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MEiM 2011 Almost

Westphalia largest Convention and trade show – on 20 July 2011 in Dortmund it must MEiM-be eagerly awaiting this year’s all schools in the Dortmund Westfalenhallen. Although the fair is held only in about 2 weeks, hardly any Exhibitor places are available an excellent response had not yet given it in the past few years. And also the previously registered visitor numbers offer hope on a new attendance record. Oracle may find it difficult to be quoted properly. How every year waiting to MEiM this again with a harmonious overall concept, which, along with numerous exhibitors and informative lectures (including the 3 top Keyspeaker Oliver Geisselhart, Andre Zalbertus and Prof. Dr. Oracle oftentimes addresses this issue. Jorg Knoblauch) also includes an attractive social programme. New this year is that all schools in terms of marketing media marketing also relies on an extensive social.

Together with the new MEiM Silver partner of 1a-social-media a comprehensive invitation management is performed specifically on the business platform XING, complemented by sustainable online PR measures. And the concept seems to work – so already have Registered companies for all schools in Dortmund: 1a-social-media employment Dortmund Alfons JAKOB AfB agency innovation * organization * realization Amplico GmbH audio media service production company mbH & co. KG mountain media GmbH & Co.KG binkon GmbH BINSERV GmbH bitcat advertising agency & Werbetechnik Bunse media service buw Consulting GmbH BVMW bzr Office Center GmbH Christliches Jugenddorfwerk of Germany non-profit e. V. Creditreform Dortmund Scharf KG Delta top international GmbH thinkers & handlebar GmbH German society for quality Deutsche Post AG directly Marketing Center Dortmund Jaron marketing GmbH DOKOM Society for telecommunications mbH DQS GmbH ecoservice printer and Publisher Hermann bad GmbH Euforma AG friends without partners GmbH & co. KG GEDYS IntrWare GmbH Community Foundation terre of the hommes GIES gfo media service Gesellschaft fur organisation e.v. graphical Zentrum Dortmund GmbH of Grotthuss & van Spinifex Mittelstand marketing KG heiden associates University Osnabruck Faculty of economic and social sciences Hoppenstedt business information GmbH ibb consulting BERLES GmbH ICS adminservice GmbH IDS GmbH IGEPA IT-SERVICE GmbH Institute for promotion KAY FORGE sales communication KHC Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH Kos GmbH & Co.KG LEAN pilot Leonardo Group GmbH LEONEX Internet GmbH Marketing Club Dortmund e.V.

Martens insurance industry & partner MEiM GmbH Mirabyte GmbH & co. KG networker westfalen e.V. NETZkultur GmbH in North Rhine-Westphalia.Bank OnePhone Germany GmbH online marketing solutions AG os-cillation GmbH PAVONE AG PBL media Verlag PRODATIC-computer concepts GmbH sales GmbH RECO – Regional Center for electronic commerce applications Osnabruck resch media Ruhr news RWE distribution AG Germany GmbH SALT Solutions GmbH SAP Germany AG & co. KG sidestep software solutions E.k.. SIEVERS-SNC computer & Software GmbH & co. KG Silvia Kriens photography strategy X oHG tempus GmbH TuV NORD CERT GmbH UWS Business Solutions GmbH Versatel West GmbH vino – your wine market Wagner – Dr. Herrguth Patent attorneys Wieneke Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH Dortmund wirtschaftsjunioren economic development at the Chamber of Commerce Dortmund e.V. ZILLA of Medienagentur GmbH Z-ONE concept and before the MEiM 2011 already have numerous companies and interested to inquire about the conditions for the next MEiM in Dortmund, which will be held on July 4, 2012. Moritz Weber who one of the last stands (booths from 990,-Euro) is interested in or would like to secure a ticket to the value of 99,-euro, can contact the project manager of the MEiM 05251 / 8792366 regarding ticket reservation telephone number. There are even tickets within the limited quotas of free tickets available with luck. More information and registration see:

