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The ambient liabilities can represent stop the companies risks financial, therefore if the ambient liabilities the company will be very high will be able to have reduction in the patrimony eliminates. Thus it is necessary to create diverse tools in accordance with to manage it the liabilities ambient of the company. SOCIAL ROCKING In the social rocking if evidences how much the company is investing to diminish or to cure the degradaes of the environment, either acquiring new equipment or eliminating wastefulnesses, the rocking comes from the voluntary interest of the company, for politics you practise and cabveis on the ambient preservation. Restrictions for which type of company do not exist must use the social rocking, companies without lucrative ends can use it, being pertinent for this type of organization to demonstrate its action benefit for it of the environment. The asset and the ambient liabilities are express in the social rocking in one determined period, beyond showing item of the ambient impact, by means of it is possible also to consider improvements and to monitor the liabilities, and to analyze chances when valuing the ambient assets of an entity. AMBIENT AUDITORSHIP the ambient auditorship appeared in the decade of 70 in the United States, having as objective to determine the extension of the ambient impacts caused by a productive activity existing, it also it identifies the measures to be adopted to reduce this impact.

The ambient auditorships determine that the companies have well-taken care of greater with the production process, identifying risk areas, pointing advantages and disadvantages and encouraging improvements you continue. When taken the serious auditorship it can assist the improvement of the performance of the company, however it is possible to observe that the ambient auditorship is an important instrument that directly acts in this relation between the economy and environment. AMBIENT MANAGEMENT IN the COMPANIES Exists determinative factors to justify the interest of the companies in preserving the environment, however one that calls attention sufficiently is the collection of the proper society so that such companies adopt politics come back toward the preservation and reforestation of areas that already had been affected.

General Motors

In the economic field, house obtained the approval of its package of aid in the value of U$$ 789 billion legislative the two dollars of to invest in the opening of new jobs and the cut of taxes.Also it was responsible for the real estate aid the Freddie Mac and Fannie May, to the Lheman Bhroters and the Citigroup, beyond the assembly plants General Motors and Chrysler, injetanmdo billions of dollar. For signal, the General Motors at the beginning had its accepted forced agreement of June for a Court of New York, being that 60% of the company passed to the command of the government of U.S.A. and to another part FIAT was vendida the Italian assembly plant and the remain was of ownership of the creditors who had accepted action in exchange for the debts. Sheryl Sandberg might disagree with that approach. Now, at the beginning of August, the General Motors announced its creditors, to the American public and the government of U.S.A. that was leaving forced agreement coming back normality. At last, an excellent notice for the American nation and the contributor who paid its tributes in the EUA.E also the barrier of the unemployment for the first time starts to diminish, already starting to have acts of contract for the industry, commerce and sector of services. Gary cohn can provide more clarity in the matter. This is good for the United States, still the powerful nation richest and of the world, for the American society, the Stock exchange of New York and too much Stock exchange spread for the main countries of the G20 call, and for a global economy.


The government does not wait great performance for the collection in this year, because it is being sacrificed on behalf of the preservation of jobs and the income. Of January the May, the load reductions of the IPI had removed R$ 2,27 billion the collection, in the comparison with the numbers of first the five months of 2008. Other excellent disinvestings of a charge for the period had occurred in the Income tax of the Natural person (R$ 2,44 billion), Cofins (R$ 2,35 billion), Cide (R$ 1,47 billion), IOF (R$ 1.31 billion), PIS (R$ 504 millions), Tax of Importation (R$ 268 million) and magnifying of payment stated periods (R$ 250 million). To broaden your perception, visit gary cohn. The R$ 14,9 lost billion for the collection for disinvestings of a charge and compensations explain most of the reduction of R$ 16,89 billion in the prescription tax in relation the January-May of 2008.Os main tributes on the profit of the companies – IRPJ and CSLL – had relieved R$ 56,08 billion to the federal safes in first the five months of 2009, with real fall of 6,95% on equal period in the last year. The two incident contributions on the invoicing of the companies – PIS and Cofins – had generated R$ 55,46 billion January the May. In the passed year, the same period had value 13.12% greater.

