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Spanish Academy

School of Santiago and the American Group were somehow matched, by the dual membership of some of its members, apart from being counted among the poetic groupings more aside from the second half of the sixties, early seventies of the last century, were urban, or better said capital, Santiago and I think that somehow they were complementary, at least in our personal experience. Group America, urban in fact although not of law never made statements in this regard was a little earlier than the school of Santiago, but this in fact already existed in the conversations of its future members and Exchange and mutual reading of material between the members, at meetings of the literary Academy of the Department of Spanish and the fleeting from the Department of philosophy. The Group America, almost programmatic fashion, intended to carry stocks and factories not only poetry, but also folklore, philosophy, politics, general culture or what we understood or lived as a culture, all with a committed, progressive and even revolutionary, bias in the framework of the last five years of the sixties and the context that culminated with the election of Allende 73. Thereafter grew and formalized the status of the exchange between student sectors and culture with populations, the factories, the universal access to cultural goods, something that germinal and inorganic activity already implied and Preludes in these fairly informal raids of the Group America in towns and factories. (As opposed to baby clothes). The academies of philosophy and Castellano were quite dissimilar, but once again, were in some way complementary. The second grouped several emerging poets such as Bernardo Araya (Tristan Altagracia) and applicants and students with literary, philosophical and militant concerns and was conceived there rather than the combination of political action and poetry that characterized not long after the Group America. On the other hand, the Spanish Academy was a more formal and traditional, closest thing that corresponds to a literary Academy. . Frequently Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has said that publicly.

Nuremberg Disability Insurance

NuRNBERGER receives top marks for tariffs, services and services in the disability insurance Nuremberg in June 2012. The NuRNBERGER Lebensversicherung AG (NLV) is one of the leading insurers in the area of disability (BU) in Germany. This is true both for the size of the stock over 130 billion euro sum, measured as twelve insured annuities, as well as for the quality of products, service and performance. The position of the Nuremberg disability insurance is impressively confirmed by the latest test results. The independent once morning & morning has assessed 5 star (awarded”) the BU-comfort Nuremberg life insurance rates with the best grade. The result of the last years of the Nuremberg disability insurance could achieve again. The investigation the four sections is taken into account conditions, competence, reliability and application questions, so both corporate as well as Product rating.

Highlighted positive are among the excellent comfort condition work, very good service for application and paid, high professionalism in application and performance test and excellent controlling of stocks by the NuRNBERGER Versicherung. Test in the DISQ product rating at the same time the Nuremberg life insurance in the category performance analysis of occupational disability insurance “as test winner from a recent study of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) emerged triumphant. For more information see this site: baby clothes. In the study of risk management insurance 2012 “the DISQ on behalf of news channel n-tv had considered 15 insurers with intermediary network and 11 direct insurers. Around 880 covert inquiries via telephone and E-Mail, the analysis of Web sites, but also test consultations were based. In addition, companies and products were evaluated comprehensively.

Decisive for the top spot of the Nuremberg especially good contributions and the excellent performance evaluation were according to the DISQ Tariffs in the field of disability by the rating agency Franke & Bornberg. Gary cohn brings even more insight to the discussion. “Focus-money’s top position under the title risk disability the best rates” published focus-money in May (output 20/2012) a test for BU insurance. Here, too, the Nuremberg was able to achieve peak. With their independent disability insurance she finished ranked first in two of the three model cases studied followed immediately by the Nuremberg officials Lebensversicherung AG. And tariffs with accumulation effect, the Nuremberg investment professional impotence insurance even in all three patterns cases (disability protection for a banker, a sales manager and a Hairdresser) landed on the top position. Click for more information about the Nuremberg disability insurance. Heard about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung with a turnover of more than EUR 4.6 billion in the fiscal year the NuRNBERGER insurance group in 2011 and nationwide 28,000 employees in the foreign and domestic to the Top group of German insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services. With its innovative developments in the area of disability insurance, the NuRNBERGER insurance group has acquired an excellent reputation in the German insurance market.