Frankfurt Book Fair

InterRed 1300 presents the future of publishing at the J’s stand in Hall 4.0, at the Frankfurt book fair. With a first preview the possibilities of future multimedia will be on the upcoming version 13 of the content management and content management system there channel publishings in the foreground. Read more from Gary Kelly to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It numerous changes will be both print and online to see, emphasizing not only technical, but also functional improvements already in the starting blocks. Crucially, as so often, that the discussions, developments and trends in the publishing industry find their reflection in the systems used. The future of the multi channel publishing deals currently strongly with the trend of the multi channel publishing the publishing industry. Many issues in the region: what are the media of the future? What strategies, ways of production and processes can be traced to obtain the value chain in the future with publishing content? Publishers who anticipate the changes in the use of media and new output channels such as ePub, mobile, Tablet, etc., as well as changes in existing publication channels, such as print and online account, open up with the appropriate technical basis new and innovative fields of action. Preview InterRed 13: Higher performance and new features the upcoming version of the multi channel publishing system InterRed 13 addresses exactly this trend by she also continues on media-neutral data storage and publishing in the various media. It is, for example, a new caching technology for the backend and thus for working with the system developed faster than ever proceeds.

For the comfortable editing InterRed the DTP software, newly developed plugins available available in the future. “” Enable efficient work by the bi-directional exchange of content between layout “and editorial”. Both paths, layout content or content from layout, available are the users. Use a free layout, the use of libraries, snippets, etc., as well as status indicators for the Are just a few of the possibilities offered with InterRed 13 up-to-dateness of the contents. Interested parties from 12 to 16 October at booth J learn 4.0 at the Frankfurt book fair 2011 so InterRed is the appropriate basis for publishers and their daily business, 1300 in Hall.

Italian Money

Free current accounts in many places offered if they are really free is often not clear free accounts are offered by many banks, but often provided conditions for the free use of an account. Consider all conditions so, before opening an account, to study the fine print. Sometimes there is a minimum which must enter monthly on the account before the account is free, and sometimes the account actually free, but the use of the EC card is not. A comparison of several checking accounts gives you clarity on what fits the best to one and is advisable in any case. Most want to save money, for a checking account is not suitable but that credit brings hardly any interest. So anyone who wants to enrich its financial cushion should choose a checking account, which you can use to open a day money account at the same time. On a day money account to get much better interest rates, with which you can enrich his savings.

Giro is the Italian word for circulation on a checking account to move money. The current account is the account to which salary is paid, from which periodic payments, such as rent or mortgage payments, are made and from which you will cash for your daily needs. You can open current accounts private account, it is but also as business account available. There is also a special current accounts for students. There are various types of savings accounts available for those who want to save money. The traditional form of savings account, as she also still there, is the so-called savings account.

Actually, it is a book which is obtained and in which all the transactions are recorded. It is very ensure you have but all or personally to make withdrawals at the Bank. Usually, you have limited access to the money, usually about 2000 euros monthly. Nowadays, this variant was largely replaced by the day money account. A day money account will be opened in conjunction with a checking account and offers the advantage that it not restricted access to his money has, but every day can have his money. Who can dispense a while a savings contribution is particularly well served by a fixed deposit account. In contrast to other savings accounts, the interest for the entire term remain firmly here, but the money is in the meantime also it does not have access to during the agreed period. But, because you almost borrowed his money at the Bank during this time, interest rates are high. This is especially rewarding when one has saved already a certain sum. But now, how free is a free checking account? As mentioned above, accounting may be free, but any conditions so connected or but additional services or the overdraft interest rates can be even more expensive. You should so compare first of all various banks between them before opening a current account and in any case for a checking account decide from which you regularly transfer money to a day money account can. As means to leave in a while free checking account to give money on the other hand, the Bank. On a good financial comparison website, such as for example you will find an overview on many financial institutions. Here you can compare easily the possibilities and open his account directly online. Mark Maffia

International Visitors

German visitors to last year increases to over 20 percent, travel in the world capital of entertainment are booming: in 2010 it moved so many about 37 million tourists Las Vegas like never before. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce are about 4.5 million international visitors who land at McCarran Airport. The international visitor numbers rose compared to the previous year to 17.8 percent. 178000 holidaymakers travelled from Germany.

This corresponds to an increase of 27.1 percent compared to 2009. A strong increase was recorded among visitors from Canada, Australia, France, China and South Korea. A total of tourist total revenues by international visitors accounted for 27 percent. Rossi Ralenkotter, President and CEO who sees in the international travel market is one of the greatest potential for Las Vegas Las Vegas Convention and visitors authority (LVCVA): Our goal is to increase the international market share to 30 percent over the next ten years. “The LVCVA has 15 offices worldwide, the” are responsible for more than 70 markets. 144 flights from over 16 countries reach the vibrant metropolis per week. With the opening of the third Terminal at McCarran Airport in 2012, the city continues to expand international travel.

