Ukraine Banks

For instance, if in the middle of summer on the decision to grant or not grant credit customer can expect a whole month, now they give out quickly. In addition, some banks, which several months ago in general were not given credit in national currency, have finally begun to lend in uah (eg bank "Aval"). Nevertheless, these loans are cheaper still will not. "The global financial crisis is over, but you need a little time to market was filled with the finances. A fall in Ukraine is expected to accelerate inflation, because banks will not agree to lower interest rates.

If auto loans and fall in price, except that from next year – says Alexander Sedih. – Not before the beginning of 2009 can be expected to reduce the average cost of cars. But it will not happen due to the fact that prices for certain brands will fall, but because the market will be more choice of cheap cars. " An ideal borrower – a married man 30-40 years old According to Alexander before how to decide on a loan for a large sum, banks account for 15 to 45 factors. The first is the size of official income. Average monthly contribution – 300-450 dollars.

If you pay only $ 500, then this work would have to ride shuttle – a loan on a car you hardly will be given. Pay attention to what you own real estate. Well, if you have a deposit account in a bank in which you want to get a loan.

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