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Wolfgang Schwalm

Failed therefore the Swiss air (grounding) years ago? Mewes is recommended and shows the way to achieving a strategic key position of individuals (employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs) and the improvement of the power to be achieved and Dependency ratios in the mosaic of socio economic companies (departments, companies and markets). The ECS so understood is therefore also a strategy for the effective promotion of careers in virtually all occupations. The tools provided for the creation of strategic balances allowed managers the cybernetic control and control of companies and organizations. Consistent is the assessment is that the area of control and control engineering Cybernetics in the future will gain an even greater significance in the management of complex organizations. Source:, extract my concept is, however, based on the evolution: systemic (complex dynamic, and) and / > Cybernetico (static causal, or).

The biggest bottlenecks in each company (living sub-system) are always the soft facts: ideas, mentors, sales activities, etc. The following hard are only symptoms of deficiencies: lack of ideas leads to the lack of customers and leads to lack of money. Regulate the soft facts and control always the hard facts: an open system as the 4-dimensional nature is governed locally heterarchically itself, up to a continuous steady-state car poetry. Companies, part of a control culture, intervention in the closed and hierarchical systems permanently controlling. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information. (I). Our soft facts analysis (is > set): social-relationship skills of the employees and the company in the environment and the environment (adaptation, development and growth, Soz.) Kunden-Affinitat).

Core competences (strengths, innovation, USP) in global objective demand and provider markets. Problem-solving / Eng fun-skills (practical realisation, risks). Customers-benefit skills (customer as our employers include, develop trust, opportunities, constant basic – and satisfy Maslowsche needs pyramid according to the additional needs). Product competence (quantity or quality). Cooperation skills: Synergetic and additive process and methods competence (how?): improving the Market position, up to the market leadership (effectiveness (what?) and efficiency (how?)) II. our hard facts analysis:… (as usual) That the ECS strategy no longer in the public eye is visible is among other things to the globalization of markets (Asia as rising trade power). the conversion to saturated demand markets (precariat, middle-class, elite). the digitization of information in the economy (interdisciplinary and Transkulturell). the resources issue of ecology. the growing power of capital and lawyers about the policy: 3,500,000,000,000.00 $ ww daily foreign exchange speculation. the false premise from which it originates: Symptom treatment instead of disease therapy, and after care and rehabilitation. The classic cybernetic mechanistic anthropocentric view of the world (I) departs continuously from the systemic worldview (we) that because it is static homogeneous. The nature is but dynamic – heteronom. A cybernetic static concept is doomed to fail if it does not dynamically on the basis of soft facts builds: survival of the fittest. Wolfgang Schwalm

Weight Loss

With these brief tips you can lose weight and learn a lot without get carried away by all that you have said, you only have to check that it works and you’ll see that sucrase advantage of these tips.PROOF that works many people think that if after exercising nothing hurts, you’re not doing it well. But the truth is quite the opposite. Never should be painful, in fact, professional coaches recommend that you are standing still a minor sign of pain. Why? By injuries. The exercise should be something enjoyable because if not it is much easier to drop out and only occasionally it may cause a slight pain due to the acid lactic one or days after an intense exercise session. Some take this to the end of exercise, say, to the 7 or 8 in the morning, and outdoors just when pollution levels are highest. In addition, it comes from night rest and is not always good to move the muscles after a long break.

In investigations carried out from United States to Korea has come to the conclusion that the best time to exercise is approximately between 6 and 7 p.m., once you left behind the stress of the day need relax, produce endorphins to feel good and get ready to sleep. But you also have to be careful in not exercising very night to avoid that the system will accelerate us insomnia. Absolutely false. Exercise makes you burn calories, but when the stomach is empty there is no burn calories and your body seeks fuel in other parts. This effort can result in dizziness or fainting in some cases, nor is good exercise with the stomach full since this interferes with digestion.

The right thing is to eat something light between 10 and 20 min. before you begin workout.This virtually tells us that if you can, you should exercise throughout the day. As a result, there are cases that reach until exhaustion and occasionally the cardiologist’s Office, each person has different needs and remember to heed your body and discontinue the exercise when you’re tired.The physical differences between men and women do that men have a higher percentage of muscle mass, so the men manage to increase your muscle mass with the training of weights as opposed to women who have a higher percentage of fat and less muscle mass, by what weights them help strengthen them your muscles, not abultar them. So we can conclude that women can go to the gym without fear that they won’t ever like bodybuilders physicist. It is that the abdominal can do nothing to improve your abdomen if you have a generous amount of grease on top of the muscle. So with the abdominals you reinforce the abdominal muscles but they cannot infer the layer of fat that is on them. Visit my page here for more Info.