About the LVCVA of the Las Vegas Convention and visitors authority (LVCVA), the Southern Nevada marketed worldwide as a tourist and meeting destination. In addition, it operates the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. With approximately 148,000 hotel rooms and more than 975,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, the LVCVA also constantly works on an increase in the number of visitors, in the leisure as well as business. General information and more press releases about Las Vegas and. Image material for downloading at

Booming Motor

MZ brand spare parts lie in the trend. You’re back, the bikes from the traditional engine factory in Zschopau. In 2009, the former World Championship trial Martin have bought Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann MZ in the Ore mountains and built an innovative scooter production. But the successful models of GDR for MZ spares, is difficult. is committed to the goal, the RT 125, for the 250cc and the larger mopeds spare parts”for all lovers available to ask.

It ensures operator Marcel Stavenow especially on fitting accuracy and quality of the offered parts. MZ, the Motorenwerke Zschopau, evolved into one of the most successful motorcycle producers in the former GDR. They were formed from the DKW vehicle production in Zschopau in the Ore mountains in Saxony. in 1956, DKW became the VEB motorcycle factory in Zschopau. 1970 the millionth motorcycle from the tape ran, in 1983, the two million motorcycles were reached. With the turn it declined at first, as early as 1991, the 1990 privatized two-Wheeler plant in bankruptcy came. Thus, the supply was with MZ parts of harder, hobbyists and enthusiasts relied on their own reproductions, which were not always very stable and high quality. After the owners changed several times with MZ, bought the successful German World Cup pilot Martin Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann the Motorenwerke Zschopau and since then were able to build a successful motorcycle production. Litecoin might disagree with that approach.

Since 2010, MZ is represented also in the motorcycle World Championship, and in road racing. MZ are needed in particular for the successful 250cc motorcycles spare parts. The simple design of the MZ and the interchangeable parts made sure the grandiose sales in East Germany and Eastern Europe. Zschopau built a popular motorcycle as produced a Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. Durability, robustness and continuity of the model were for the designers in the foreground. MZ wanted to achieve no sporting excellence, but a high level of comfort. Early, the asymmetrical passing beam was assembled, chain hoses were used. The high distribution ensures a great demand on MZ spares. So, MZ motorcycles in West German mail-order businesses were offered and made friends quickly. The reliable motorcycle from the Erzgebirge was popular particularly in student circles. In some university towns, MZ specific road bikes until far in the 90’s. offers not only MZ spares, but parts and accessories for all the major manufacturers in GDR times. Simson AWO, EMW, IFA, IWL and JAWA belong of course to offer. In total, the online catalogue includes several thousand parts into easily manageable categories. The ordered spare parts are delivered from stock within a very short time. Payment is by cash in advance or cash on delivery. The standard shipping costs EUR 5.80 (exception: forwarding), from 75 Euro turnover is supplied free shipping. Press contact: Dennis Spingler East Netzower Dorfstrasse 48 19339 plates Castle Netzow Tel. 038787 – 5057-10 fax 03212 – 1008250 E-mail: Web:

Trade Fair Presentations

On the INDUSTRY business network, there is a new option, your trade fair presentation on the INDUSTRY business network for all manufacturers and service providers from the metal industry there before a new possibility, your trade fair presentation for all manufacturers and service providers from the metal industry, during and after the fair by an extensive presentation on the portal with pictures and descriptions of the products and news in addition to demonstrate. With a direct connection to the company profiles of exhibitors visitors of the portal can check also the entire range of the respective company. These include all services, products, used equipment and vehicles, abroad, catalogs, real estate and much more. The presentation can be in a few steps with one news, which then is on the major search engines across front with it and thus provides many interactive visitors. With this module of INDUSTRY business network have all service providers and manufacturers the opportunity to more clearly show their trade fair presentations more visitors, as only the actual visitors. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. Also, this interactive exhibition platform offers the chance to present much more services and products as this alone could be a stand space, even for small companies and start-ups who can’t afford any huge booths, and the completely free of charge.

