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Emergency Anticrisis

Up last Monday an emergency eu summit. Under the name of the summit can be understood that the eu countries together to solve economic problems, how to stabilize the economy and take the necessary measures to resolve the crisis, as the name implies – emergency measures. But here's the problem, the countries of Eastern Europe just for the crisis have asked for money, not much is not enough, 190 billion euros. Yes this is the Marxist to overcome the crisis must ask for money. Look at what the countries of Eastern Europe – it's Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc. ie all those countries that have been adopted in the eu to have at least some pressure on Russia.

But to give money when everything in the economy is good – it one thing, but when they themselves are drowning, it's not up to it. That seemed to help and not denied, but money is not given. Good word – also help. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Baltic countries were factories, which employed mostly Russian-speaking population. After the pro-Western policies of these plants mainly pozakryvalis and left this country with nothing, with only one datatsiyami from the eu.

Here comes the global crisis. France, Britain and Germany support of his producer, and that – the election is around the corner, and the electorate should not get him angry. And Eastern European countries think that they are in the same boat sailing, and the lessons of history to remember did not want. Although distort history beyond recognition they have already. Old Europe does not give money, that Russia may have to ask? If Eastern Europe collapsed, defaulted, then – this is not the worst thing that Europe faces global crisis. Responsible for the country which first invited to European Union, and now refuse to help, well, that Russia has in this not have to blame. By the way, Austria has offered to help with money, but nobody supported and it was quiet. We are witnessing a split in Europe, the middle spring we will probably see how deep the crisis. Bottom of the crisis no one has yet reached, and the exit is not visible. Throwing money in the next few years, nobody in Europe will not, Russia will stand up and drop our neighbors who were left without support, we'll see. Here we observe democratic eu policy. And and South Ossetia do not want to take. The conclusion from all these statements, that is really serious crisis, or as it is in the west called the 'epidemic of the economic crisis', Europe is going to such extreme measures, so we still have to wait and nothing good is worth.


Meanwhile, competitors are already selling a new product or service. Another way – use html to create documents, their structure and organization of links between documents. This is a great deal of work for the programmer, the burden on the budget and again lost in time, which turns into a loss of customers. Some marketers are attempting to form a disk is simply a collection of files, allowing the user to download the most necessary. But such a product is generally difficult to identify the advertising drive, since it has no common envelope and makes the prospect of the deal in the pile of documents, which he probably will not do. This review articulates the problem: you need a software product that allows you to generate advertising drives, providing them with convenient and attractive shell, the package of documents for viewing by the user.

The product should be easy to learn, to give to rapidly change the contents of the disc, to introduce elements to it corporate identity, graphics, presentations, demos. Formed drive should be easy to navigate, and the materials used in the package could be prepared without the involvement of specialists, but would be able to switch and professionally prepared promotional materials. An important requirement for such a product should be its quick payback. Such a product exists – is a software package PromoPack Developed by 3DMind. PromoPack – designer advertising drive, or e-catalog with which you collect your drive, as a designer. The only method that is used in the design – Drag & Drop (drag and throw). You create a menu in a view that sees your potential buyer, and then drag and drop files from Explorer to be run or displayed if the user selects corresponding menu item. The result you can always control, PromoPack show you the drive is a view that the user will see.

PromoPack saves files in your package as a working version, and also forms the final variant adware disk or electronic catalog, providing its executable file. Ie You can make changes in the working version, without losing the previous final release discs. PromoPack allows you to place a graphic header – the banner. As a banner can be used specifically to create your brand image, and just a photograph in a format jpeg. Professional version allows PromoPack inclusion in the package banner – video demo versions of software products. In PromoPack can use files that you create using familiar Office applications, as well as materials prepared by the designers – html documents, images, jpeg, bmp. PromoPack allows the use of purchaser of new products and services of your company. All changes in your business should immediately be reflected on the drive or directory. With PromoPack you are armed and can respond quickly to changed circumstances, to make additions, changes, rebuild the drive, drawing the user's attention on those aspects or positions on which you would like to focus his attention. How many of your customers will receive inaccurate information about your proposals and how interested the information of competitors, as long as you agree with the web-designers to amend your ad drive? And finally, the return on investment product. Here PromoPack advantage is obvious. Money spent on the purchase of a software package PromoPack, not costs, and investments. You invest in marketing, promotion, investing in revenue-generating tool with the first issue of your disk. Calculate your costs An illustrated catalog, brochures, flyers, design services for creating electronic catalogs, to amend them. The conclusion is obvious.

Ukraine Banks

For instance, if in the middle of summer on the decision to grant or not grant credit customer can expect a whole month, now they give out quickly. In addition, some banks, which several months ago in general were not given credit in national currency, have finally begun to lend in uah (eg bank "Aval"). Nevertheless, these loans are cheaper still will not. "The global financial crisis is over, but you need a little time to market was filled with the finances. A fall in Ukraine is expected to accelerate inflation, because banks will not agree to lower interest rates.