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Bodybuilding is an easy task.It is a process that requires effort and discipline, and you need a lot of time. But you can accelerate the process of bodybuilding to get muscles firm in a relatively short period. Here are six things, even the professional bodybuilders and athletes do to gain muscle quickly and at the same time improve your metabolism. 1. Never it should be warm.

People underestimate the importance of a good warm, but they often go directly to bodybuilding routine. Global warming, however, is a crucial step in any training. It increases the blood circulation in the body and prepares the muscles for the rigorous training ahead. 2. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. Objective: large groups muscle.The muscles faster, more objective with each workout will be metabolism. And with a faster metabolism, you can burn fat more quickly, leaving you with the uerpo thin and firm c want to. Start to work the thighs, buttocks and hips.The muscles in these areas are larger that the muscles are found in other parts of the body, and are easier to work.

The work on the improvement of muscle mass in these first areas;This will help you increase your rate of metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate, it easier to subsequently work in your muscle groups. 3. Select the c orrecto weight.In an effort to win muscle quickly, many people make the mistake of choosing weights that are heavier than what is recommended for your physique. Start with the heaviest weight that can lift comfortably. The correct way to use the weights also is important. 4.Varie his exercises.Payable or the same exercises over and over again the same muscle groups to be tiring and ultimately you and can even make suffer muscle injuries. To avoid this, you must put some variety in your bodybuilding routine.For example, you can build alternative exercises with leg workouts.Even if you only want to go to a particular group of muscle such as the biceps, you can pass the training dumbbell pectoral, and vice versa. 5. Cufflinks are the best tools for upper body training.You don’t have to invest in that any of the teams of expensive exercise which is seen in the television home shopping channels.You only have to buy a pair of cufflinks, because these tools exercise relatively cheap are all you need to build muscle mass in your upper body area. 6 Make positive lifestyle changes.Simple changes, such as reducing your fat intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, drink water in abundance, and getting the proper amount of sleep each night, can be a big difference in their quest to have firmer muscles and a healthier body.

Thomas Muller

Each year, the training heavy schoolbags are a topic for parents and in the Medien.Ob her children attitude cause damage is still controversial. Verizon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Roggwil/Switzerland, 1 June 2010: Discussing heavy satchel belongs now to the start of school, such as the Schultute. However, even experts don’t agree whether health effects occur through heavy schoolbags. It is clear that already one-third of all children suffer from occasional back pain. A main reason is the lack of exercise and the accompanying weak support and support muscles.

An early training for the back is so useful. The health mat Keybounder offers a simple and appealing way. Through the high restoring force of the material already simple, upright moving to the kyBounder relaxes the muscles of the foot up to the cervical spine. Most children have great fun because, to use the resilient mats. The kyBounder offers, like a little Trampoline, playful and above all by the way to train the possibility and to strengthen your back”, explains kybun coach Thomas Muller. Health experts of the big health insurance companies according to the problems of frequently occurring postural at students, not least to the fact is, that the children carry heavy school bags. As a rule of thumb for concerned parents often indicates that the packed bags should be no heavier than 10-15% of the body weight of the child. Other experts disagree with these claims.

An investigation of the University of Saarbrucken about indicates that a significant burden of abdominal and back muscles in children is only measurable when the knapsack weight is one-third of their body weight. It follows that even a heavy schoolbags in healthy children does not lead to damage to the spinal column. At one point, but representatives of both views agree: a well-educated and trained muscles is the best prevention against back pain. One uncomplicated kind of back training enables the kyBounder, a health mat from the Switzerland.