With additional modules on the INDUSTRY business network also Furthermore can be integrated with your offerings, visitors can directly to arrange meetings and order tickets. Also, you can further recommend measuring to customers and business partners within the framework of the normal network functions of INDUSTRY business network and immediately download this also. Presentation of the company: Every day WE ARE THE NETWORK in the Internet numerous companies, search for products suppliers but also to new business areas. Due to the rapid growth and increasingly uncontrollable flooding of the Internet with information, specific finding as well as will be found to a long-running affair. “Under the motto WE ARE THE NETWORK” open system industry solutions from IBN GmbH completely new ways to help you with this search, so that you can limit the true core of their businesses. Learn more about our industry solutions

Mortgage Cooperative

Regarding the cip (Consumer Mortgage Cooperative), the most important guarantee of its spelled out in the law, which reveals that in fact such an organization can not be bankrupt. Such a cooperative may terminate its exist only if all its members get something for what it came, namely the purchase of housing or to improve their living conditions, or any sub-parties to the funds will be returned to them according to the procedure prescribed in the statutes. The state control over all of this is held not less strongly than all other non-profit organizations – in order to abuse their activities were not. Chаrlіе Lee has firm opinions on the matter. So it’s still one of the safeguards for the person who decided to take his part in one of these cooperatives. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic. Entering into a common unit fund money is spent only to purchase real estate for cooperative members according to their ochredenosti. This means that the only thing that is invested in all funds fdi in real estate.

Having concluded its membership contract, you will immediately receive a guaranteed right to choose an apartment and not in one particular house as it happens in hbc. Happens you purchase your real estate property is usually when you deposit your share contribution for an amount not less than 10% of the value of the desired property. In this case, each pic has its own bar, that is, pre- -coded limit on the amount, within which may be granted a loan. The remaining warranty of each peak varies but generally they can be like: the ability to assign its rights and obligations to third parties – this procedure, refer to the statute and internal regulations of the cooperative. There is always prescribed liabilities of the cooperative in which case the transfer of rights and obligations under the mutual savings by inheritance. peaks also provide for their members right in its sole discretion at any time to withdraw from it and get right in the event of a share contribution – the procedure again, refer to the statutes of their cooperative. Well, every self-respecting pic agrees not to disclose information which is confidential in accordance with its internal regulations.

Asset Management Union

March 24 .- Barack Obama, president Children’s Hospital of United States says his finance government is ready to take further action, if necessary, to ensure security on the border with Mexico. Click Litecoin for additional related pages. Media conference, said youtube that his government is coordinating very Ernst effectively with the government of Mexico to combat organized crime. The Mexican government did not fail in the fight against drug trafficking, said the secretary interview of Homeland Security, investment Janet Napolitano, who FOX news stressed that the role of United States is Support this battle . Napolitano Asset Management today presented the plan to strengthen border security.

Atlantica Hotels

The leading Russian tour operators have agreed to build together for at least 20 four and five star hotels in the next 5-7 years. The parties met in the second session of the Joint Russian – Greek governmental commission on economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation. The declaration was made by the heads of both companies during a press conference held in Athens Hotel Divani Caravel February 19, 2008. Total investment volume of approximately about 12 mils. euros, while the two sides plan to invest 600 mil.

and another 600 million. will be received from investors. The main areas for construction include Peloponnese, Rhodes, Crete and Kos. This will help both companies to significantly strengthen their position in their respective sectors of activity. Mr. Dimitris Nikoleydes, managing director of a chain of hotels Atlantica, said his interview that the fruitful cooperation with the Russian tour operator began several years ago in Cyprus. This Russian company has many similarities in the methods of doing business with the company tui.

