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Latin Americans

JOSE BRECHNER said that Hugo Chavez is sick of the brain is not something to amaze anyone. Since he assumed power his insanity became evident. But be crazy doesn’t make it less dangerous. Venezuela is going through the worst moment of his contemporary life. What was the richest country in South America today lives an unstoppable inflation, there is lack of products and is rationing electricity. As the Colonel wanted, it is looking like the enviable Cuba. Others bolivarianos soon will be found in the same or worse conditions because they enjoy or even multibillion-dollar exports of oil from Venezuela.

When circumstances become black, rather than become aware of his mistake and change course, what progressives do is insist his stubbornness because its ideology takes precedence over sanity. First thing that managed to make the orate is nationalizing banks, supermarkets, and any profitable business is in sight, because it has to get money from somewhere. Your next adventure is more beyond of your game. His initial and final, idea is the war. His alliance with Iran will end facing Venezuela with much more powerful than her countries.

Threat to United States and accuses him of the bigger imbecilidades than anyone can imagine. But remember, the man is not normal. His final statement was that the Haiti earthquake was caused by an American secret weapon. Their fantasies already do not cause grace, are typical of a serious mentally ill. As United States is not enough you as enemy, is sending arms to Hezbollah in the Lebanon, provoking Israel. When the war continue his course in the Middle East, because Israel cannot afford a nuclear Iran, Hezbollah will attack. If Colonel meddles directly or indirectly in this dance, it may cost you dearly. We must not forget that Fidel Castro sent Cuban troops to Africa, and everything that Chavez knows he learned from Castro. To destroy the Venezuelan military, United States needs a week. Took you two put an end to the Iraqi who was much more powerful and was more far away. With seven military bases available to Americans in Colombia, the Colonel has no chances. So far all are words, insults that do not stop, but the confrontation is every day closer. Is a question for a single act of war hostility to Uncle Sam, and Mr Obama will have to order military action. Chavez is so tiny in international terms that don’t see the dimension of their enemies. It is like an Ant walking on a table. For the insect table is your world, but enough the Palm of a child to crush it. Lieutenant Colonel thinks that allying with Iran is stronger, not only wrong, but would you risk that the his hand is greater. Free Latin Americans are clamoring for an American incursion to end progressive tyrants from the first day they took power. It seems that soon their orders must be heard. Would have been better a civilized democracy, but with rulers change as Chavez, Morales, Correa and others, cannot be have democracy. They incinerated it. original author and source of the article.

The ABCs

Be very clear as soon as time plan to have results, this will take you to spend every day working on your project and not crossed for you the idea to abandon it until he complies with what you’ve proposed. Put action! -Either already planificaste everything now whether to take him wing practice. This you can take more than a few hours of sit and write all the above and now hands wing work, you already have defined a schedule, a plan to carry it out and the money that you invest in your business and knowledge. As you can see if you take a few hours to write in your diary or book either, the start of creating a good business over the internet is much more easy, and don’t forget that today also accounts with lots of free information that you can find through blogs, ebooks, webinars and video tutorials, so I think that there is no excuse, and although this is not a formula magica to succeed in your business, if it is helpful that planning and have very clear your goals and write them a date of arrival. I appreciate your reading time and hope to serve you so you start the year 2011 with all energies focused on your project. We are reading us very soon. ** Note: as additional data I invite you to download free my ebook the ABCs of the Internet business to get more information here I show you how to create your blog up to how to start a business productive. Your friend: April rivera original author and source of the article.

Six Marketing Processes

As in all other activities of a company, marketing is no exception to policies reduction of budgets, or at least of optimising the use of resources. This requires achieving adequate levels of productivity, making use of available resources in the best possible way. The company’s management will be very attentive to the measurable results of different marketing activities and surely will opt for those that have the greatest potential for generating a highly favourable cost/benefit ratio. For this marketing function must make use of tools that allow you to plan, execute and measure clearly the activities and results of their demand generation initiatives. We have taken as a basis an article published some days ago at the portal of Selling Power related to six business processes developed in the area of marketing that can be highly effective through the use of CRM-type systems. Let’s see what are these recommendations.

Customer retention programs. As we have mentioned in previous articles, a the best sources of revenue for the companies is its current customer base. To the extent that is much better known to customers, greater is the probability that you can develop programs in order to maintain these satisfied customers. For this it is necessary to identify the behavior of individuals or specific segments and detect patterns that allow demand generation strategies developed in these segments. CRM systems can get to determine the level of profitability by segment of customers and thus provide information to marketing staff so identify segments are the most important and that initiatives must implement to achieve Captivate these customer groups. Making correct use of numerous channels of interactions that allows an appropriate CRM system, it is possible to react to the behaviour presented by these groups of high interest to the company. Thus marketing initiatives can be implemented quickly. The integration of CRM tools with what is known as social networks, may be another interesting element to better understand how to decide and evaluate in a moment of purchase by the consumer or client.