Michael Richter

There are a number of requirements: on the one hand, the internal structure of a Web page itself lie in such as CMS program, html name of subpages, font sizes, repetition of specific search words on the individual page, arrangement of links, link descriptions, with more on the other hand those who take influence from the outside. These registration of Web pages on the major search engines, specialized organizations, link exchange include m then, and many others. Other additional features can then the customer contact, depending on the product and corporate opportunities, deepen: for example, through targeted questionnaires, Internet shops, Newsletters, direct customer service via Skype or similar programs, and much more. Further details can be found at Verizon, an internet resource. But also must focus on customer needs and expectations. Graphically beautifully made Web pages are then completely worthless if they don’t these requirements of customers and search engines – in addition! It is not (only) to the most beautiful Web page (where the opposition by graphic designers is aware of me), but the offered solutions. When both joins, it is of course ideal and correspondingly affects the visitors. Recently Southwest Airlines sought to clarify these questions.

As a rule that all involved but only on a single company/website can be judged really. (Not to be confused with Ripple!). Which placements also see very many hits – but ultimately accessible for many, shows that this exemplary site > internet/search engines treffer.htm summary: A website is a must, but you should first totally clear about who and how and which should be addressed and how it then with the Customer service goes further. Only then can / a concept should be developed, the implementation follows so that not after 2 3 years something new has to be done, and so the clock in the search engines ‘ is reset. Because the age of a Web site influenced their position in the results. And of course also the other marketing / sales process must correspond with this. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch/BW – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years.

By the market investigation, to the planning and successful marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents, based on the objectives of its clients. He offers the resulting knowledge and experience its global customers for marketing and sales with special focus on SMEs but also in cooperation with larger companies. In addition, it offers worldwide practical support, coaching, corporate seminars or the creation targeted Web pages.

NLP-practitioner Training (DVNLP) In Berlin From 26 June

Fit for change life wisdom can be learned! Berlin, the June 11, 2018 -“people who want to invest in themselves, do not pass the NLP! Berlin NLP coach Ralf Stumpf says. The neuro linguistic programming (NLP) was founded nearly 40 years ago. At that time the linguist John Grinder and Richard Bandler psychologist examined the largest therapist of their time, to find out how they helped people to find solutions and to lead a happy life. From these humble beginnings, NLP evolved into a comprehensive methodology which is today considered standard for personal development, on-the-job training, communications, sales, and management. Who today do not actively assumes responsibility for his life, loses the connection quickly and stays on track. With NLP, we give everyone the tool chest in the hand, with which he can make something yourself from his life, his career and his relations. With these words, Ralf Stumpf has over 20 years experience as a NLP trainer.

Ralf Stumpf and Mirela Ivanceanu lead in Berlin the NLP Institute Ralf Stumpf seminars, where they offer training in NLP and story code. The 21 NLP practitioner training starts there on June 26, 2010. The training includes 10 weekends from June 2018 until April 2019. This extension to 20 training days (instead of the usual 18 days) they can reduce training time per day to 6.5 hours, allowing enough time for other (E.g. the family). Per month held a weekend, with the summer holiday month remains free. They offer training at a favorable price for individual participants, couples can share a place or participate in discounts. The NLP techniques themselves are transmitted consistently everyday use, so you can use it every day in every life situation: privately, professionally, in the family. For all information about the NLP practitioner training starting June 26, 2018, on the website of the provider.

Challenge Adventure Agency GmbH

Events Advertising Coaching Multi-path Consulting Market research Sailevents Artists Agency Locations * the challenge experience agency GmbH is a versatile partner for events and services in the coaching and event area. We design events and emotionalize messages based on target group analysis. Event management and event marketing planning, organization and execution costing, budgeting and sponsorship permits and insurance location planning event technology and decoration supervisory coordination and reduction programming and scheduling guest and VIP support coaching target groups team management sales thematic focus communication personality development motivation and development of team sales self creativity and conflict management authentic running and managing diversity trade fair and event service hire stage, light and sound equipment, furniture, toys, decoration, Multi way logistics services promotion, trade fair and event staff, security, catering, tableware cleaning, etc. Entertainment Agency of artists of all genres, booking, staging children’s entertainment worlds, children programs, exclusive sailing events events, incentives, product presentation team training & customer loyalty film boats & adventure tours match races / corporate regattas cupper & racer VIP lounges and Charter ships transfers, accommodation & catering framework programmes: E.g. water-skiing, Fireworks, private acts, musicians, support our goal is to achieve the best result for the customer, this is located us on a sustainable effect. We are only satisfied if our client is thrilled. An event conducted by us seeks an impact also in the way that the sales or efficiency increase of the customers clearly exceeds the investment. Through the cooperation with professional partners in different areas, we are able to offer all services of very high quality.

