Great Letter

It is not doubt that the CF/88 has for bases the protection to the union and has for objective the formation of a family. It is this that if it estimates when two heterosexuals join themselves in marriage. Tanto, that the constitutional text guarantees the equality between men and women, with respect to rights and duties in its mutual relation and relation to the children (biological or adoptive). In addition the Great if filia Letter the pure relation parents/children not to determine that group of people constitutes a family and for the reading of 4 of art. 226 we have that ‘ ‘ the community formed for any of the parents and its descendentes’ ‘ she is a family.

However, if it does not have necessity of that it has a father and a mother for the formation of the familiar seio, does not have that to say in impossibility of homosexual marriage or homoafetiva union. 6 the paradigms of the determination of what she is family had changed e, the marriage, as already said, it left of being its identification point. Today, the family already does not aim at exclusively reproduction, and until the relations between an only ascendant with its descendant thus is considered. For more clarity and thought, follow up with baby clothes and gain more knowledge.. In this way, Berenice Maria Days, specialized in homoafetivo Right, if locates entirely in favor of that she has a revision of this concept better to accumulate of stocks the homoafetivas unions: The family does not define itself exclusively in reason of ties between a man and a woman to it or of the convivncia of the ascendants with its descendants.

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