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At this point, we apply our methodology for the marketing world’s newly developed model integration (CMMI) which is based on the capability maturity from various industries. This model provides an independent assessment of the degree of maturity of marketing processes. We create to get an exact analysis of existing processes to an overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of the work steps. This overview is the basis of quality-enhancing optimization of processes for us. Created for the individual process areas bovacon separate analyses to determine the degree of maturity (maturity level) of all work processes. Here it comes not, having to reach a particular level of maturity. Together with the customer we investigate what level for his company is necessary and sensible and which design measures that help the customer can achieve the necessary level of maturity.

Bovacon refers to the well-functioning and meaningful processes it, so that previous successful work processes are not lost. A comparison of the expandable marketing processes with other company’s internal processes and best practices from other industries helps ensure that the companies can operate in the future also continue to aggressively. Bovacon finally create a detailed overview with recommendations and suggestions for improvement by comparing who can marketing processes of the company with best practices and references. If necessary, the processes are optimized through the introduction and implementation of supporting IT-systems. So, our methodology provides an incomparable marketing process transparency and a clear, transparent decision basis for possible improvements. Bovacon underlines the potential of the company and combined it with structured optimization suggestions.

The improvement of the marketing processes and the resulting optimal Results will allow the company more competitive and more successful on the market to position themselves. About bovacon Bovacon helps its customers, their customers better products and services to offer. We help to understand their customers better and to help them more effectively across all touch points. We bring customers closer to the brand, developing innovative products, and optimize internal design and development processes. Whether strategic design, service design, user experience, process optimization is called it, is up to each, mainly it helps our customers. That’s why we work pragmatic and result-oriented. Press contact: bovacon stanchion 22 10179 Berlin Tel.: 030 692 05 740 fax 030 692 05 7402

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