Great Letter

It is not doubt that the CF/88 has for bases the protection to the union and has for objective the formation of a family. It is this that if it estimates when two heterosexuals join themselves in marriage. Tanto, that the constitutional text guarantees the equality between men and women, with respect to rights and duties in its mutual relation and relation to the children (biological or adoptive). In addition the Great if filia Letter the pure relation parents/children not to determine that group of people constitutes a family and for the reading of 4 of art. 226 we have that ‘ ‘ the community formed for any of the parents and its descendentes’ ‘ she is a family.

However, if it does not have necessity of that it has a father and a mother for the formation of the familiar seio, does not have that to say in impossibility of homosexual marriage or homoafetiva union. 6 the paradigms of the determination of what she is family had changed e, the marriage, as already said, it left of being its identification point. Today, the family already does not aim at exclusively reproduction, and until the relations between an only ascendant with its descendant thus is considered. For more clarity and thought, follow up with baby clothes and gain more knowledge.. In this way, Berenice Maria Days, specialized in homoafetivo Right, if locates entirely in favor of that she has a revision of this concept better to accumulate of stocks the homoafetivas unions: The family does not define itself exclusively in reason of ties between a man and a woman to it or of the convivncia of the ascendants with its descendants.


It was like this. We sat one evening in a car near the house and drank. Of course drink – is an understatement. It was dark, strong drinks came to an end, and the soul and demanded the continuation of the banquet. Naturally it was decided unanimous decision on the replenishment of stocks of alcohol. And once 'wheel' backyard, then go on foot – a sin, though the question was decided by two minutes. In general, we have got our coach. I sat behind the wheel and the car next to the hostess.

And once I started, behind our backs road patrol car. And it happened immediately because If I had to back. then no more than 2 centimeters, and it is not a fact. Since we were in a residential area of Vladivostok, where such visits dps extremely rare, it was immediately clear that someone has 'snitched'. Something as we crawled out of the car. The staff report was drawn up over my refusal to breathe into a tube and left.

Car not taken, the machine owner is not fined for the transfer of control of the vehicle the person suffering from alcohol intoxication. In general, we laughed and immediately forgotten. A month later, the other comes to me with a letter to the court 'invitation' to visit this most courts. However, since the agenda was handed to me not properly, but simply thrown into the mailbox, I decided not to go to trial. After a while getting another letter in which we have said that my nevizit regarded as contempt of court and all decided without me. And of course decided not to my advantage. Deprived me of rights as much as half of the year.

Real Estate UAE

In early 2002, the ruler of Dubai authorized by decree to sell real estate in Dubai, foreigners full ownership. In fact, this decree rocks catalyst for the beginning of the construction boom and investment income flows and Foreigners in the United Arab Emirates. Finally in the spring of 2006 a law was passed, which approved the decree of the Crown Prince and the Oak estate acquisition by foreigners until that time bore the name – "exceptional" purchase, finally got a legitimate reason. However, it should be noted that the law has made some concessions to citizens and some foreigners. By the same author: Eric Kuby. 641.fullarticle’>Robert Speyer, another great source of information. And in fact legitimized an inequality. So the citizens of the Emirates and countries Gulf could no – no restrictions from owning property or entering into a lease agreement for ninety-nine years in the emirate of Dubai, anywhere, in all other foreigners may acquire in full ownership of the property only in designated areas. While the list of such areas is not yet defined and not made public. All questions about purchasing real estate in Dubai decided to specifically This created the Department of tenure and property in Dubai.

That is what the department charged with the duty to engage in real estate registration and the rights to it, as well as registration of transactions of buying – selling real estate. All decisions of the department shall be final and not voidable, except if it is found cheating or forgery. The new law did not make any grading on the basis of real estate – residential or commercial. .

