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Eurpedes Workmanships

nor well amanhecia Partiu in a cold cloud With its zepelim silverplated In alliviated sigh It turned over side and tried until smiling But soon the day bordered and the city in cantoria did not leave it to sleep (Stretch of Geni Music and the Zepelim) In the songs of Brecht and Chico Buarque is perceived that this recurrence to the one occurs desagregadora force of the society: one has the Pirate and the Zepelim. also notices that the Aristotelian Catarse in addition occurs: the end of history keeps the tension in the spectator. The same in addition catarse in the releitura will be observed that Chico Buarque made of Medeia de Eurpedes. 3,3 Eurpedes? The writer of innovative character Eurpedes was author of workmanships sufficiently known as He mediates, Electra, Helena and others. He was born in the Macedonian in 484 A.C, Wrote 92 parts of theater, of which 19 exist currently.

Eurpedes was gotten passionate for the debate of ideas. The writer, in its workmanships, adopted a social vision that supported the equality of slaves and gentlemen, men and women, citizens and foreigners. Eurpedes faleceu in 406 a.c and its workmanships, although as much time, still is very current. The human being if coming across with internal and external conflicts, many of existing them until today, what cause great impact to the readers, which had the writer is observed in the workmanships of Eurpedes to use the realism and the feeling in its parts. In the tragedies of Eurpedes, the individuality is accented and the opposition between human being and the holy ghost more go being transfigurada in a interior to the proper agent, appearing each time as crisis or internal fight between destructive passions that drag the personage in contrary directions, making it responsible, in some measure, for its action. (CHAUI, Marilena. Introduction to the History of the Philosophy.

Site Looks

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