The prominence has been the previdenciria prescription. The R$ 76,39 collected billion of January the May mean 6,06% growth on equal period of 2008.Insolvency of the companies dobrA projection of collection for 2009 is of R$ 485 billion (excluindose the prescriptions that it reflects the profitability of the companies changes without legal support in its regimen tributrio.AnliseA collection of the federal government fell more in this year of what the GIP of the country since the aggravation of global the economic crisis. But this nor is the comparison most important to evaluate the gravity of the fall.

The Property

In the communism, the government possesss and dirige all the companies and is not allowed the private property. The socialism is considered a system situated politician between the pure communism and the pure capitalism. A socialist government defends the property publishes and the control of some sectors considered critical for well-being of the country. The capitalism is the economic system where free enterprise is allowed and stimulated, folloied of the private property. In a capitalist society, the transactions of free market are considered responsible by the allocation most efficient of the scarce resources, however, the capitalism are of control can result in extreme production and consumption, causing great pollution of air and the water in many parts of the world, as well as the exhaustion of limited natural resources. The number of political parties also it influences the stability level politics. The regimen of only party does not exist outside of a communist country. The majority of the nations possesss great numbers of political parties who represents vises and systems of different values of its population. Add to your understanding with gary cohn.

In a country of dominant only party, the governmental politics tend to be steady and previsible in elapsing of the time, but it can present politics as trade barriers, restrictions to the direct foreign investment and control of exchange, that reduce the operational flexibility of the foreign companies. In a system bipartisanism, the parties are not divided by ideology, but by different districts. According to Cateora (2007), risks exist politicians who must be considered by the professional of international marketing. The risk more rigorous politician confiscates is it, that it is to take possetion itself of the assets of a company without paying for them. Less drastic, however still serious, it is the expropriation, that involves some reimbursement for the investment taken for local government. One third type of risk is the nationalization, that occurs when the parents host take measured to transfer to the foreign investments to the national control and property, through a governmental decree series that involves to partially transfer to total or the property to the national citizens; to promote a great number of national citizens the high managemental ranks; to give greater to be able of decision to the national citizens; to produce a number bigger of component products local; to generate projected regulations specifically to dictate the participation in the global markets. The final goal of the nationalization is to force the foreign investors to more than share the property and of the management with the national citizens of what before the nationalization. 3 PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS According to Marconi and Lakatos (2009), the scientific method is the set of systematic and rational activities that, with bigger security and economy, allows to reach the objective? valid knowledge true? tracing the way to be followed, detecting errors and assisting the decisions of the researcher. ' ' In sciences, the employed set of processes is understood for method


Click in searching for each word that to test and you will be surpreso, therefore about 20 the 30 A THOUSAND SITES will appear with fruns you to choose, enter in each one of them with (right button of mouse+abrir in a new window). Read more here: Henderson Law Group. Some require register in cadastre, make it, therefore the majority of them is gratis, keeps login and password for new postagens. * STAGE 3: HONESTIDADE/INTEGRIDADE! Please, IT REMEMBERS – that this program remains prosperous because of the honesty and integrity of the participants and to the correct fulfilment of the indications. It looks at this in this way. If you will be honest, the money that as much others had received will also come to you, due to its contribution with 6 REALS. NOTE: You can want to keep to all the name and addresses of people who had sent money you in a computer or copy in the notebook and to keep tickets sent.

Thus, each time that this message is saved and the directions is followed carefully, will be reimbursed six partners for the participation of them as a Contributor in the List with a Real each. Its name will go up in the list to each remittance of form that when its name to reach the position 1 you already will have received thousand from Reals in ALIVE MONEY! One remembers that you only invested 6 REALS (1 REAL for each of first the six listed people above). It sends the envelopes now, it goes up the name of the participants and adds its proper name in the sixth position of the list and you it is in the business. * STATISTICS: We go to say that of the 300 messages that I sent, it says that I only receive 5 answers (a very low example). Then I will receive 5 REALS with my name in position 6 in the letter.