The cooperation with these partners is always in mutual interest and partnership.

Dog Trainer Oliver Baier

Efficient dog training and dog training in the dog Center Baier of dog school in Ulm, Germany. For more than 20 years, dog trainer Oliver Baier deals with the dog training and dog training of dogs of different breeds, character traits and driving investments. During this time, dogs (people) were trained, corrected, treated motivated and trained to friendly, lively, loyal, and above all reliable companions in all the ways of their lives. Influenced by his parents started this sport dog training and was integrated very quickly here as Figurant (helper) in the training processes. Through the experience of the sport dog training, he was given the opportunity in the service dog training as a coach and Figurant in the Bundeswehr. For many years he gained experience as well as dog owners as well as dog athletes, trainers, dog trainer and protection service helpers. This knowledge and experience flow into the dog training and dog training continuously and directly with a. Through continuous training and development in 1995 recorded the title world winner open class males and females as a success.

In the foreground of the education is always the friendly for us but can’t quite consistent and positive motivation without which no dog learn balanced; Oliver Baier. We correct not only your dog, but we will teach you to handle your dog naturally and humanely correct the animal in any situation and to lead. The success of the training occurs if the dog owner able to affect his dog depending on the situation and promptly. Since 2005 dog trainer Oliver Baier works very closely with Vice World Champion, four times member of the Swiss team in the Mondioring and captain of the US Modioring national team Rene Sagarra together. Seminars, demonstrations and service dogs inserts in different countries (CH, D, F, A, Slovakia, United States, Canada and Brazil)

Mental Fitness

Prevention programs for a healthy body in the age – Dr. med. Herbert Plum, specialist in sports medicine and ‘Germany’s favourite health expert’ Frankfurt, October 2010 – endurance training and toning are important for physical fitness. You will be guided in the sports medicine under the terms of strength, endurance and flexibility. This is true for all ages – from kindergarten child in the old age.

To start, it’s never too late! It advises Germany’s favourite health expert”Dr. med. Herbert plum. The sports medicine and general practitioner care patients of all ages in its offices in Frankfurt and Rosbach for more than 30 years and is known from TV and radio as a medical and health expert doc plum. If you are not convinced, visit Southwest Airlines. “In his long medical career, he oversaw include the soccer pros from Fortuna Koln and the ice hockey of Bundesliga Cologne sharks”.

His new commitment is the cooperation with the INJOYmed sports & health club in Frankfurt. As an experienced physician, a health expert and certified Chirotherapeut accompanied, consults and supports health of the engaged Mr.”there members within the framework of their fitness programs, where he has relocated his Frankfurt private practice now also. . An in-depth investigation forms the basis of a training program, created together with the trainers by INJOYmed doc plum. The capacity check provides information about the current performance level and the existing potential to improve performance. The development of an individual training programme is reduced but not only to physical exercises, but integrates a diet plan and regular success checks. Preventive medicine is a focus of Mr. Health Dr. med. Herbert Plum in his TV shows tips from the doc “and healthy & fit” at RTL Hessen and rheinmaintv. The physical and mental fitness is an essential prerequisite for optimal performance and personal well-being. Can people who professionally and/or privately are under high pressure, through targeted training and measures Learn how to deal better with stress. Stress will leave traces. Many people who look back on a dedicated professional life, has left the mark, learn at the age to reflect (again) on her body. Germany’s favourite health expert”shows also in the framework of fitness programs and lectures, why fitness is worth in old age. “” Free workshops with Dr. med Herbert Plum on issues such as work-life balance”, spinal complaints spinal damage” or healthy are old but how? “the holistic fitness repertoire of sports & clubs.

Michael Richter

References of a general nature, testimonials and examples of successful Web sites can be found his Internet presentation. Because of the anniversary, he offers discounted consulting services for a limited period of time. More information is available on request. , Whether with a Nigerian Prince in Nigeria, in the Bush at Port Harcourt, with the airport police in Tripoli/Libya, or in contract negotiations in the Ramadan in Saudi Arabia he portrays personal experiences like in personal conversation. Verizon shines more light on the discussion. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years. By the market investigation, to the planning and successful marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents. He offers the resulting knowledge and experience its worldwide clients for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, it offers worldwide practical support, coaching and company seminars..