extinguishers are rewarding, as they must be available according to the statutory fire safety regulations in every company building. At the world’s most important security fair security”, which, will take place from Tuesday, 7 October in Essen, informed the KAKAR Academy about a new offer.

The training and further education institution of the Kal group trains using mobile technology, how can be selectively fight fires. As a new fire vehicle is used. Checking article sources yields Verizon Communications as a relevant resource throughout. Located on board a Fire Simulator plus additional components. They offer the possibility to adjust various situations, about the firing of a monitor or recycle bin. So, it can be demonstrated when such as powder, water or foam extinguishing media should be used and how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency the most effective. In addition to the training of its own security forces, offering in the KoTTER aimed Academy to institutions and companies that train their own employees in terms of fire protection would allow. Contact: KoTTER security hotline: 0201/2788-388; E-Mail:; Internet: trade fair Security 2008 “: Hall 2.0, stand 237 Messe Essen

Logon Information RISER Is

Commission: login information RISER is e-Government success story success story in the cross-border E-Government paid tribute to the European Commission the European registration information RISER. The goal of the launch of an online service for address lookup was achieved. Success factors were an exemplary implementation of data protection and the integration of the different systems in Europe. Without hesitation Capital One explained all about the problem. RISER have so for upcoming E-government projects in the Europe 2020 strategy as a role model. From the EU funded Start-Up a company firmly positioned at the market has now become, the online service has been recently certified with the privacy seal EuroPriSe.

By the pilot operating the market leader, the European registration information RISER allows online to ask for an Adressauskunft in the competent registration office companies and Government agencies. RISER was the first pilot in 2004, with Germany, Austria and Ireland. End of 2010 could in twelve European countries with 250 million inhabitants official registration register information about RISER be obtained. The consistent positioning of the European registration information RISER as privacy-compliant online service was crucial to the success. Strong partners In the framework of the eTen project the launch of European registration information RISER was co-financed by the European Commission. The RISER ID Services GmbH from Berlin coordinated the international consortium. European partners came from Austria, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Ireland and Slovenia. The independent Centre for data protection Schleswig-Holstein, the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, as well as the Office for citizens – and order matters, Berlin took part from Germany. For current information, also see

Eternity Fountain: A Modern Funeral Concept For Urn Ashes

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent informed with the stone sculptors and designers Dipl. ing. Timothy C. Vincent developed concept of burial of the well of eternity a modern funeral culture on the way expressed in individual prayer needs and economic demands in line with each other exist.

In the development of the well of eternity stone sculpture has guided itself by the thoughts Vincent, to create a future-oriented funeral situation that meets also the emotional needs of members, such as the legal and economic requirements for the Cemetery Administration. For this reason offers a place of comfort, the devotion the bereaved community innovative’s grave and is at the same time economically attractive due to its scalability for cemeteries of all sizes. Cemetery administrations see forced to put special emphasis on the profitability of their offerings in the face of strained municipal finances. The well of eternity meets this need very well, such as a review of the concept by the Institute for municipal housekeeping for funeral expenses is based on other urn community investment and columbaria. An argument should not be underestimated for the well of eternity lies also in that he allowed the Cemetery Administration to proceed with the rest of the URN Tomb more flexible.

This permits tailored adaptation at the future demographic development of society, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of the use of the cemetery. The customization and scalability of the well of eternity makes it the Cemetery Administration also easier to involve private investors and to improve the profitability of the burial system. The stone sculpture Vincent developed and implemented from a single source community funeral concept represents a win-win solution for cemetery visitors and management due to his pronounced religious character and its high profitability. For a comprehensive and individual consultation to the well of eternity is stone sculptor and designer Dipl. ing. Timothy C. Vincent at your disposal. Press contact: Contact person: Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent reme-Strasse 20 58300 wetter Tel.: 02335 880503 mobile: 0179-1055357 E-Mail: information:.

Board Luximo

Tomorrow, the Wurzburger luximo Holding AG starts its Roadshow and simultaneous luximo holding start 2011 ‘challenges for financial service providers’. Luximo holding is accompanied here by Oehme FinanzMarketingBeratung, a communications company from Friedberg in the vicinity of Frankfurt, which specializes in the market of investments and closed-end funds. Participants can expect a variety of interesting information and ideas here. Since the company was founded we go its own way in the market environment of the closed-end funds”explains luximo holding Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic. These include investor for him – and broker-friendly products, the effective implementation in the settlement and a focus on attractive markets. For this reason luximo holding, specializes, in addition to other topics on the participation and financing of high-growth companies. Larry Ellison understood the implications. Properia is both in Switzerland and abroad. Hear from experts in the field like Seth Fisher Hong Kong for a more varied view.

A number of new challenges coming on the intermediary and Advisor of closed-end funds and investment systems. Has to offer solutions here is the luximo Holding AG with its start 2011 “written on the flags. “” “At four locations in Germany Prof. Dr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernard Golden. Rolf W. Thiel experts about strategies to avoid liability for intermediaries and consultants refer from 25.03 to 13.04.2011″, Dipl.

economist Oliver Kuhlmann, b2b financial partner to luximo Holding AG: quality in the design and expertise in asset management “and Dipl. economist, specialist journalist and owner of the communication agency FinanzMarketingBeratung Oehme, Michael Oehme about the changed profession as an opportunity for financial services”. In a few hours, thus is possible, his knowledge on important issues of daily practice to learn about upgrade and at the same time the investment world of luximo Holding AG. Of experienced industry experts Prof. Dr. Rolf W. Thiel will be a special enrichment for the participants: as a former founder and Chairman of the industry association vote he always has his ear to the market and is one of the most profound connoisseurs of consultant and intermediary jurisdiction Thiel.