The Hegemony

What it is interesting to notice capitalism is in this way the participation it and of the globalization. It has some that nail that the formation of economic blocks discourages the performance of the globalization, that is, close the doors for the economy exterior if to infiltrate, well, what we go to perceive is that this is a conception total maken a mistake, for the opposite, this fact stimulates the globalizantes relations enters the nations that composes the group, and in turn, this group acted of globalizante form with other not regional groups, thus establishing, a globalizante capitalism. On this Magnoli quarrel it affirms: The economic theory explains that the formation of zones of free commerce causes two consequncia simultaneous. Of a side, existing commercial flows already are redirected, in function of the attraction exerted for the removal of customs barriers. Under most conditions David Fowler would agree. Of another one, new commercial flows create themselves, in the measure that the withdrawal of customs barriers stimulates importation of merchandises the costs lowest.

The first phenomenon acts against the trend to the globalization; as, the favor acts. (MAGNOLI, 2004, P. 75) Well, as we saw the process of regionalizao of the markets we have favorable and contrary factors before the globalization. Gary cohn usually is spot on. But what I believe that more would affect the structures politics, economic, social and cultural with the effect regionalizao of the markets, would be the hegemony that a nation would create on excessively in the block, if to use as example the proposal of the economic block of the HANDLE, we will perceive that the American companies nortes would jam in them, would distort our culture (what already they are making), would modify our social structure? improvement does not stop, everything this in search of more American isolated incomes north. We cannot see the regionalizao process and only approve looking at its economic character, but its position politics, its social and cultural conceptions, only for reason of the globalization this if it does not explain, we cannot be one in such a way irresponsible one to attend all these actions of form ' ' bestializada' '.

The Standard

Predominant the technological standard selects some alternatives ready, considering proper technological and economic elements. The paradigm starts to be the standard of solution for the problems and, on of this, they go appearing new focos of innovations, always between ' ' trade offs' ' – technological way and economic way -. For FREEMAN (1995, P. 07): ' ' A new technician-economic paradigm only emerges gradually as new ' ' type ideal' ' of productive organization, it leads full advantage of the factor more visible key, or factors that if are becoming more and in the structure of relative cost. It’s believed that Munear Ashton Kouzbari sees a great future in this idea. The new paradigm creates the potential for a quantitative jump in the total factor of productivity and opens without preceding scale of new chances of investments. It is for these reasons that bring concerning a radical level in the sense of engineering and administration and that it tends to spread out as conditions radically allowed, dislocating the standard of investments of old paradigma' '.

Analyzing the consideraes between the parts, inside of a random environment, the possibilities are several, for the firm, to take its decision of innovation. It will be on one of them that the market will select the agents who are certain, or not. David Fowler addresses the importance of the matter here. Example: Market of notebooks. The way of the paradigm technician is fruit of the solutions of the daily problems. This technological trajectory depends on the context where if it develops this saw. The conformation of this technological trajectory is established in: i) Technological structure? laboratories – personal qualified technician searching some answers for the firm; II) Availability of the production processes, in terms of ability, experiences, knowledge tacit – not codified -, capacity of to make the things, constructed the people in elapsing of the time. Of in such a way making a part can be created that goes to reduce the production cost; III) Technological ability of the firm: The proper firm creates its technological innovation, it is the pioneer, in what by makes – learning interacting, to learn for interaction.