If auto loans and fall in price, except that from next year – says Alexander Sedih. – Not before the beginning of 2009 can be expected to reduce the average cost of cars. But it will not happen due to the fact that prices for certain brands will fall, but because the market will be more choice of cheap cars. " An ideal borrower – a married man 30-40 years old According to Alexander before how to decide on a loan for a large sum, banks account for 15 to 45 factors. The first is the size of official income. Average monthly contribution – 300-450 dollars.

If you pay only $ 500, then this work would have to ride shuttle – a loan on a car you hardly will be given. Pay attention to what you own real estate. Well, if you have a deposit account in a bank in which you want to get a loan.

United Kingdom Investors

Except for honorable exceptions, the commercialization of this product has left much to be desired, since, once again, the employed financial advisers of the bank have not explained sufficiently well the risks of the product, due to the pressure and the conflict of interest which they were put under because the unique objective of the organizations was to place the product outside as. Today, many independent advisers of investment we were with multitude of clients " pillados" with these products, that cannot recover their investment and that are forced to maintain their money inverted in an organization in which there are lost all the confidence. The operations of exchange that finally have been carried out or are carrying out on the part of the organizations are varied and need an individual analysis, but in enough cases it is abusing the client again forcing it to exchange its preferred ones by action in the future, now establishing a price of the action that at the time of the conversion has perhaps come down, with the consequent loss of the inverted capital. Or more worse still, in some operations of exchange, one commits the investors to exchange and to maintain during long periods, for example during 10 years, subordinate debt, to an interest very below the market for this type of investment, which makes impossible that before the 10 years this product in secondary market without suffering a bulky loss of capital can be sold, and therefore, it will force the investors to maintain the inverted money until the victory, they like or they do not like. Therefore, we can speak of authentic " corralito" to the Spanish, who is unimaginable more in advanced countries financially but than to take place in some of these countries, it would have had important consequences for the managers of the responsible organizations. Here, nevertheless, all so contentments. It would not want to finish without doing one reflection on the null utility of the Mifid in these cases.

Indeed, the European directive that supposedly it had to protect the small investors has demonstrated to be wet paper, since the organizations continue at will placing those products that interest to them to the detriment of the interests of the particular investors, who are in clear disadvantage by their low financial culture. A situation that has few possibilities of changing, since the financial reconstruction that we are living is taking us to the formation of a banking oligopoly, with the excuse of the crisis, which will bring about a diminution of the competition between organizations, and therefore will harm the investors and will favor the continuation of this type of practices. No matter how hard some politicians, bankers and mass media repeat, it is an enormous deceit that the unique form to survive nowadays for the banks is to become larger organizations, and we have some examples in our country that obstinately demonstrate to us that it is possible to be small or medium, and simultaneously very efficient. In addition, if the financial authorities once and for all promoted the independent financial advising, like which we exert the AIF professionals, these problems would not occur and a model of distribution of financial products more favorable to the more efficient investor and in terms of cost for the own banks could be created. All we would leave winning. The model to follow is the United Kingdom, where the independent advisers are a fundamental actor in the financial system, but still we are here, unfortunately, to years light.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories – is part of Canada, located in the north in pripolyare. Most of the population and business activity in the region are concentrated in the capital – near Yellowknife Great Slave Lake. Main industrial sector is mining, mainly in mining precious metals. The development of gold mines was launched in 1930. In recent times few have been discovered diamond fields to the north of Yellowknife. Most of the territory is wild land, only occasionally interrupted by human settlements. Most of these settlements were founded by indigenous peoples, but sometimes there are settlements based courageous travelers and adventurers.

More than 50% of the population of the Northwest Territories are Inuit communities (Inuit living in Canada, Alaska and Greenland in), and Dene. These communities are located in Canada or hundreds of even thousands of years. A characteristic feature of the landscape of the Northwest Territories are the vast evergreen forests and verdant hills. This region is thinly populated by people, so while walking you have more chances meet the bison, grizzly bear, or even of a representative of the local wildlife than humans. These vast, sparsely populated land is home to many species of birds and animals including rare species of them.

Walking here promise to be very exciting, but at the same time is not always safe. Northwest Territories Mackenzie Mountains extend from the border with the Yukon to the barren lands to the east and from the shores and islands of the Arctic ocean to the forests in the south. Since 1967, the capital – the city of Yellowknife. The longest river of Canada – Mackenzie extends to 1480 km. It originated in the Great Slave Lake and flows into the Beaufort Sea. Among the tourists are popular boating and boat on the River Mackenzie, Great Slave and Great Bear Lake. The climate of the Northwest Territories cold but relatively dry. Summer is usually warm and sunny, the temperature reaches 35 C. Winter – long and cold, the temperature can drop to -45 C. Holidays in this region is suitable for those who rush of civilization and society people prefer silence, beauty and splendor of wildlife and its inhabitants.