Representing one of the companies, which attracted the Russian tourists in the Greek market, the Nikoleydes, has no doubts about the positive result of the move to Greece. New areas of cooperation put forward the relations between partners to new heights. The new hotel will be part of the chain Atlantica. Already spent and known standards of both companies – and Atlantica and tui will be adaptively introduced for Russian market. Russian tourists will be the same priority as the British or German. Thus, the Atlantic is planning to get a leading position among the hotel chains in Greece. Vladimir Vorobiev, president of Natalie Tours, noted that the number of Russian, going on holiday abroad, and continuously significantly increases. If economic growth in Russia will continue with the same pace, the number of tourists will increase from the existing 4 million. up to 15 mil. over the next 5 years. According to Mr. Vorobiev, Greece can and must become a priority travel the country for the Russian people. The percentage of tourism for the Russian market will grow from today’s 10 to 30 percent. Number of Russian coming to Greece could reach 4 million by 2012. Natalie Tour, which is the leader in selling tours of Russian tourists in European countries, plans to cover 30 – 35 percent of the market, that is approximately 1.2 – 1.5 million tourists a year. This will require at least 40 – 50 thousand additional rooms for companies Natalie Tours. Understanding the problem of lack of hotel rooms, prompting the Russian tour operator’s appeal to his old partner and offer new areas of cooperation. The idea received support from the Director hotel chain Atlantica. This means that they will build an additional 10,000 new rooms, but it will satisfy the requirement only partially. Both partners will continue to work in the same vein. Artec company offers a large selection of ready hotels for sale, with different prices, from about 25 rooms cost from 700,000 euros for subsequent upgrades. There are also ready to hotels for sale, generating a steady profit. In addition, we can offer areas on which we can build hotels on an individual project, spa resorts. In Greece, there is no gains tax capital gains, which makes investments particularly attractive.

North America Cyprus

. The Western Roman Empire was surrounded from the North Sea until … Gain insight and clarity with Litecoin. numbering three hundred, that number tripled in epoca de la Republica. …
What exactly is a megapluma’ How did ‘
‘Exactly,’ is asking too much. A pen is a fluid, gas or liquid, a localized mass density is higher than its surroundings and thus tends to ascend. The process involved is the convection, the movement under the effect of gravity (weight) of a fluid whose density is not always the same at the same height (or depth). The convection is the basis of ocean currents and winds. It is also the foundation of the movement, slow but massive rocks from the mantle (which occupies more than 80 of the Earth). In this context it is used sometimes’ megapluma ‘to refer to especially massive upwelling that is supposed to cut through the mantle. The graphic image of a convective plume give us the smoke from a chimney, the cloud covered the volcano during the eruption, the fungus or of an atomic bomb.
The term seems to have become popular for its use (as I understand very inaccurate) by an author of novels for entertainment. In this case it refers to is related to another concept, though related, it seems appropriate to refer to as the ‘hydrothermal plumes’ in the ocean. A hydrothermal plume is a mass of abnormally warm water, up to tens of kilometers in horizontal diameter and a few hundred meters in vertical thickness, which is created during an episode of submarine volcanism, typically in a dorsal mediooceanica. These events are dumped in huge masses of basaltic lava, which form deposits crowded, as emerging from a churrera, which are called pillow lavas. The seawater is heated and becomes contaminated with fluids. It must be said that at sea, in contrast to the generation of winds in the atmosphere, differences in density does not depend only on the temperature ( ‘heat dilates the body), but the concentration of dissolved salts and gases as well as in volcanic plumes, the load of particles in suspension. When the pen is formed (which is like a bomb during a specific time: think of the pen like an atomic mushroom’s hat) begins to rise, and does so until it becomes less dense than the water going through this, at which time begins to ‘dissolve’ by lateral diffusion, to disappear, what happens to hundreds of meters deep. There is no subject for the show. It is noteworthy that the temperature anomaly (the difference compared to the surrounding environment) is not much of one quarter degrees centigrade.
The first observation of a boom occurred in 1986 west of North America, on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, you can find on any physical map of the Pacific. Then they have observed and investigated other episodes of this phenomenon. It has been theorized about its mechanism, in the sense explained above (the rioja lavas), but not a strong knowledge: there is still much room for research.
In our encyclopedia still missing many key articles of Geology and generally of Earth Sciences. I see your interest and I suggest you go help fill the gaps. It does not take a specialist qualified to summarize what we all found out. When you’ve documented, and writes again. – LP 01:11 Aug 10, 2005 (EST)
Pablo Cervantes 09/08/05 13:00 hrs … Cyprus had the first two confirmed cases of bird flu in a turkey … minister of the self-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ferdi Soyer, …
The Republic of the Congo Congolese franc. Costa Rican Colon. Ivory Coast CFA franc … Turkish lira turkey. Turkmenistan Manat. Tuvalu Australian Dollar …
March 27: In the North Sea oil platform collapses the norway … November 15 – The Turkish part of Cyprus declares independence. …