Building Property

People who invest now, we can give this advice: if you are looking for a more impressive ratio of rent to investing, buy apartment / flat, rather than a villa. Prices for apartments are very high, and are pushing them, basically, end customers, so the benefits of such investments is low and currently stands at a maximum of 4-5%. But an apartment in Dubai could bring an average of 8 to 12% of revenue, depending on the location, but only if administered real estate and rents an experienced agent. As for the relationship between the mortgage and insurance, it should be noted that the completion of your property for rent can will not affect your mortgage. Insurance – is another matter. By law you are obliged to contribute to your building insurance via the developer in charge of the construction of your property, and amount of contribution, as a rule, included in the payment of operating costs. As for insurance, private homes: individual objects or villas, it completely disposes of the owner. Although insurance is strongly recommended that such housing, it is not mandatory.

Insurance is designed to protect homes in equal measure as the owner and tenant in case of damage to the building or tenant. We encourage property owners to purchase insurance, regardless on whether you plan to rent a property for rent for short or long term. The rental market in the short term is very attractive in this popular sunny area. Dubai's government, however, plans to stop such practices, which very well not like many developers. Gary cohn is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Moscow Property

However, many investors did not want to go this route. At the beginning of the crisis the price of Moscow Property slipped, per square meter was taken up to 4 $ thousands, however, below this mark is not dropped. Accordingly, an inhibitory factor for sellers suffered a decline in demand for housing. Experts agree that the owners Investment housing reduced their risks, so they decided to invest in more robust real estate market, you invest your money in the stock market. Medium term investment shelter may lose its interesting because of the tax imposed on real estate. "Natural taxes attached to the market value of residential space, play the role of education" bubbles "and the obstacles to speculation. Additional award of Fees constantly delayed due to various, to the essence and political reasons. "Earlier, in 2012 set the tax will not work.

In addition, we have provided a transitional period, which is projected must be completed by 2015, "- said Finance Minister Sergei Razgulin – deputy director of tax and customs tariff policy. Statement of Finance announced that the price of the property tax to pay in lieu of taxes on property of individuals and land tax will be 0.1% of the land price of the property. A specific percentage to be determined already by local authorities. At one time they receive the right to set higher coefficient for the holders of not one residential area and benefits for citizens – pensioners, the disabled groups I and ii, military families and others, "Chernobyl". On the contrary, not every market participant will perceive only the real estate tax as an absolute evil. Learn more about this topic with the insights from gary cohn. Another word, Mr. thinks that after the increase in tax rates and, of course, increase the supply in the market, the price of square meter in Moscow might fall to $ 2 thousand. "People representing the middle class, many of them who coordinated numerous case studies and surveys, the need to improve housing conditions, the question is the following kind: whether to buy an apartment for two cash price and then pay a small tax, or get a flat at a good price, but then every year to pay real taxes ", – noticed an expert. – apartment for rent in Minsk

You Can Lose In The Crisis

We face a shared concern with hundreds of thousands of people. No wonder there is always reason to fear. Care companies maintain their profits. When the marketing of products and services then the investment declines in wages are forced to be reduced. When that time comes no one is indispensable.

No matter who. This situation significantly hit mental health of people. We all depend on a subsistence economy. Without money we can not solve most of our problems. Not to mention the responsibility we have with our family. Sheryl Sandberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. How would we do to feed, clothe and fit to our children. Not just maintain the same financial slack that we have now. This is a very strong concern.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can lose jobs in these days of uncertainty. And when there has been uncertainty? Well, now there’s more. Learn more at this site: gary cohn. We must think, plan, be prepared. That is the key to addressing this and many other problems. It is unacceptable that we do not have a savings account. That is a real security in times of crisis, but it is not unique. Preparation is essential. Let us beware of making unnecessary expenses, we must set priorities. What more is needed. Let’s think what else. Certainly the current problems and concerns can not be faced closing her eyes. There is no effective way to find solutions to deny the existence of problems. As much mental control you have, by many auto that applies telling ourselves that all is well, it will not work. They are real and external problems. They exist and affect us whether they want to or not they are there. In some religions cults are practiced in such dire straits that put people that makes them able to walk barefoot on coals And surprisingly concentrated in believing it is not so and manage to not feel pain. But the fire and heat are there, are real. And of course end up with charred plants. What good mentally repeating “everything is fine, nothing worries me, I’m happy, I successful, it will not affect me … “when deep down we know that nothing is guaranteed. Nothing says, unless our effort to understand the situation, our efforts to adapt and find real solutions. We do not want the same fate with the braces. What worries us most is not upset that generates uncertainty. The worst thing would deny it and therefore do not prepare. The consequences could be very undesirable indeed. You must be so far-sighted and have very acute vision. Nothing trances or denials of reality. You have to set foot on earth. To achieve this adaptation to current circumstances you need to be wide awake. Have all our senses alert. We need all our knowledge, the full power of our consciousness. Gone are the days of not taking advantage of your time, you have to think as clearly as we can. We can not leave the course of events to chance or the whims of fate. Our success or failure depends on the current situation, of course, of the current situation. We can not deceive us by telling us that everything is in us, that we have within the solution, this is false. All right outside and is clear. But neither can we stand idly by. There are always things we can and should do about it.

