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Current IACW

Coaching as a subject of science? Zurich, February 18, 2011 scientific research little coachingbezogen is aligned despite all challenges by the power company. In this gap, it appears recently in Zurich, Switzerland, International Academy founded in the Coachingwissenschaften (IACW). The IACW is one of the scientific institutions in the rank of an Academy of Sciences and the world the first research institution of its kind. A circle of selected researchers belongs to the Academy, which are identified through scientific excellence. It offers opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary scientific knowledge in the field of coaching and its neighbouring disciplines and to hold lectures on new scientific developments their members in the Academy events. The IACW strives to integrate the existing in the world of coaching and developing approaches and continue to develop.

Because of its orientation is able to research projects on high wissenschafltichem level to stimulate and to edit. “” “” Current projects of the IACW include neuro-coaching”geronto-coaching”, coaching and effectiveness research”, coaching for expatriates”and coaching in finance”. Because of the scientific and organizational set a for the coachingrelevanten problems of modern enterprise – work world central task is the IACW in the tradition of the Academy idea in the context of Sciences gathered in her. Contact: Prof. Dr. mult. Robert Weimar, President, Germany Tel.: + 49 (2734) 29 80 E-Mail:

Dog Coaching

A special attention and binding training enables a stress-free together! “We have not reinvented the dog school. We have applied only the latest methods on an old problem”, so the statement of the company’s founder. Through a new composition of different techniques and the complete waiving of submission, motivation, work with feed, etc. succeeded the company’s founder, to develop an educational method based on ranking. The mobile dog school was my last lifeline, because either my dogs stop barking or I would have trouble with my landlord and the “nice” neighbors. Also, not particularly of my visit was done, when pressing the apartment bell sounded a deafening barking. Not to mention the start up and the paw prints on the white blouse. Clear case: because something needs to be done: and I went to the mobile dog school! To restrain a dog should probably still fold, but to get three bullies in the handle, a weary smile let me in my Magic face.

The three bullies were two Jack Russell and a larger Mongrel, which put an extreme stubbornness on the day. So did you be done by mobile dog school? The dogs welcomed the dog trainer with appropriate bark and huge theater. I would have to imagine just such a success: only 10 minutes from the dogs were barking, when it rang. No jumping to more. And no commands, no roar, none of this. With the almost-simplest means that I had dreamed of for years worked. CALM! My neighbors are very grateful about it and also with the landlord is more trouble!