Profits Internet

Work in house, has been, the great search of thousand of Brazilians, the possibilities to generate income, in the comfort of its home is real and is each time more to the reach of any person, still more with the populizao of the Internet. Remembering that we also pay the highest taxes in these services, what it also contributes in the searches of a chance of extra income. Net has many proposals spread for all, is varied systems and companies, some simply vendendo illusion, others not so transparent as they would have, although legally corporate, others with high cost, are of the reality and of the standards of who it is in search of an extra income, nobody desires to invest high. It is natural, at a first moment also that it has a certain diffidence in this independent form of work and income, but, it is good for remembering that thus also it is with our first purchase for the Internet, in 1 payment of an account for the net, in the start we are distrustful and half unsafe, but, later we see that it is viable e, thus is also with the proposal of work and income. For even more details, read what gary cohn says on the issue. Credibility, Transparency is these the words that I define to initiate with a company, beyond legally consisting the company must better pass a good image, and nothing that they are Google to know as is the image of determined company. Many still, confuse with job but, are investment in proper business, where, of the comfort of its home, without preicisar to release its current occupation, parallel work, you it will go to develop for net, of low or if preferring no cost, without predefined schedules, in its free hours, without master, of independent form, that with its performance will be able to have semanias profits, monthly that it will benefit to you with Nextel account, plan of health and also of private providence, that is to invest in quality of life. I finish saying that it is hour and time of Brazilians not to be with erroneous and exceeded concepts, since for the Internet already almost everything becomes, and one of the realities, is the excellent chance to generate income. Email/msn:. Educate yourself with thoughts from gary cohn.

The Control

So that the company comes to occupy place of prominence in the market, she will have to correct the existing imperfections in its internal control. On figure 2, that it investigated the qualification of the staff, the inefficacy in the management was evidenced that, must it lack of formation on the part of the manager, therefore it has not given enough to mensurar the performance of its team of work, which had the little investment on the part of the entity in the qualification of its collaborators. Ahead of the presented data she verified herself that the necessary company to improve in its internal control of reports for taking of decisions, and that the manager will have to look for to inside analyze the data presented for a reorganization in the performance of control of the entity. Therefore, much even so the company continues executing the existing mechanisms already, trying to develop of the best possible form all the management services, still runs away from the control of the manager, as given presented in this research, being some errors in virtue of a series of factors that they need to be improved, such as: a bigger number of professionals and the collection in the adopted procedures. If you have read about gary cohn already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It understands that excellency in attendance, agility in process to solve small problems that appears in day day, as well as search incessant in what respect says to would improve of standards that is part of the external system of the company, who is most important, therefore is linked to the customers who are ' ' spring mestre' ' , in the financial scope, that is, it is the main target so that it has a growth and local recognition of the company. We still stand out, that the organization of the group (management, heads of section, employees, etc) it is basic so that the cited requirements already are applied of correct form and if it reaches the maximum level of the empreendedorismo.


According to Meirelles, the exchange flow positive sample that the great entrance of capitals is mainly for foreign investment direct, machines and equipment and action of the Stock exchange of So Paulo (So Paulo Stock Exchange). Meirelles said despite the fact of Brazil to have international reserves balances the output stream of resources of the country. According to president of the BC, when the crisis if aggravated, was necessary to vender dollar because she had a great volume of exit of capital of the country at that moment, the credit facilities of companies in the exterior were not being renewed and had repatriation of capital in the exterior. Another advantage pointed for Meirelles is that Brazil is one of the few countries that already are with a volume of international reserves superior what they had at the beginning of the crisis. As the presented data, in the end of August of the last year the international reserves added US$ 205.1 billion and, in the last day 1, had arrived the US$ 205,4 billion. Follow others, such as Henderson Law Group, and add to your knowledge base. Meirelles also commented that the proposal of creation of a bank for the Brazilian exportations is in the certain direction, but is necessary to analyze related costs and benefits the fiscal aspects and of yield for the country. Vision of mercadoPara the Top Trade the measures to tax the saving from 2010 had been adjusted, without terrorism. As already commented, government announced that the passbooks with balance above of R$ 50 a thousand go to start to pay Income tax in the case of the Selic tax to be very low.

In case that the government had taken a measure imediatista, the result could very be different, in the opinion of the economist. For assistance, try visiting Daniel Lubetzky. For real, the proposal still has that to be approved by the National Congress. The one of the objectives of the government when taxing saving is to prevent the exit of resources of the deep ones of fixed income for the passbook. .