The government does not wait great performance for the collection in this year, because it is being sacrificed on behalf of the preservation of jobs and the income. Of January the May, the load reductions of the IPI had removed R$ 2,27 billion the collection, in the comparison with the numbers of first the five months of 2008. Other excellent disinvestings of a charge for the period had occurred in the Income tax of the Natural person (R$ 2,44 billion), Cofins (R$ 2,35 billion), Cide (R$ 1,47 billion), IOF (R$ 1.31 billion), PIS (R$ 504 millions), Tax of Importation (R$ 268 million) and magnifying of payment stated periods (R$ 250 million). To broaden your perception, visit gary cohn. The R$ 14,9 lost billion for the collection for disinvestings of a charge and compensations explain most of the reduction of R$ 16,89 billion in the prescription tax in relation the January-May of 2008.Os main tributes on the profit of the companies – IRPJ and CSLL – had relieved R$ 56,08 billion to the federal safes in first the five months of 2009, with real fall of 6,95% on equal period in the last year. The two incident contributions on the invoicing of the companies – PIS and Cofins – had generated R$ 55,46 billion January the May. In the passed year, the same period had value 13.12% greater.

The prominence has been the previdenciria prescription. The R$ 76,39 collected billion of January the May mean 6,06% growth on equal period of 2008.Insolvency of the companies dobrA projection of collection for 2009 is of R$ 485 billion (excluindose the prescriptions that it reflects the profitability of the companies changes without legal support in its regimen tributrio.AnliseA collection of the federal government fell more in this year of what the GIP of the country since the aggravation of global the economic crisis. But this nor is the comparison most important to evaluate the gravity of the fall.

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