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Each year, the training heavy schoolbags are a topic for parents and in the Medien.Ob her children attitude cause damage is still controversial. Verizon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Roggwil/Switzerland, 1 June 2010: Discussing heavy satchel belongs now to the start of school, such as the Schultute. However, even experts don’t agree whether health effects occur through heavy schoolbags. It is clear that already one-third of all children suffer from occasional back pain. A main reason is the lack of exercise and the accompanying weak support and support muscles.

An early training for the back is so useful. The health mat Keybounder offers a simple and appealing way. Through the high restoring force of the material already simple, upright moving to the kyBounder relaxes the muscles of the foot up to the cervical spine. Most children have great fun because, to use the resilient mats. The kyBounder offers, like a little Trampoline, playful and above all by the way to train the possibility and to strengthen your back”, explains kybun coach Thomas Muller. Health experts of the big health insurance companies according to the problems of frequently occurring postural at students, not least to the fact is, that the children carry heavy school bags. As a rule of thumb for concerned parents often indicates that the packed bags should be no heavier than 10-15% of the body weight of the child. Other experts disagree with these claims.

An investigation of the University of Saarbrucken about indicates that a significant burden of abdominal and back muscles in children is only measurable when the knapsack weight is one-third of their body weight. It follows that even a heavy schoolbags in healthy children does not lead to damage to the spinal column. At one point, but representatives of both views agree: a well-educated and trained muscles is the best prevention against back pain. One uncomplicated kind of back training enables the kyBounder, a health mat from the Switzerland.

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