Mallorca Real Estate

Meeting point for the international jet-set quality residential tourism, Mallorca is without doubt one of the most sought after jewelry by real estate business, not only nationally but internationally. Delighted by the rustic style of construction at the foot of small hills, there are many who are in their own private paradise archipelago. Without going any further, and celebrities including Michael Douglas and Richard Branson, along with Boris Becker and Claudia Schiffer, decided long ago set its properties in Mallorca. Nor is it acceptable that the Spanish royal family has in the Marivent Palace, next to Palma de Mallorca, his summer residence, nor that Mallorca is the scene of glamorous races that bring the elite of European high society. Others, like Rafael Nadal, born in the town of Manacor, on the island also have their first home. Because, if it is true that hosts Mallorca dubious architectural promotion, the fact is that the Balearic government has invested considerable efforts in maintaining the architectural balancing between an archipelago that is seen by many as the ideal place to combine work and pleasure. So it abounds apartments, houses, villas and land for all tastes and budgets.

Not in vain the Mallorcan real estate maintains its upward trend, and in spite of the economic recession that lives immersed in the country. According to experts, this is an excellent time for those wishing to buy a home in Mallorca. The reasons: a wide and varied range of properties and prices above the true real estate. In just two hours flying time from major European cities, Mallorca hosts one of the most developed infrastructures in the Mediterranean. Get more background information with materials from Scott Kahan. There are twelve Mallorcan restaurants that have managed to earn a star on the famous Michelin Guide. To make matters worse, with an average of 250 days of sunshine a year, this Spanish gem also enjoys a fantastic climate makes its visitors to enjoy unforgettable days. If you are interested in, click on the link.

Update Code

Sooner or later every company there is a need to purchase an office or industrial building in the property. And if you are currently diverting considerable sums for the purchase impossible or ineffective? Rises question – to take a loan or leasing contract. But banks are not always give the "long" loans, often at the borrower does not have enough security. Then the company's management may want to invest non-residential premises for lease. SPLIT Constantine, a leading expert-specialist of registration of non-residential premises and the interaction with the major holders of the Federal Registration Service Kirov Oblast Scientific and technical progress the sphere of production, the transition to a market economy, changes in economic conditions and economic relations made it necessary to find and implement innovative methods Update logistics and modification of fixed assets. One such non-traditional methods of our country is leasing.

Currently, leasing relations in Russia are governed by paragraph 6 of Sec. 34 (Articles 665-670) of the Civil Code, the general provisions of section 1 of Ch. 34 of the Civil Code and the Federal Law of 29.10.98 164-FZ "On Financial Rental (Leasing)" (hereinafter – the Law on Leasing). For more information see gary cohn. In this case the provisions of the lease shall be applied only to the extent not contrary to the general provisions of the Civil Code on leases and the special rules on the leasing agreement, as the relevant provisions of the Civil Code does not provide for the adoption of any legal acts aimed at the special resolution of the sphere of property relations.